13 Tiny Homes That Will Make You Want To Downsize

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Can we get 5000 subscribers with no videos? : No WIFI then No way

Check My Playlist : Take my money, I'm getting out of my apartment!

The High Ground : These houses are easier to assemble rather than an IKEA chair.

InfiniteSauce : **packs house into bag** you never know when ya might need it...

Blert Shabani : The hack? For me the vid was 2x speed and I was like whats this video

Gormint : TOILETS???

First Name : Meh, came here looking for a detailed look and a short tour of them, not a 20 second transformation of them.

I'M Here : Imagine if your Inside and one of these starts to end up closing back up. What y'all gonna do

Tejas Padhye : Why no interior showcase of ecocapsule?? Disliked..

Van Hendrix : This looks interesting

Clash Subhu : The Transformation Looks Really Cool And The Homes Are Featured Inside😳😳😳😳

Max O. Drive : This is great! Now I'm waiting for tiny packaged houses that will reach their full size when put in water

SiGHT SMaSH : If I had a big home like an estate I would buy these and put them in my lawn

Aditi Gurung : The eco capcule was like the cutest and most ecofriendly

Potato Head : I noticed that none of them has a bathroom

Om Ganteng : Oh boy, everything look beautiful huh. But, the 'untold horror part' is the waste section..

50,000 subscriber with No videos? : The legend asks: *Is There Any Wi-Fi?*

Aquasian : All an elaborate plan to make us okay with living in modular cubes so we can prepare for mass population and be okay with stacked cities like ready player one

Mohammad G : Ideal place to run a wh0re house.

Pro Player 1⃣ : Meanwhile I live in an airship.

CaHOOTS : When you don't have enough wood to make proper house in Minecraft but the sun is going down

n b : Can you buy these tiny homes in Canada or get them in Canada if so what do they cost in Canadian dollars

phresh : This channel will always be ‘cutting bagel channel’ to me

Proxydus gaming : Doh. Nomad automatic homes.

Ihatequests Dev : What if someone hacks into the homes, and closes them while your inside? 🤔

pexin : It would be cool if you guys put the measures also in the metrical system! Thank you :)

Magic Tomato : I dont have enough money tho

Zhonguoria : 2:24 Eco-capsule looks cute on the outside. Too bad no interior shots.

wendywanda : Its a house but definitely not a home

Gabe Hey : I have a quarter, a pencil, some chewed up gum and a sticker in my pocket. What can I buy with this?

Lok 739 : I wanna live inside them especially number 7

Hello, Sidney! : I want one.

Whole Food Plant-Based Man : Is this the whole video? I thought this montage was just an intro.

PowahSlap Entertainmint : I'll sell you guys a 1x1 house if you're interested.

Fare Raid : I like small spaces and dark small spaces not big wide spaces and dark wide spaces i feel very insecure in big wide spaces...

EchanErnie : These houses are even bigger than mine

Tanaka Kun : Im looking for grandpa max vehicle

MADEN LAUR : Having a good time...ok😎 I M Relaxing now.......ok😎 . . . . Suddenly someone presses the button................................ Shit..😥i knew it was a bad choice 😂

Malachi Roberts : Damn I thought they ment they could make me tiny, man. 😔

thePCpeasant : next up! the one square foot house that expands up to 1x its size!

Lantz Watts : But then you have to take out the furniture and put it back in every time you unexpand it

Olivia Lu : TᗯO ᗯOᖇᗪᔕ: KIᒪᒪ ᗰE

Kean The Average Savage : I live in an estate and I can’t imagine myself downgrading im gonna feel so cramped. :(

Extinct Official : *_who wants to buy my house? Anyone?_* _Its a joke :)_

Electro_Yellow : Port a fort

Electro_Yellow : My apartment

Darrick Ting : I hate campers

Rice MenaRQ : *Jesse, we need to cook...*

Naro Wild : What is the name of number 12 I want it lol

WuzNab : Shut up and take my money!