KYLOKI Episode 201: Kylo: The Road to Ren

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DaSimsNetwork : Defranco's secret link sent me here

Nathalie Schropp : "People Magazine's sexiest demigod alive" Haha😂 I laughed so hard at this...

eastern_BANDIT : Philip DeFranco sent me here

Kylo Ren : This channel gives me life. I love Kyloki episodes so much! Keep up the great work guys!!!

Vanja Anderson : There should be Sherlock in this. Same type of personality.

ThePlasticJones : Good Wilhelm scream.

Alex Penneytration : Where my secret links bois at?

Elven-Magic -Rules : "I was just checking to see if you still had a spin." 😂😂😂😂😂

TrashyArmy : Wait Who was Kylo going to fight tho? 😂 Funny as usual guys keep up the amazing work!

Rhiane Persaud : Yes finally!!!!!

ReeinEvra : Welcome back _darlings_

Mari Shelbourn : Yass!!! I clicked on this so fast!

Lili Carstairs : I love how Loki slowly drives the lightsaber away from his face

Merry -chan : I like the acting game

Vince Major : Find your inner Wookie!


Christian Noel : Hahaha damnit Kylo!

Shaun Dalziel : Loki is a gay man? XD

Rhiane Persaud : I’ve been checking my phone all day for this episode and now it finally here!

Doctor Oswald : Rey is totally gonna kick his ass in the last Jedi

narutofangirl : Awesome and good job loki

Henry Animates : YES!

Zephyrus Auron : Guy Fierrrighfgh is a hero to us all

Caroline Ascione : Finally 😍😍😍

LoveIsBlind : Love this! I was having a bad day until I saw this in my notifications! <3

Tati Jaye : So glad you guys are back! Will you have a set uploading schedule?

CrookedFuckingCat : I love this!

Bellwether : I love the LEGO Batman and Robin posters.

Natália Silvestre : Omg omg omg

Those Band Kids : Oh my god I lost it when Jupiter started playing

Harley Q : Nobody told him about that big-ass booger in his nose @ 4:08?

Vitor Nunes : Yes! It's back. Been waiting for so long <3

Sgarter Bomb : this is hilarious

Nathalie Carrillo : I'm glad DeFranco brought us here!

Byron Chou : Secret link?

Shortruler : Got here through DeFranco and just finished binge watching season 1. God, I hope this becomes more popular because I think I just found my new favourite web series. Also, I may or may not be totally in love with Kylo, not gonna lie.

Ben529 : Omg omg omg I have been waiting for this for so long and its here!

Skydrathik : DUDES!! The hair - Kylo's hair - that's great! (Waah! You took in the scream!)

rsscourge : I feel like there's been a "little" gap between this and the last one.

Nathalie Schropp : Finally! I've waited so long for this. I love you, guys!

Austin M. : Secret link!

Lotte : So glad you're back!!!

sodemas : who is here because of the SECRET LINK?

Tarks Gauntlet : Congrats on being Phil Defranco's secret link of the day! Ride the wave man!

jetsterx : Since when did Loki become Milo Yiannopoulos?

Gypsyangelf4i : Yay!!!! Season 2!!! I love that you guys are filming KyLoki again!!

Kaelan Strouse : Omg. I love Kylo SOOOO much!!! Keep up the great work, Adam Driver!!! You rock!! You’re sooooo funny!!

Claudine Quadrat : Poor Kylo... not only is he proud to be a hacky sack champion, but his skills peaked in 2005 😂

Sinstar33 : DeFranco’s secret link... 😎