Mark McGrath flips out on teen who calls him SUGAR GAY

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Dan Bull : He did not handle being called "Sugar Gay" very well did he? I wonder why

Paul Racine : Say it right to his face,sugar gay takes a swing. CHA CHING!!$$

Queen K. : CODYYYYY KOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO brought me hereee lmao

Alessandra Leigh : What the fuck happened. He went from screaming, to signing autographs, to kissing dudes on the cheek, to dancing....

Arri : Whats up Chodesters?

MonkeyBoo : I would say it to Mark’s face 1000 times lmao

Matthew Kaprutus : He should be grateful that someone recognized him.

Ciso : The kid had more balls then that bully.. I'm officially not a sugar ray fan anymore..

Mindspring Yahoo : it's a stupid joke, McGrath should have just used a dorky voice and said (really sarcastically), 'wow, that was really clever!'. Would have made the kid look like an idiot, no need for all the macho posturing. Normal, straight guys don't get that violent over crap like that.

kourtney Davis : Wow pick on the little guy that's not cool

arnas maciunas : Cody ko

Axiom Ape : 2:27 Gee I wonder why everyone thinks you're *GAY, MARK* !

Dr. Science 5252 : mark McGrath is a sugar gay!

clock655321 : Just call him Ethan Hawke

Big Bubba Brown : That kid was smart. I would’ve prayed for him to hit me having it all on camera I get a nice lawsuit off of it

Obama's Purple Lips : Picks on a guy half he’s size.. such a badass!

Mars Argo Is My Mom : Came here from Chodey Ko

Tony Hector : This video appears a bit dated and Sugar Ray appears drunk, aggressive, and like bully-like. He was a poor singer and I would find it amusing to see him physically taken to task for bullying a young kid. What a zero -

Taureg : Sugar Gay was pretty funny

Radha Puranik : Waddup chodesters

Tara Hars : dude the kid is actually lowkey cute tho anyone know his name

Worst YouTube channel : I'm here from Cody and Noel

Angerone ski : Sugar gay is a nob jockey

Nig Crusher : Sugar gay

YaBoiBestro : Who’s yelling sugar gay at BB finale

Kade : If I was the one who said it....I'm 100% convinced he'd just ignore the comment. This guy can only pick on teenagers. I'm in my 30's, and spent most of my life involved in fighting sports......but I'd NEVER harass a teenager like that. What a pathetic POS this guy is.

westsideAUKILANI : I like Mark. He's a good dude

Jackson Wagner : Can you imagine how many times this guy got called sugar gay before finally just losing his cool 100% right here. This has been building up since the 80s

A Swift530 : Cody Ko brought me here lol

zo : CODY KO

Dough Boy : The kid should have knocked the gayness out of him

Stupid Famous People : #MarkMcGrath   #SugarRay  #LOL

Sam Stark : Cody

Patryk Turczynski : Id knock him out. He thinks hrs cool. I hate bullies.

March Tuesday : Is that Ethan Hawke

Zoe Wurst : Who took the L

damian9220 : i would smash marks face in.

RedPanda FPV : I’ll choke your face

Nikki Glenn : i just spent like 10 mins scrolling through the comments looking for big brother and cody ko comments

clock655321 : It's obviously not 2001 anymore

Tracie : Who's here from Cody Ko

blues2oo : Sugar gay Indeed.

Fernando Torrento : I WILL KISS YOU SOFTLY

ADEBISI ADEBISI : They fucked later that night.

ddeerreekk808 : If the skinny white guy called him sugar gay, mark has every right to respond to that comment

Andres Velez : Who’s here cause of Cody ko 😂

drumr828 : And from that time on he went down in history as "Sugar Gay"

Marsalkka Mannerheim : When sugar gay threatened to beat the kid up the kid should've said "then hit me"

Mandy Ice : I'll choke your fucking face!!!! mark where was that attitude when u we're in big brother??? now that would of been awesome!!!

Crunch Stick : Says the guy who later in life became a losing contestant on Celebrity Big Brother.