police instructor shoots himself in the foot for the class

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police instructor shoots himself in the foot for the class

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Papoj Thamjaroenporn : Hey! Who's here from Wait But Why?

Tomás Magalhães : I came here because of a post on how to beat procrastination

Jayden Lawson : I'm here from Wait But Why but bad mistake linking a post about Procrastination to youtube - I'm already looking at the related videos! :O

Tin Man : Excellent teacher. That guy don't just talk the talk, he walks the walk - with a slight limp.

Nougatocity6 : Say what you want, but he took that hit like a boss. 

Ryan Shepard : The ironic thing is that this is the best gun safety lecture he's ever given.

Rahul Thakur : Like if you came here from WAIT BUT WHY

fakjbf : How to make sure people don't play with guns? Shoot yourself while demonstrating how to properly use one. This way it is reinforced in people's minds that even trained professionals need to still be careful, and that there's no such thing as a perfectly safe weapon.

thelaughingman79 : who taught this idiot how to clear a weapon before showing it off to a room full of little kids. accidents happen and all...but this one should have been an impossibility he's lucky he didn't take some kids face off while he was waving it around .

Evan Ludy : I love how when he goes to present the next gun, the whole room is like: "no,no,no, please don't do that." XD

darkpearl88 : instructor: "it's an empty weapon guys" audience: "put it down!!"

Jack Parsons : I can appreciate that he was embarrassed and he was trying to make it a learning experience. I think he was pretty good except for the whole shooting himself part

Anotherrandomdemon28 : At least no child in the room will play with guns now after seeing the "professional" mess up.

bigchunk1 : This is a prime example of how career safety overrides personal safety. It was more important to him to look like a professional than to tend to his gunshot wounds.


Johnson Chen : "I'm the only one here professional enough to ..." BOOM  ... shoot myself in the foot?

y n : Gets shot in the foot. Asks if everyone else is okay :l

SYLBM : people will still watch this video 100 years from now.  a true classic

watchman : this is the type of gun a 16 year old was killed with when playing around with it. BANG you see how easy accidents can happen ladies and gentlemen. you see how dangerous guns can be folks. I'm the only one in this room trained enough to handle this gun and I just shot my own foot off. now bring me that machine gun here Brian. I wanna teach these people something. hahaha this guy is hilarious

raket94 : Can't believe he still tried to come back from that lol.

Harrison Holmes : Awe hel, a gunshot to da foot ain't nuthin'. Just put a bandaid on it and continue schoolin' da childrens.

Savant : "This is an unloaded gun." Moron was not qualified to teach gun safety. The first rule of gun safety is that the gun is ALWAYS loaded, even when it's not.

affinityfunable : The People in the crowd didn't want him touching the mini 14. Ha Ha

FocusPointe Technologies : Ah! Cause and effect! I hear this man's life was ruined by this video, or more accurately and justly, his actions on the video. #1. You know you are scheduled to speak to a room of children about gun safety. #2. Insuring that the weapons you intend to talk about in the classroom are safe is of paramount importance so that no child is harmed or even killed. #3. The very fact that you had a loaded weapon, discharged it and injured yourself makes the glaring statement of the fact that you are not competent to be giving this class/lecture. If i did not occur to you to make sure that your weapons were safe then unfortunately you deserve the consequences of your actions and lack of action. If my child were in the room i would sue everyone involved i could have. Although i think this video is hilarious (i think i lost a kidney laughing at this) most seriously someone could have been killed. No apology from anyone would have made up for that. It's too late to be smart enough to prevent this.

ron don : Hope that was the first floor

TheRisky9 : "It's an unloaded gun people..." Sure. That's what you said about the glock.

jacob sharry b : I'm sorry but I laughed so hard

jdelta1adams : lmao "im the only one i know professional enough to carry this glock 40"..... BANG chamber empty, but you put a loaded mag back in it and put your finger on the trigger after hitting the slide release. what a moron

Rhys Griffiths : Kudos to the guy for continuing regardless.

CCW Noob : Disappointed that he didn't also grab the rifle and say, "Now I'm similarly professional enough to ..."

the modfather : PUT IT DOWN

catshavesouls : A gun is ALWAYS loaded and chambered. I don't care if you just unloaded the thing and now it's sitting on your bed, slide-locked. You ALWAYS assume a weapon is loaded, ALWAYS.

minerForAHeartOfGold : he shoots at 0:37

zombieslayer4513 : just keep that finger off that trigger

Ben Marner : That mans a hero. He made a mistake and turned it into a powerful lesson. All with a bullet in his foot. Thats guts and true integrity.

UsMaLeMan1 : OMG...how embarrassing.

Peter Pavelka : So next time when he will be speaking about how dangerous can be drugs, he will take a shot of heroin just for demonstration right?!

mikeborja1 : who brings all those weapons to a classroom anyway? only in the usa, this is crazy

ACEGaming : America in a nutshell

Miriam Sugden : I feel kinda bad for laughing so much

bendoafart : But he was the only one in that room professional enough....

Nick Denzak : I dont get whats so funny about this. He shot himself in the foot and kept on teaching. If I was in the class, I would fell unsafe and in harm. I would leave.

Sparksterfu : Glocks are good for the people who know how to handle them correctly. I know we pro-gun advocates say guns don't shoot people, people shoot people. Well if there was a gun I had to rate as trigger happy to the point of almost shooting itself it would be the Glock. Don't get me wrong, I like me a glock 30 with that .45acp stopping power. But I have seen newcomers to the gun club shoot themselves in the leg, the ass, the foot because they did not practice adequate gun safety, and I have seen these negligent discharges with glocks more than any other pistol. They are a good handgun that is why the police has them. Yet you can't hand these off to an idiot or a beginner. This guy did not clear the chamber, was not aware of muzzle/barrel positioning, and even if he did not do those two things. If he did not have his finger on the trigger none of this would have happened. When it comes to guns, there is no accidental discharges, there are negligent discharges. Ok maybe a hangfire is accidental.

ERNIE G : Whenever demonstrating a firearm for training purposes it's a good idea to visually and physically inspect the firearm, and have two of the audience confirming the fire arm is empty

tracy james : dude, there is no such thing as an unloaded gun, repeat as necessary until foot stops hurting...

18661873 : Famous last words.

Jewel Sikder : Now that was what not to do

Ann Cohn : OMG, Anthony Chiaramonte, I was thinking the exact same thing.

DevilXSR : Well he handled it professionally..