Salliou playing the cas cas

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My visit with Salliou playing the cas cas on Gorée Island, Dakar, Senegal. January 5th 2018. GO FUND ME to help pay these musicians: On my first trip to Senegal I met so many amazing musicians like Salliou, I vowed to return with better audio and video tools to help share their music. The money raised in the GoFundMe campaign will go directly to supporting these musicians making music and to help bring the traditional music of Senegal to the world! We're investing out own money in the gear necessary to record them.

Comments from Youtube

mongreleater : Thousands of white guys with dreadlocks will now want this instrument.

Colton Rowland : Someone start a gofundme to get this guy some actual audio equipment... this is fire

jsphotos : This guy is a fantastic percussionist - it's amazing what he dies with so little. Bravo!!

UNOgard : Wakanda music is this?

Booker DeWitt : Hypnotic!

TheJofrica : Are those beatbox glands

shang bangr : Man, if i had these in middle school instead of making pen beats..

BrilliantSlices : Showed my wife. She said is that salt shakers?

nockaf : A-S-M-R

LetsTalkAboutFeelings : This is what I mean by "playing with the balls"

BangaWangaTschanga : Wtf, tried it a couple if times and this is soo hard to do... Awesome!

yousahdood : Well, that's impressive.

Johnsense : I keep waiting for the Seinfeld baseline to kick in...

Jonathan Rider : I wonder if there's a metal genre that incorporates these?lol

john huguley : I cant even maintain the basic rythm. This is incredible!

Justin blaQ : yOoooo... Amazing

RoninAli1 : I love this here! This is the type of stuff I’d do if you let me loose in the kitchen...or Guitar Center!

MegaZombieman115 : If there was a Cas Cas hero game, (Guitar hero), he should be the final boss.



RoninAli1 : I thought these were Kabangers at first! Maybe these are where they got Kabangers from...minus the beads in the gourds.

Benedict H : :O Amazing.

IronMyno : That was f****** incredible I can't believe what I just saw and heard

karllos Neon Musica TV : This Is very Cool!!!

Somehow Optional : *AWESOME*

Dada Disu : Very West African music instrument. Must have been taken by enslaved Africans to the New world.

Be Franky : Am i the only one who gets mad tingles watching this?

Manu Leilua : Probably the best part of this video is how he didn't smash his fingers in between those things. Unless he did, then someone let me know.

joaquin montiron : Geeenioooos!🎊🎉

TheJofrica : Try all the different playback speeds! I like 1.25x and .75x

Alex Gwynne : Very impressive!

joseph felice : Possibly one of Doudou Ndiaye Rose's children.

live footage : very inspiring! : *Great talent.* I hope he will have access to dubbing, recording, and sampling tools, so that he can make wonderful music for all of us.

Ronal Zepeda T. : Amazing!

fox trot : pretty impressive

Oscar Fernandez : Sabia que tantos años de boludeo con el tiki-taka tenían que servir de algo :)

NUEVO dj Nuevo : amazing!

thekevincurtin : is this tekno

Fish Killl : Tha Gods Must Be Crazy 3 trailer.

Glenn Hanna : Sounds like Atari's ET game

thruoutin : interesting watch


トイレの花子 : rip Salliou

666tReaper : Endurence level 100

Psycrow : I was ment to tell a balls joke but there are so many to choose just look at my comment and imagine any balls joke :D

Ben Schwarz : this would be great if the audio quality wasn't shit

Nate Higgers : Reeeeeeer

Al Guien : He know da wae!