The Never Ending Battle Part 2 (Anime Inspired Animation)

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The Nightcore Channel : Let's see .............. Your understanding of the human anatomy is top notch, the way you link scenes together is very creative! However, some of the movement was a bit awkward, the timing could be slightly better. Overall: I'm impressed! Your work will definitely improve over time, keep it up! :v

YAMAHA-MEHA : The fight animation and choreography is just amazing. And the voice acting is on point too!

M3kbuda Animations : What was your favorite part of this episode? Please don't forget you can support the next episode by liking, sharing and subscribing!

hussain asif : amazing. You deserve more subs

Boon Goon : Bloody amazing, I just subscribed!

Meruna Illustrations : Wow, great job on this animation! How long did it take to make?

fairz animations : cool nice job liked

InTheWater : i like

Franck Nicolas : who made the voices