Bad Guy by Billie Eilish but
Bad guy by Billie Eilish but

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Guess I’m back


Apples and Cream : I need a full version of the 18th Century Austria version or I'm gonna cry

Oh. Ok. : How is NO ONE talking about the 18th century Austria one? It sounds so good??

Alex D. : When you walk past the neighbour's fence Their dog: 1:17

ally : nobody yt recommendations: Billie performing for 18th century Austria

JustNash : Youtube is like that one drunk friend who says "Bro you gotta watch this video, just this one".

TheLionsDen : Nobody: Guy in the vid: *W H E E Z E*

Halpa : 0:41 how he combined this so perfect I'm diying XD

ChimChim Bvby : I died when “ and I oop -“ started playing 😭 masterpiece

Mickuri : The guy in the background laughing just made it even more funny and I’m gonna start crying soon 😂😂😂

Dyspo dared me to hit 42069 subs : You had way too much fun makin this

Epiphany : Ok but I need a full version of the Old Town Road mashup 🔥

UnderZone 99 : I love the video just because the dude laughing in the background 😂😂 I'm laughing so hard 😅

Hey Mama : " The universe has judge you, you failed " TUNUNTUNTUNNUNUNUNTUNNUNTUNTUNTUN

light and rebellion : Welcome back, sir. I have missed your laugh and overall brilliance 😂👏

Angelica L : Ok but I need a full version of the and I OOP to start off my day before work

Feel with it : I did not hit her! But what is that strange glowing gem in your glove? O, hi, Peter!

shea reese : can you make "and I oop-" into megalovania pls I heard a good note in there that would be perfect

TheKrustyBear : 18th century Austria had rolling around on the floor! 😂😂😂

Jhon Ax : I need the I did not her please... just please. the old town road one sounds good too god dam

Foeko : me: *watches one billie eilish video* Youtube: *i ThInK hE lIkEs iT*

TheMightyKinkle : "What did it cost?" "Billie Elish"

Lupa Gaming : I started crying out loud at the Mozart part

Matt Marrone : I was dying. This absolutely made my day! Thanks so much!😂

EatThatPussy445 : this entire video had me sitting with an awkward half smile the entire time.

Adrian Lovestruck Loser : dude i love how he’s just dying laughing while recording bc he kNOWS what he’s done

Jc Gayo : I still can't get the old town road out of my head XD

Myaaa ? : I love how much he enjoys this made me so much happier with it

Lupa Gaming : You need to do one with a sped up version of the Harry Potter theme

Music Lover : This is quality content that I signed up for

lol :D : I love how his laugh intensifies as the vid progresses

2wenty 7even Beats : *Wasnt he the guy who did that Chainsmokers vid that went viral last year?*

Zoltán Erik Miglécz : I just laughed my brains out 😂😂😂

Serdrix : Now this, this is quality content.

x_x CDJ x_x : Man whats that program you inspired me

DadCelo : You cracking up just adds so much

Spikedclaw1 : *"ya got some nice laughter right there"*

Sharon Osbourne : Him: *makes this remix video* Robbie Rotten: *Am I a joke to you?*

Pippa Wander : We have been brought here today through the YouTube recommendations BLESS THE ALGORITHM

ally amaranth : k these are all bop WE NEED FULL SONGS ON SPOTIFY

Dasha M : Everyone is talking about the OOP and Mozart ones but I'm here dying over the "The Room" one


Hamza Mir : This did not meet my expectations This exceeded my expectations

Sikari Clifford : I- did- not hit her- it’s not true! It’s bull- shit! I did not- hit her! I DID 👏🏼 NOT 👏🏼 .

OkieDoki : You should have made the synth part turn into We Are Number One slowly as the song goes on.I swear to god would be satisfying as frick.

prulicia maharani nitami : *Bad guy but Billie eilish is performing for 18th century Austria* Me: snorts

meme machine : This ambitious crossover meme is brilliant Outstanding move

Oreo&Sworsh-Brawl Stars : 1:19 a spus "Ma pis pe mine", separe ca dam de romani :))

SandwichesYT : John fassold, you have officially become a living legend.