This tiny boombox turns any cassette into vaporwave

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VWestlife : Track listing: 1. George Howard - "Love Will Conquer All" 2. Eurythmics - "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)" 3. Shawn Colvin - "The Dead Of The Night" 4. Bryan Ferry - "Don't Stop The Dance" 5. Breathe - "Won't You Come Back?" 6. Alphaville - "Forever Young"

Life of Boris : I want to hear it play hardbass

TerminalMontage [Jeremey] : That is a golden goose you got there.

Sunny · Waifu : hella aesthetic

JedDraws : Now these are true *a e s t h e t i c b e a t s*

Leandro Rossa : Needs more r e v e r b.

Tawny Cat : It's funny how the 80's tried to look like the future with very limited technology, yet we today use our unlimited technology to recreate the 80's. Edit: can you guys take a hint and realize I wasn't being literal with the "unlimited" thing

Espectro Saga : In the actual 80s this meant buying a new radio

bryce m. : If you play actual vaporwave on it you get a feedback loop thatll cause a singularity to form

EmperorTigerstar : The Eurythmics one sounds like Tom Jones is trying to cover it but isn't quite feeling it.

The Wumbologist : Joking aside this is pretty much the effect that vaporwave songs are trying to emulate.

Ben Porkiner : A I W A S O U N D . Y O U G O T T A H E A R T H I S .

Isaac Hepworth : But what happens when you play vaporwave in it? Does it get double a e s t h e t i c?

PRO SKUB : vaporwave is the redshifting of music past, as we accelerate into the ~future~ only works on 80s music tho because reasons

Yakka : Please upload the individual full versions, I need this

Graut : Record vaporwave on a cassette and play it on that. >Macintosh Plus starts playing.

Gabriel87100 : 1:49 I unironically and desperately need the full version of this

please unsubscribe : Never thought that Forever Young would sound so good in vaporwave

Ancient Wanderer : When you slightly press the pause just right.

Skorp4 : I want the one from 1:50 to 2:18 to be turned into an actual song. It sounds soo good.

D 'n' Company : Heres the original tracklist: 1. Love Will Conquer All - George Howard 2. Sweet Dreams - Eurythmics 3. The Dead of the Night* - Shawn Colvin 4. Dont Stop The Dance - Bryan Ferry 5. Won't you come back - Breathe 6. Forever Young - Alphaville Much Love....

ɔᴉsnɯ sǝlqqᴉq : a e s t h e t h i c c

Unnamed Internet Citizen : I see you're a man of aesthetics as well 2:22 sounds like actual Vektroid's work

Inanimate Carbon Rod : i'm sure i still have lots of cassettes laying arounf my house and an old radio with cassette player. better start digging on the house. wish me luck fellow aestheticslovers

Pedro Bptst : A month has passed, and Forever Young still possesses my dreams, and haunts my days. Can you hook a brother on a full version of alphaville on that one of a kind vaporwaver, please?

Macintosh : The Vaporwave machine my dream has become reality thanks man !

B-Z Z : When I saw Smooth Jazz u expected Kelpy G

PkmariO64 : I could jam to this... If I was high...

Mochi Mochi : Is this meme magic?

Femketje : 0:56 Sweet nightmares are made of these

Cristian Zappoli : I want that forever young vaporwave version

KeytarKing : is it possible to DIY this?

uxwbill : In a world before Unicrud, we'd have said "that sounds awful".

JVitor : 1:51 best part

ThatOneWankEngine : Please upload the individual tracks

Drunk Skunk77 : Pls post a full version of sweet dreams

Braixen qlo : T a p e v i b e s

LeaderOfTheStarrySky : This is the most incredible thing I have ever heard. Is this nostalgia? Is this the ironic reconfiguration of the analogue age by cynical hipsters seeking ‘Likes’? Is this the echoes of a poverty-stricken but happy childhood full of innovative new sounds that reverberate through the decades? It could be any of these things. It could be all of them. But no. This Is The Sound Of The Future We Were Promised That Was Never Delivered.

Maks Olejarz : Throw an Africa by Toto cassette in there

Goiaba_Mortal #ConTV : what if you put actual vaporwave in it? 🤔

Lucio Raxcor Lietste : *S W E E T D R E A M S*

SBTubbster : Its the A E S T H E T I C

Noone Nothing : Try to find a Cassette Tape converter!! Just got one at Wal-Mart and it works great in my car. You can hook it up live to anything with a headphone jack while it's in the player. I haven't tried it with a radio, but I think it would really be worth a shot!

Gabe Deleon : What happens if you put in a cassette that already has vaporwave

Bythecover B : How vaporwave was created.Played normal songs in a broken boombox.

twocvbloke : The Eurythmics track sounded positively satanic....... :S

peepersh : *A E S T H E T I C*

Mathew Saenz : MORE! I CRAVE MORE! also, I wonder how a cure or depeche mode or Morrissey song would sound like this

Sad Boi : *Where can I buy it?*

Charmy The Charizard : where can I buy this piece of heavenly hardware?