How Can She Slap - Renegade Interrupt

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akash kukreja : He did nothing wrong. Has every right to slap her back.

Verbunden : Going after the guy as soon as he slaps but doing nothing when the girl slapped him. That's what feminists understand as gender equality.

Rob Lemana : that shut her up lol

MOONMAN : This is what feminists want. Equality when it's convinent.

Karan Kumar : Seriously she deserved it, she was the one who slapped him first.she was not a kid or something and in-front of everyone she slapped him.I would have smashed that male anchor who was actually over reacting just to laid with that girl

Chips Handon : I certainly wouldn't win the fight, but I would have started throwing fists at every person in the room who stepped up to me after defending myself.

Tongpok Imsong : some girls really deserve this kinda slap haha.

TheMarshall92 : LMAO how indians say "bastard" hahahahahahhaa

Kazi Aftab : But how can she slap?

test321456abc : I would of done the same females wanted equal rights after all

malhar jajoo : this is what "feminism" means. No wonder people will hate it.

zoey Ohaa : funny video comments section

LordSabo : Woman relying on the help of the superior biology... beautiful

Pirate King : I can't say anything because you'll find more messed up shit in Arab world... what a shame.

Budgie Keet : Its India, the simping there is not only over 9000, its ultra instinct for indian men to simp. All those poor simps white knighting a thot whos been patrolled.

sdadsf : look I think we need to take into consideration this man's question, she used her arm and cocked it back and then impacted with her hand

Luc Van Roekeghem : she should be slapped more and harder

Billy The Bastard : ...You guys know this is funny, right? It doesn't have to be a political statement.

Harris Zahid : He acted in a lot of tv serials after this

altab47 : girls do that shit for attention.... cause they want to play a victim afterwards

Joshua Taylor : perfect example of equal rights. If a woman can give it she can take it too. Enough said.

Tez 4k : The men that go after him are irl white knights

A Ace : Dadagiri chutar se nikal gayi saali ki.

Dis Boi : Equality only when convenient.

Diablo Hou : I was just wondering if we had chance we were allowed to bring guns just for fun

Hode X : The host was in love the the girl Why the hell he is hitting the boy

Amit Kumar Singh : What a shot......... vitara brezza glam shot........

SHARE H!S V!S!0N : lmao then the dudes go and jump him... lie unless its in the contract, no one is slapping me just for the hell of it

Arup Das : Randi ko aur ek slap marna chahiye

Balendra Singh : well done man she deserves more than the slap

AYAZ AHMAD : Mai Marta to black hole me Chali jaati

jashank madbhvi : I would have ripped both the hosts.

Likhit Reddy : He did nothing wrong by slapping her back that girl is a dada and she is a proscetute

Shubham Ark : host ladko ko kholte huye oil mein daal do acha hua kuytiya ko mara

Nowman Mohammed : No 1 bro

UnashamedlyHentai : idontevenwhatisthis

Rr Mm : Si ESO es merezco la pena tu mujer Asi tu mujer no le gusta te peguen hablo

Kambok Malngiang : 🙄🙄🙄

The Village idiot : is this from a tv show or something xD

chouchousan : To be fair, regardless of whether we think the guy/girl was right/wrong in slapping, I think it boils down to this - I seriously doubt if physical strikes were part of the show's guidelines and in the participants' contracts. Any talk of whether it was right or wrong has to take this into account. Having said that, on a more personal note though, if I was in such a position I would definitely slap her back without regrets or doubts. Disrespect is disrespect. And as for those guys - the host with the waistcoat and the pink t-shirt-guy including some others, it's amazing they went all out on the poor fellow, as if they would get a free fuck from the sour bitch for being such upstanding white knights. LMAO watching such beta-males fighting over an imaginary free fuck. I agree with the commentator in this video, if I also met guys like that, I would bitch-slap them so hard they would cry "how can HE slap?" :D

Van Leatherman : should be paragon not renegade ho

Neculta : soh I Ahm Confewshon...

Sachin Lamba : Host की बहन की चूत।

recon forsales : This basted deserved to get beats! You should never hit a cute girl whatever she does to you!

Chuks 8 : Those idiots coming to jump me had better come with guns, baseball bats and samurai swords 😡😡

Candy LeBrock : Porque exactamente le pega la chica? No llego a entender todo lo que dicen :/

Iván Jiménez : Yo pienso exactamente esto, pero el texto es copiado de un usuario de Fino Filipino. Me pareció tan bueno que lo puse y se me olvidó hacer la referencia. Lo siento.

Alex Welder : hahah 0:06 mass effect revel action haha

JWindGames : IGUALDAD.

brainman75 : I have never understood why a man can't hit back a woman who hits him first. What kind of nonsense and female chauvinism is this?