Mark McGrath flips out on teen who calls him SUGAR GAY

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Dan Bull : He did not handle being called "Sugar Gay" very well did he? I wonder why

McLovin : Wow he took being called gay very offensive... wonder why🤨

amylane baker : “Did you call me Sugar Gay?” Thirty seconds later he kisses a guy.

Avicenna10 : I just have one question. Who is Mark McGrath?

Evander Wynn : Did he really say smell my fart ?

MonkeyBoo : I would say it to Mark’s face 1000 times lmao

ken wesaw : He enjoyed picking on a little guy a little bit too much

THOTH : "I'll tweeze your nipples bro"

Wild Child : He doesn't like being called sugar gay, but kisses and feels up an openly gay guy. I'm confused is he gay?

Noah Wall : Well I definitely hate everyone in this video...

Steven Gorefrost : I saw Alien Antfarm once and they played Smooth Criminal 4 times.

Galactusz007 : Wow, so brave against a much smaller teen. I’d love too see McGrath do that to someone his size or bigger.

EMONEY : When being called gay really hits home he obviously has had some sugar foot days

MushroomVortex : This is probably why Sugar Ray was a one hit wonder

NorthOCkook : This guy is a walking pile of cocaine

Aaron Coulter : It's actually hard to tell, unless you really over-pronounce the hard G sound in "gay". He might have misheard the poor kid. All of that insulting and posturing for nothing, plus he lost a legitimate fan too. I'd venture to guess there aren't a lot of Sugar Ray fans out there.

ALLINKNOTS : Damn, Sugar Gay got mad.

Chris Black : Cokes a hell of a drug

StillAtMyMoms : Hates being called "Sugar Gay" yet kisses Rupert Everett, who is actually gay. Oh the irony.

Matthew Kaprutus : He should be grateful that someone recognized him.

Little Lord Fauntleroy : I would expect nothing less from the frontman of one of the very shittiest bands to ever dot the landscape of modern rock

BrandonCroyforJesus 8 : Everyone there that didn't stop this is just as weak and cowardly as sugar ray... I know I'm wrong for saying that but the way he just treated that kid was absolutely ridiculous and uncalled for... Imagine how he just made that kid feel ... What if that kid really didn't say Sugar Gay but actually said Ray and what if he was actually one of Sugar Ray's fans and then got talked to and treated like that and publicly humiliated by someone he looked up to ... yeah he may be smiling right there but was probably devastated inside and may still be to this day... Lord Jesus please lift that young man's spirit and give him peace in his heart and father God please restore his self worth and bless him with true forgiveness in his heart that heay truly forgive Ray and move on with his life ... I ask all of this in Jesus name... Thank you Father God for hearing and answering my prayers... Thank you...

lopez lopez : He still got the same hair cut since the 90s

Aaron Coulter : I'd like to see the same exact thing happen, except for the dude that says "Sugar Gay" should be some big 260 pound MMA fighter with tats 'n shit.

Queen K. : CODYYYYY KOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO brought me hereee lmao

DAVID LOPAN : @3:27 he's thinking...... ummm... More cocaine!

FunForSameer : He looks like a Chad

Sam Barron : Big bad mark picking on A little teen ager

Lynch Mob : How pathetic the people are wanting autographs and pictures from this has been. It’s almost as sad as him.

Ari : Whats up Chodesters?

Jack Mechak : gets offended by being called gay. smooches dude 10 min later on camera

a b : He threatened to blank the juvenile in the blank(homosexual act of perversion). He should have been arrested for assault.


John Mendoza : He was giving that guy alot of special attention 😆😄nice one.

Taureg : Sugar Gay was pretty funny

Death Dealer : He's so tough.

Xx Xx : "Smell my fart" @1:53

Barbosa Uribe : I would of knocked his ass out!!

Anthony W. : When you are a celebrity, you should expect a little teasing from people. Grow thicker skin or stay locked in your house. The reaction to being called a silly name was over-the-top and uncalled for. Mark McGrath should watch this video and not feel pride, but shame. Completely cringe-worthy to hear a man in his late forties talk like this to a teen. I think Mark should try to locate this kid and have a serious conversation with him and apologize.

Eric Cartman : Sugargay

8675 309 : Lighten up sugar. Wow I just lost all respect for sugar gay mark McGrath. Notice the guy didn’t back down but said “lm right here.”

algo : I would have egged him on tbh. 1 punch = a million dollars.

nedaCFilms' #MustangTown : Mark McGrath is like school on Sunday.... no class.


new philmz : Get's mad being called gay, and then goes and kisses a dude. GAY

Matt Sandback : Hey, you cant blame him for being p.o'd. If i sold my soul to the illuminti, and all i got was a one hit wonder, and called sugergay, i would be too.haha. Hey, has your puppermasters made you wear a dress yet....

SirTopHats : SUGAR GAY

bad 411 : Wow he's so tough. I'm scared.

guitarzan73 : 2:28 that moment you realize you are, in fact, sugar gay.

Mimiyo : My right ear became sugar gay