This tiny boombox turns any cassette into vaporwave

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VWestlife : Track listing: 1. George Howard - "Love Will Conquer All" 2. Eurythmics - "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)" 3. Shawn Colvin - "The Dead Of The Night" 4. Bryan Ferry - "Don't Stop The Dance" 5. Breathe - "Won't You Come Back?" 6. Alphaville - "Forever Young"

Life of Boris : I want to hear it play hardbass

TerminalMontage [Jeremey] : That is a golden goose you got there.

Sunny · Waifu : hella aesthetic

JedDraws : Now these are true *a e s t h e t i c b e a t s*

EmperorTigerstar : The Eurythmics one sounds like Tom Jones is trying to cover it but isn't quite feeling it.

Leandro Rossa : Needs more r e v e r b.

Tawny Cat : It's funny how the 80's tried to look like the future with very limited technology, yet we today use our unlimited technology to recreate the 80's. Edit: can you guys take a hint and realize I wasn't being literal with the "unlimited" thing

Espectro Saga : In the actual 80s this meant buying a new radio

Isaac Hepworth : But what happens when you play vaporwave in it? Does it get double a e s t h e t i c?

Ben Porkiner : A I W A S O U N D . Y O U G O T T A H E A R T H I S .

The Wumbologist : Joking aside this is pretty much the effect that vaporwave songs are trying to emulate.

PRO SKUB : vaporwave is the redshifting of music past, as we accelerate into the ~future~ only works on 80s music tho because reasons

Yakka : Please upload the individual full versions, I need this

Graut : Record vaporwave on a cassette and play it on that. >Macintosh Plus starts playing.

Gabriel87100 : 1:49 I unironically and desperately need the full version of this

please unsubscribe : Never thought that Forever Young would sound so good in vaporwave

Ancient Wanderer : When you slightly press the pause just right.

Skorp4 : I want the one from 1:50 to 2:18 to be turned into an actual song. It sounds soo good.

D 'n' Company : Heres the original tracklist: 1. Love Will Conquer All - George Howard 2. Sweet Dreams - Eurythmics 3. The Dead of the Night* - Shawn Colvin 4. Dont Stop The Dance - Bryan Ferry 5. Won't you come back - Breathe 6. Forever Young - Alphaville Much Love....

broken synapse : A month has passed, and Forever Young still possesses my dreams, and haunts my days. Can you hook a brother on a full version of alphaville on that one of a kind vaporwaver, please?

Macintosh : The Vaporwave machine my dream has become reality thanks man !

PkmariO64 : I could jam to this... If I was high...

Bibbles Music : a e s t h e t h i c c

Inanimate Carbon Rod : i'm sure i still have lots of cassettes laying arounf my house and an old radio with cassette player. better start digging on the house. wish me luck fellow aestheticslovers

Femketje : 0:56 Sweet nightmares are made of these

Mochi Mochi : Is this meme magic?

B-Z Z : When I saw Smooth Jazz u expected Kelpy G

KeytarKing : is it possible to DIY this?

Raphaella Gonçalves : Go home, boombox! You're drunk.

Drunk Skunk77 : Pls post a full version of sweet dreams

Unnamed Internet Citizen : I see you're a man of aesthetics as well 2:22 sounds like actual Vektroid's work

Nostalgia Nerd : I need one.

JVitor : 1:51 best part

Bythecover B : How vaporwave was created.Played normal songs in a broken boombox.

Darknecros7 : Way back in the day. I had a perfectly working boom box that would play normally at room temperature, but when I took it out in really cold weather (like 38°F or lower [I lived in an area that had cold falls and winters at the time]) it would play EXACTLY like the one in the video did.

uxwbill : In a world before Unicrud, we'd have said "that sounds awful".

Lucio Raxcor Lietste : *S W E E T D R E A M S*

Cristian Zappoli : I want that forever young vaporwave version

Jack Newton : My father himself has described vaporwave as "Like regular music but the batteries in the boombox are dying"

Nicolás Müller : Y O U L I K E S M O O T H J A Z Z?

Maks Olejarz : Throw an Africa by Toto cassette in there

SBTubbster : Its the A E S T H E T I C

ThatOneWankEngine : Please upload the individual tracks

KuraudoSutoraifu7 : Can we put my mixtape? Will the fire be blue or pink?

twocvbloke : The Eurythmics track sounded positively satanic....... :S

Goiaba_Mortal #ConTV : what if you put actual vaporwave in it? 🤔

Mathew Saenz : MORE! I CRAVE MORE! also, I wonder how a cure or depeche mode or Morrissey song would sound like this

Hi : yo what's the first song dude I so want it it chilled me out so much

Taco casero : Today's kids asking what the frick are those tiny boxes