90s skateboarding rough cut part 1 #YTSkateCrew #90s

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Adventures in Skateboarding At 40 Plus : The helmet is so Rad. They dont make them like that anymore. I would rock that! Do a video with all these tricks now and play them side by side. That would be cool.

Gosk8now! ! : I broke my foot about a month before this so I had to skate mongo for an entire summer it sucked haha.

막튭Mark Park : 😀👍good video

Buddy Skate : 🎨 Yes this is dope bro 👊

El MartoST13 : cooooool!!!

Skate Crisis : 90''s! Man you had a good bunch of tricks!

Keep Shredding W/ OGSK8GURU : Great Vintage Clips, I Am Trying To Find My Old VHS Clips From Back In The Day. Looked Like A Really Cool Spot To SK8. I Would Be Killing That Mini Ramp. Great Video And As Always Keep Shredding Bro 😎

Middle age skateboarding jpn : I like 90s skate fashion. cool style and tricks. real skatin video. great!!✨

NessaDarps : I love seeing old footage lol, that was sick man. The baggy pants are the best. Good shit man you guys were ripping! That’s a nice little indoor spot you had too!

Progress Skateboarding : Baggy pants - oh the memories!

Strange History : Nice. Tre flip back it was called 360 flip

Salvation Skateboards : This was amazing to see bro lol the boardslide on the car was crazy 😮 pretty high too almost had it. Look like you were a shredder back then too. You had smiths on lock 🔥🔥🔥🔥

mike mendoza : I loved watching this! Brought back old memories from when I skated late 80s/early 90s. 😊🙏🏾

BRETT ODENDAAL : Blast From The Past.😎👍

Joshua Hamell Sk8 : The big baggy pants and the small wheels bring back memories. It’s cool to see old footage from that era.👍

WhiskeyG* : Great footage dude!, I wish I had some old stuff to throw out!!😀👍

Craig Green : Rad memories Reece.

Steenbean M : Ahh, the 90’s! Cool video😊

SheSkates 926 : how cool, like a time capsule

VenturaSkate : did you ever have pressures down?

Dale Gribble : Rad. You guys are killing it....getting flashbacks of 10th grade from those lockers. .

Progression Sessions : So cool to see man!