How Can She Slap - Renegade Interrupt

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akash kukreja : He did nothing wrong. Has every right to slap her back.

Rob Lemana : that shut her up lol

Verbunden : Going after the guy as soon as he slaps but doing nothing when the girl slapped him. That's what feminists understand as gender equality.

Alex Welder : hahah 0:06 mass effect revel action haha

Karan Kumar : Seriously she deserved it, she was the one who slapped him first.she was not a kid or something and in-front of everyone she slapped him.I would have smashed that male anchor who was actually over reacting just to laid with that girl

test321456abc : I would of done the same females wanted equal rights after all

Tongpok Imsong : some girls really deserve this kinda slap haha.

malhar jajoo : this is what "feminism" means. No wonder people will hate it.

Kazi Aftab : But how can she slap?

Abraham AlRajhi : I can't say anything because you'll find more messed up shit in Arab world... what a shame.

Luc Van Roekeghem : she should be slapped more and harder

S Sg : But she is not a woman mentally. So it does not relate with feminism as well.not all Indian woman are like her. That's what made him do that. Nobody has the right to abuse someone emotionally ..

zoey Ohaa : funny video comments section

Chips Handon : I certainly wouldn't win the fight, but I would have started throwing fists at every person in the room who stepped up to me after defending myself.

Alex Chernick : There's no doubt in my mind that that guy is a scumbag. However, sometimes bitches gotta realize you can't always get away with slapping a mother fucker.

MOONMAN : This is what feminists want. Equality when it's convinent.

sdadsf : look I think we need to take into consideration this man's question, she used her arm and cocked it back and then impacted with her hand

altab47 : girls do that shit for attention.... cause they want to play a victim afterwards

Sachin Lamba : Host की बहन की चूत।

elstormo : Slapping a woman? Heavy risk... but the priiiiiize!

33hegemon : I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favourite common assault on the Citadel.

SHARE H!S V!S!0N : lmao then the dudes go and jump him... lie unless its in the contract, no one is slapping me just for the hell of it

A Ace : Dadagiri chutar se nikal gayi saali ki.

MetalFluffyNinja1 : WHOA WHOA WHOA!....He's a spectre he can get away with that shit what do those fools think they're doing attacking him?

Neculta : soh I Ahm Confewshon...

carnage2681 : Pimp Slap !

AYAZ AHMAD : Mai Marta to black hole me Chali jaati

XxnamcoxcapcomxX : I'd probably slap back just out of reflex, then I'd be like "Oh right you're a girl....sorry I guess. But honestly what did you expect would happen? Am sorry though." :D

jayabhaen : b/c she has yoni and u don't naanaa naabooboo ;)

Chemical_E : He's had enough of her disingenuous assertions.

getmoney : I can watch this over and over, too funny!

Van Leatherman : should be paragon not renegade ho

Nowman Mohammed : No 1 bro

Norbert .Czinege : ho can ze zap!

The Village idiot : is this from a tv show or something xD

Spowis : I've had enough of your slappingenous slapserslaptions.

JWindGames : IGUALDAD.

Dean Cheung : apparently "you go" really pissed this chick off

KamikazeCactuar : Keep pressing 3. Enjoy the lulz.


curillino : +16 point renegade :D

Shubham Ark : host ladko ko kholte huye oil mein daal do acha hua kuytiya ko mara

Nerdlinger : She probably shouldn't have slapped him in the first place, neither of them are good people lol.

RackGL : Slapping the man = People was probably laughing behind. Slapping the woman = People go on the man bullying him. Dunno if one or both of them deserved, but there's no equality at all. This is the feministic society nowdays, always defending woman and no matter if that was her fault or not, the man is the evil ALWAYS. Big lesson for everyone.

shehab ahmed : first

Akky Das : Randi ko aur ek slap marna chahiye

vv ee : U did the right thing she deserve this u should have given some punches to that aas hole as well who was punching u

Casillas : She made him a sandwich after this.

Alejandro Leon : i gave that bich a slap... bitches loves slaps....

Nate H : Best...Video...Ever. so subscribing