Salliou playing the cas cas

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mongreleater : Thousands of white guys with dreadlocks will now want this instrument.

UNOgard : Wakanda music is this? : *Great talent.* I hope he will have access to dubbing, recording, and sampling tools, so that he can make wonderful music for all of us.

Colton Rowland : Someone start a gofundme to get this guy some actual audio equipment... this is fire

jsphotos : This guy is a fantastic percussionist - it's amazing what he dies with so little. Bravo!!

Booker DeWitt : Hypnotic!

TheJofrica : Are those beatbox glands

shang bangr : Man, if i had these in middle school instead of making pen beats..

karllos Neon Tv : This Is very Cool!!!

BangaWangaTschanga : Wtf, tried it a couple if times and this is soo hard to do... Awesome!

Fish Killl : Tha Gods Must Be Crazy 3 trailer.

Alex Gwynne : Very impressive!

john huguley : I cant even maintain the basic rythm. This is incredible!

Ben Schwarz : this would be great if the audio quality wasn't shit

Somehow Optional : *AWESOME*

yousahdood : Well, that's impressive.

Glenn Hanna : Sounds like Atari's ET game

Johnsense : I keep waiting for the Seinfeld baseline to kick in...

NUEVO dj Nuevo : amazing!

fox trot : pretty impressive

nockaf : A-S-M-R

thruoutin : interesting watch

Oscar Fernandez : Sabia que tantos años de boludeo con el tiki-taka tenían que servir de algo :)

666tReaper : Endurence level 100

Al Guien : He know da wae!

トイレの花子 : rip Salliou

Nate Higgers : Reeeeeeer

Be Franky : Am i the only one who gets mad tingles watching this?

RoninAli1 : I thought these were Kabangers at first! Maybe these are where they got Kabangers from...minus the beads in the gourds.

TheJofrica : Try all the different playback speeds! I like 1.25x and .75x




IronMyno : That was f****** incredible I can't believe what I just saw and heard

RoninAli1 : I love this here! This is the type of stuff I’d do if you let me loose in the kitchen...or Guitar Center!

joaquin montiron : Geeenioooos!🎊🎉

MegaZombieman115 : If there was a Cas Cas hero game, (Guitar hero), he should be the final boss.

BrilliantSlices : Showed my wife. She said is that salt shakers?

joseph felice : Possibly one of Doudou Ndiaye Rose's children.

Benedict H : :O Amazing.

live footage : very inspiring!

thekevincurtin : is this tekno

Ronal Zepeda T. : Amazing!

Psycrow : I was ment to tell a balls joke but there are so many to choose just look at my comment and imagine any balls joke :D

big boi Tim : 5:03 was straight fire

MoralSingularity : imagine what he could do with electricity and plumbing and shit...