Operation Rheinübung: Hunt for the Bismarck 1941

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Van Hendrix : A post from Baz Battles. Must be my lucky day

john smitty : 1:19 "a mere hour has past" really because it felt like a couple months to me

KnowOne : Thank you for not calling the Germans "Nazi's" or add evil music etc, most ww2 channels lack that decency

Darth Vader : Who else was rooting for the Bismarck ?

David : You should be sponcered by paradox games

mauriziocostanzo38 : i think germany is gonna win this war

Justin Y. : Yes!

Bootleg Memes : Germany: *sinks HMS Hood* Royal Navy: YOU PICKED THE WRONG SHIP FOOL

Gaslight Studios : Operation Rheinubung: Or How the World learned that battleships are now irrelevant to major naval operations!

Sindre Wiig Nordby : The volume and voice in this video is perfect

Hortus : It's funny how the Bismarck lost a lot of fuel, and still managed to keep going longer than the British Battleships.

Aniruddh Singh : 'Baz battle' and 'Kings an Generals' posting video on same day. It's a lucky day .

The Redcoat : You understand why it was said that "Britannia rules the waves" the number of vessels they had was impressive. A German invasion of England seems to have been nothing more than a dream due to the Royal navy.

Cool Jackster : Bismarck = Death Star Hood = Alderaan Fairey Swordfish = X-Wing Fighters

Johannes Kristian Dahl : The fact that a top-class channel such as this can't present their quality content with full accuracy - the swastika being removed from the Nazi-German flag - because people can't resist the urge to get offended, and politically correct bullshit, is depressing.

Wanderer628 : Please do the Battle of Towton. It was one of the biggest battles of the medevil ages and the largest of the War of the Roses. A series on the Wars of the Roses would be even more incredible. Attempt #112

Hyper Red : Hats off to German Engineering

Fag Master : Do battle of Jutland!

Pillowtap : I hate advertisements but that intro one was smooth as heck. I didn't even realize it was one until you said.

vesteel : Finally I can hear more of that sexy voic- i mean, history! yay!

Paul Paterson : Usual kind of comments for this video, stupid millennials who think we should support what Nazi Germany was trying to achieve, people splitting hairs who try to elaborate scuttling and ridiculing the UK as a whole when in that period of the war in the western hemisphere it was only the British commonwealth that was keeping the fight going until the USA decided to finally help out. People behind their keyboards are such cowards.

Ondra Pšenička : TIL British pilots tried to sink an allied ship during one mission... twice... wow. These pilots won the air battle of Britain you say?

Cecilie Lunaria : Byzantine battles please..

Greg Worcester : Bismarck. Sailed on 19 May blasted from stem to stern into flaming wreckage 27 May 1941. Yet many still idolise this Nazi war machine designed and deployed to attack unarmed merchant shipping

S.S Bathtub : Poor Bismarck

Flexi Paradise : What happen to the Prinz Eugen?

Holsp : Why everyone cool is also bad but I want them to win everytime in these videos? :D

Dinahii : Actually there's a little inaccuracy. You said that The Bismarck was suck by a shell for the crew of the Bismarck are actually the ones who sank it. They were unable to fire shots or get away because the rudder was comprimised. So the captain ordered all the steel gates on the sides of the ship to open, letting in water to all of the compartements. So technically, the only ones able to kill the German battleship, were the Germans.

Palzor Lepcha : Germans were good in warfare for sure - it took so many of HMS Ships and planes to bring that single German ship down.

Anavrin : How there hasn't been a modern movie about this yet is mind-boggling! They could basically not change anything and still be a brilliant film! I'm sure James Cameron or Christopher Nolan could each make it a masterpiece.

TheCorporateMoose : I would really like to play a game that looked like this.

Łukasz Heil : There was also 1 polish destroy, who helped sink "Bismarck" - it was ORP "Piorun" (ORP "Thunderbolt). It is just a "fun fact". Can you please do sth about Polish history? :)

See U in History / Mythology : Great Job

aaronwilliam Wallace : God Save the Queen

intraVRt : Love your channel. Always great videos. But could you add a few more seconds to those end info cards. I know pausing isn’t a big deal but I just think it’ll add a tiny bit more enjoyment to the video not having to.

Willam Joo : We don't care if you're sponsored. You deserve the money

Napoleon I Bonaparte : Red October: 1941

Kal Molinet : D E U S V U L T!

Caesar Himself : Oskar, Father of Kittens, Destroyer of Ships.

Zen Piler : So this is why the germany lost They was destined to be lost

Don Felipe : One of my favorite stories growing up, HMS Hood v Bismarck and what occurred afterwards. In 1941 naval aviation was a distrusted and infantile branch of any navy but showed its worth here. Most powerful warship afloat indeed! Bismarck was nothing compared with HMS Rodney's nine British 1920s vintage 16'' naval rifles. Huzzah! Lets hear it for the HMS Rodney and HMS Nelson which both survived the war but are unsung heroines of the British Royal Navy!

default with 13 subs : Why do i hear Johnny Horton

John Cornell : Moral of the story? Don't pick a fight with the Royal Navy in their own back yard. You'll only lose.

Not very bright : You really should do the Battle of Shiroyama. It was the last battle of the Satsuma rebellion and the last stand of the Samurai. 500 Samurai facing a force of 30 000 imperial Japanese troops.

Khoi Nguyen : well the two details you forgot was a cat named Unsinkable Sam was onboard of the ship,which survived,and the British didn't sink the Bismarck,but to severely damage it,and some of the surviving Germans onboard knew they would be faced charges and have their ship scuttled,so they blew the final holes in her to sink it,and you can see it by the wreckage on the seafloor.And in the end,both sides got what they wanted.

Internet Driller : Baz battle still uploads... A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.

britoxxs : Extra Credits anyone?

ares106 : This video is amazing and you deserves to get millions of views. Also it should be used as classroom material at college levels courses.

Dennis Cleary : Thank you Baz I’ve been waiting forever

sam som : last time i was this early hitler was in a bunker