*uncensored* Andy Kaufman and Jerry Lawler on Letterman Full (1982)

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Brian Gilmore : That was a great piece.Andy Kaufman was a very misunderstood comedian.His jokes were awesome.And you never knew what he was gonna do..As for Lawler A great pro wrestler .nuff said

Robin mowbray : One of the mist well executed hoaxes in entertainment ever.

Samuel Spade : Both of them never drop character

Jesse James L : Lawler:when Andy was born his father wanted a boy and his mother wanted a girl and they were both satisfied...classic..😆😆

john ayres : It's time to put Andy Kaufman in the WWE Hall of Fame.

Tony : After 36 years, last week I found out that this was acting, I like it even more, thank you Jerry Lawler for going along with this. Amazing acting .

Barry Lab : How is Pete Rose in the WWE HOF and not Kaufman? This was the most talked about wrestling event of its time....before Hulkamania

EXPLISIT HIPHOP : Love how Kaufman plays bad guy in wrestling yet plays good guy innocent man on Letterman like he was the victim.. haha

Jeffrey Lasky : The greatest wrestling ‘work’ of all time! Awesome!

Jermaine Martinez-Perez : Andy cuts better promos then roman

Johnny TheGiant1 : "He appears to be twice your weight. And he's better looking." LOL

Private Equity Manager : one of the greatest hoaxes ever perpetrated.

ferox965 : "I couldn't warm up to this guy if we were cremated together" Lawler is a genius.

Scott Manning : I think jim cary nailed him in that movie

TheHoffy59 : and Kaufman isn't in the WWE Hall of Fame? He was one of the first.

J D : 10:33 That's called protecting kayfabe.

Glenn Martin : I saw this when it happened! It looked so real! Andy was amazing. RIP Buddy!.

Robert bishop : The Kaufman /Lawler feud, angle was classic wrestling. Andy got it all the way. He would have made an incredible heel manager because like Piper he knew how to absolutely anger a crowd. Other than when David Schultz slapped the reporter this,was the 2nd loudest slap heard around the world. Andy told Lawler to slap him to continue the feud.

James Lane : Wow it that was FAKE that's damn good acting

EXPLISIT HIPHOP : Lawler won some of that crowd .

Marc E : This was pure genius

Kelli Peplow : Andy was the most attractive unattractive person to live.

Jim Ehrlich : This was wrestling gold back then. They both sold it so well and perfect..

Sherry Kelley : That smack was very stiff

EXPLISIT HIPHOP : This.. the Andre stuff.. proves Letterman was better then LENO.. What does Leno have against this ? What can he say is better then this segment? Find me the best LENO segment and lets compare it to this classic ...

Hey Yo : So here’s the question what was the better work? This or the Montreal screw job???

Savannah Sputnik : What people didn’t know at the time, was the whole thing was an act. Even this David Letterman show. Andy Kaufman ruined his own career, by having people call in to SNL one night, And vote whether they would want, or not want, to see Andy Kaufman on the show ever again. I was watching that night, and people voted no! Even the wrestler said he was willing to go on there and said it was all a joke. He ruined his own career by doing that. He did it to himself. I felt bad for him when he died.

culwin : Thanks for the upload, Ben Affleck! You were the only good part of Batman v. Superman, by the way.

Todd Baldridge : Lawler's zingers are funnier than anything I've ever heard from Letterman.

SanDmaN : This was not planned. In Lawler’s book he talks about this. He said he just did it out of nowhere and Andy was shocked and pissed at the time for real, but he went along with it.

Lusk Video Productions : Kaufman was a brilliant comedian...between this, and the Tony Clifton ruse, and the Fridays debacle (which I actually saw live), I LOVED watching this guy in action!!

C.Y. Views : One of the greatest works in wrestling history, and in entertainment as a whole.

IRA FRIED : Having been taped in New York and this being the first time I have seen this, I never realized that Lawler got booed and Kaufman cheered. The two admitted later that this was staged.

Josh : how great would andy have been in a jim cornette style managers role ? Little shit like slinking away from jerry during the commercial breaks to sell the heat. brilliant.

kevin baker : "I ..uhhhh….. I think you can say SOME of those words on tv. What you can't do is throw coffee. I have said it over and over again...." CLASSIC !!! Back when Letterman was funny and did not fall into the liberal trap of being a political mouthpiece of the left like all late night hosts of today. RIP a classic piece of TV Americana.

Gleep Wurp : Yeah it was staged, but Jerry still smacked the taste of out his mouth.

EXPLISIT HIPHOP : This was live.. 1 take... easy to diss wrestling.. try and do something like this in 1 take and make it convincing...

Adam Smith : Lawler needs just as much credit just for being able to sit next to Andy and keep a straight face.

Phenom Enol : back in 82, I was a die hard wrestling fan & full aware of the "kayfabe" aspect, well educated for a young-un, and man when this aired live on Letterman I thought it was 100% real! Laughter, by far the best wrestling hoax of all time, even beating out the Montreal screw job.

Dan Bertucci : Lawler was funnier than Kaufman.

Randall Denison : What an amazing show these guys put on. Fooled everyone including other wrestlers for a long time.

throatgorge2 : 3:13 drinks the coffee to see how hot it is, uses lots of hand gestures afterwards, conveniently places coffee near edge of desk... brilliant!

Nyonyo Mafirakureva : Wrestling has always been fake Dwayne Johnson said it all

BulletSpoung : Every time I see this I always hoped he would pile drive him on the concrete floor.  I hated Andy and felt the same way about him as Jerry did.

Tom Hinshaw : I had this on VHS from when it was originally on, and I’ve seen it so many times, but never the uncensored version. Excellent to finally hear it the way it really went down!

Twiki Robot : Classic....watched it when it originally aired.

Floyd Wright : The greatest comedy and wrestler and late nite host and Memphis is the greatest wrestling outfit

Surannhealz : And to think this skit would be considered offensive and insensitive 35 years later.

Danny Snitzky : The absolute best troll of all time. Longmont Potion Castle is number 2.

Edgehead10075 : Letterman used to have hair.