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Black guy gets gun pulled on him by cops for picking up garbage. Play by play commentary by white buddy.

How to Write a Netflix Original

I asked my boyfriend how to use Reddit and he made this video instead of telling me how

When you commit to a surrealist bit for 5 hours.

Dallas Cowboys’ DT David Irving smoking weed while blasting NFL’s drug policy on Instagram Live

Dungeon Crawlers (D&D inspired cartoon that Nickelodeon passed on)

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia- Charlie’s Bad Room

Trying to find a doctor at an anti vaccine rally.

In honor of Alex Trebek, here’s one of his most savage moments

After a young man is murdered by a road-racing gang of motor-heads, a mysterious fast-driving spirit descends from the sky to take revenge. The Wraith in full 80s.

SpaceX Crew Dragon Splashes Down in the Atlantic Ocean

Big tits is distracting during musical rehearsal

Alex Trebek gets pissed filming promos for Phone Jeopardy (1990)

Kids these days are missing out on an awesome show from the 90s/00s.

This guy drinks a bottle of water in 1 second

The Simpsons – Homer’s Flintstones Song Parody

500,000 people moved in 9 hours… the story of the boat ferries that evacuated THOUSANDS of people off of Manhattan island on September 11, 2001.

Monster Hunter with Steve Irwin’s commentary added in is a piece of art

Astartes – Part One – A Warhammer 40k Fan Film.

New 3D Printer method that looks like something straight out of Star Trek. If you thought traditional 3D Printers were revolutionary, this new tech will blow your mind–using light to materialize the entire object at once, in mere minutes.

Rabbit learns he is adopted

Why Finland has the best education system in the world

Solemn Tornado Broadcast Interrupted by Dog on Lawnmower

The intro of The Expanse is something else

ThePositiveIdentity: What do you love about Asian, Black, Hispanic and White people?

Today, this quadrant just lost it’s only Jan Michael Vincent. Let’s take a moment to Michael Down Your Vincents one more time.

First Look Cobra Kai Season 2 | Official Teaser

If Drug Dealers had an Anime

T-437 Safety Command Console

Copyright Abuse Is Killing Youtube

videogamedunkey : Captcha

81 year old man blows everyone at music store away when he picks up a guitar and plays.

Girl gets Alex Trebek to say “The Spiciest Memelord”

Estas Tonne, Insane talent with Spanish guitar.

This guys pet Raven

The Mariner’s Revenge Song

Why is My Cast Iron Sticky? And How to Fix It!

Crappy User Interfaces

Extreme sheep herding

Otter playing with Labs

Chilli Eating Contest Bath Chilli Festival

The best celebrity sports fan, Jon Hamm, is invited up to the Blues broadcast booth and gives a legendary call on Ivan Barbashev’s goal against the Kings last night.

Lamborgnini Countach skips across water

London’s oldest pie & mash shop: Founded in 1862 and exists to this day

Dr. Mettler’s Guide to D.I.Y. Medicine


What Would It Take To Go 100% Solar?

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