Old h3h3Productions Reacts to New H3H3 Podcast

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Memology 101 : The rest of the episodes: H3H3: The King of Cringe - Feat. Bill Burr W/ DSP* https://youtu.be/KKH1e0co3fA H3H3: The King of Cringe (Ep 2) - H3H3 Reacts to DSPGaming W/ Tai Lopez and Gazebos https://youtu.be/AmpfsC6LIgg H3H3: The King of Cringe (Ep. 3) - The Alex Jones Impression and Uganda Woes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wUxeoGxpoMc

Supreme Gaming : I lost ALL respect when Ethan threw pewdiepie under the bus AGAIN

Pogadust : The worst/sad part about this is that everyone who hates him used to be his biggest fan such as you and I.

Jay French : Joji's reaction at the start made my day

john papple : He's right about Uganda though... THERE IS POO POO EVERYWHERE! THEY EVEN EAT DA POO POO!

No Filler Gaming Knight : He's become the very thing he swore to destroy. It's actually a bit sad.

Ghostly Winds : Cringeceptions a thing.... Excuse me while i curl up and die inside

putnamehere hold ma doodle : Does she have a thought of her own?

schrottinator : That woman is a living confirmation bias.

Jenny Ren : Can't believe I used to enjoy their content. He's just so gross and Hila just nods her head no matter what is coming out of his mouth. They really lost me when he covered the police tazing an elderly woman with a knife. Biased? Cynical? Yes they are.

Dol _ : "Women are meant to be conquered" 😑

snoop lenny : The podcast isn’t really cringy just awkward and boring too me. Although to be fair I am practically immune to cringe with how many cringe videos i’ve seen.

Autistic Legion : >Tfw Ethan Bradberry is ironically more fun than Podcast Ethan

Santi Suarez : Honestly, I think 6:33 is brilliant. There's a moment where he pauses and seems to realise "Oh wait, that's me"

Star Killer : Man i used to love H3h3 then he moved to California and everything changed.... Coincidence...... I think not

OG Floatzel : Ethan went from Dragonborn to Whiterun Guard

OuchMySpleen : Old h3h3 pre-lawsuit used to be somewhat of a laugh and a tinge of cringe. Post-lawsuit, nails-to-the-chalkboard-cringe to the nth degree and DSP cheese and whine. This is comedic gold at their expense. Bravo Memology. 👏

skankhunt42 : Hooooy boy , this, this is gold.

Col Friday : Is clearly, you are a hater, and yes Im one of the h3 fans, Im 12 years old, but I know what I talk, you just mad because you are out of v bucks in Fortnite, dab on 'em haters man

Ay Star : As a fan of Ethan for almost 5 years now, I honestly just can't stand his podcast. He spends the whole stream pushing for whatever a questionnaire he feels is beneficial for him rather than genuinely wanting to have a chill chat with their guests by taking an interest in them as their *guest* whenever Ethan isn't talking over them whilst trying to uncomfortably push and sometimes spin something into being what he intended. It's like he speaks all of those impulsive, half-baked and selfish thoughts that you don't say out loud before realizing how fucking idiotic, inappropriate or meaningless they sound. Idk man, the stream just opens up a whole different side of Ethan I really don't respect or care to dedicate X amount of hours to listen to blab with someone I DO care to hear talk with him whenever he invites people on. Maybe it's just him trying hard to be entertaining the whole stream or to not let the conversation die with his Guests on stream, but holy shit, H3 Podcasts ain't it, chief. I'mma have to pass on this one.

Sheirdz Sapphire : Gotta love the clip where he straight up says he doesn't read the contracts he signs

Falco : Word from Ethan is, he couldn't get Hila pregnant, so a strong bull did it for him. Ethan said he is proud he will raise his wife's half black son.

Mugetsu Tenshou : You could see the cringe on Papa Franku’s face...

Time Police : The story of a disabled potato and his caretaker.

Full Melt Fusion : Superb editing, the flow is on-point. Cheers

nobody : I just want h3 before the podcast back. I was a sub for almost 5 years and there was no other channel that I genuinely got excited to see an upload from. Oh well, plenty of other good creators to watch.

Diversity Deliverer : Oy gevalt! That thumbnail almost scared me in to dropping my shekels

Adrian Larsen : I never got the appeal of Hila

Jonny Chadwick : I dont think anyone would say the podcast itself is TERRIBLE. Depending on the guest and how well the guest gels with Ethan it can at times be a very good watch/listen. Its more that this guy used to put out top quality content like the Idubbz/Nerd City level of creators and now he just sits around doing a half ass Joe Rogan Experience for the easy money. Thats why so many bash on the podcast. Ethan became all about the money and for minimal effort.

DanaD : It’s crazy how different Ethan is on the podcast. I was legitimately offended by some of these clips especially the women want to be conquered and the children in Uganda comments.

GAm a : pls do more h3h3 videos. your videos are god tier

Souvik Mitra : Damn that's some incredible hypocrisy

gentleman squid : I'm way too apathetic to cringe

TheirTube : I swear this new Ethan is a clone

Bobby D : Joji's face says it all 😂😂 omfg


Azrael : Looks like the word "Cynical" carved real deep into Ethan's mind the very first time Uncle Bill Burr called him that. So, he tried to use that word on other people to erase the impression from his memory. But alas, to no avail.

SavinTheBees : This was spicy

Uncle Daddy : *I'm going to haunt you for Thanksgiving Memology, we are going to play tatsunoko vs Capcom & super Mario RPG on my softmodded Wii. 👻 Boo Memology boo 👻*

NumbingDisasterAnon : With everyday that passes, I see more evidence for a YouTuber/Watcher apartheid

kingjappyjoe420 : I’ve been trying to sleep for two hours so h3 clips are perfect 🤣🤣 another great post thx bro

An Nedelcu : I watched this instead of drinking coffee, man I'm ready to be a much better human being than Ethan today. Keep 'em coming, Mem'!

Col Friday : I still like his old content, but it is evident is just for the money and not for the entertainment at this point, nothing wrong about making money, but... *THE GREED IS MASSIVELY STRONG*

Valkrian FromXboxLive : Didn't Pewdiepie and Cinnamon Toast Ken cover sad cringe today?

Jeremy H. : He’s trying too hard to be Howard Stern

Advocate Paradox : My man went from the laughable Vape Nation directly to the scumtown Rape Nation. End times.

SilentWeaponsIII : Mentally ill man does scientific study on why women binge watch BBC.

horrorgami : ethan broke my heart.

Raina : You mean edited h3 vs raw h3

TheBlarggle : Look at this guy, makin' that refined content.