Operation Rheinübung: Hunt for the Bismarck 1941

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Van Hendrix : A post from Baz Battles. Must be my lucky day

David : You should be sponcered by paradox games

john smitty : 1:19 "a mere hour has past" really because it felt like a couple months to me

mauriziocostanzo38 : i think germany is gonna win this war

The Redcoat : You understand why it was said that "Britannia rules the waves" the number of vessels they had was impressive. A German invasion of England seems to have been nothing more than a dream due to the Royal navy.

Gaslight Studios : Operation Rheinubung: Or How the World learned that battleships are now irrelevant to major naval operations!

Aniruddh Singh : 'Baz battle' and 'Kings an Generals' posting video on same day. It's a lucky day .

Sindre Wiig Nordby : The volume and voice in this video is perfect

Wanderer628 : Please do the Battle of Towton. It was one of the biggest battles of the medevil ages and the largest of the War of the Roses. A series on the Wars of the Roses would be even more incredible. Attempt #112

See U in History / Mythology : Great Job

vesteel : Finally I can hear more of that sexy voic- i mean, history! yay!

Justin Y. : Yes!

Kal Molinet : D E U S V U L T!

Cecilie Lunaria : Byzantine battles please..

Fag Master : Do battle of Jutland!

Ondra Pšenička : TIL British pilots tried to sink an allied ship during one mission... twice... wow. These pilots won the air battle of Britain you say?

Holsp : Why everyone cool is also bad but I want them to win everytime in these videos? :D

DJ RAJE : More game of thrones pls

Dennis Cleary : Thank you Baz I’ve been waiting forever

Johannes Kristian Dahl : The fact that a top-class channel such as this can't present their quality content with full accuracy - the swastika being removed from the Nazi-German flag - because people can't resist the urge to get offended, and politically correct bullshit, is depressing.

Darth Vader : Who else was rooting for the Bismarck ?

Internet Driller : Baz battle still uploads... A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.

Katniss : Dlaczego usunąłeś wczesne filmy o Macedonii i Aleksandrze?

Flexi Paradise : What happen to the Prinz Eugen?

Mr. Nice Man : N I c e -Mr. NiceMan

aaronwilliam Wallace : God Save the Queen

Decius Julius : FINALLY

Pillowtap : I hate advertisements but that intro one was smooth as heck. I didn't even realize it was one until you said.

Night mare : Finally 😃😃😃😃

Fitzgerald : We're all thinking of the same song.

Koen 27 : 4:30 what happened to the “Prinz Eugen” ship?

Łukasz Heil : There was also 1 polish destroy, who helped sink "Bismarck" - it was ORP "Piorun" (ORP "Thunderbolt). It is just a "fun fact". Can you please do sth about Polish history? :)

LucatreFromages 1 : Wow, so impressive and professional

Guts : Thank you for changing to flags without swastika, so us people from Germany can watch it too! Also, poor cat..

Perfidious Puffin : Awesome quality video. And I love seeing these naval battles, do more of them.

TheCorporateMoose : I would really like to play a game that looked like this.

Rahketman : You really should do the Battle of Shiroyama. It was the last battle of the Satsuma rebellion and the last stand of the Samurai. 500 Samurai facing a force of 30 000 imperial Japanese troops.

ares106 : This video is amazing and you deserves to get millions of views. Also it should be used as classroom material at college levels courses.

WatermellyMan : I thought you would never make this video! Thanks!

Mel Honiball : As always, a top quality video, this dude's voice is so easy on the ear!

britoxxs : Extra Credits anyone?

Hyper Red : Hats off to German Engineering

Aniruddh Singh : Crusades season 2 please.

Zarosian Ice : 313k Subbies :D Sweet your channel deserves growth (: Thanks for the new vid and keep up the content!

intraVRt : Love your channel. Always great videos. But could you add a few more seconds to those end info cards. I know pausing isn’t a big deal but I just think it’ll add a tiny bit more enjoyment to the video not having to.

KnowOne : Thank you for not calling the Germans "Nazi's" or add evil music etc, most ww2 channels lack that decency

Morphing Reality : Well done :)

cobalT : Imo the best video about Operation Rheinübung and the sinking of the Bismarck.

ViG M : Battle of Azaz next please)

Willam Joo : We don't care if you're sponsored. You deserve the money