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Is an ice age coming

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Spoiler: no (and climate change has nothing to do with this). Get your own Space Time t­shirt at Tweet at us! @pbsspacetime Facebook: Email us! pbsspacetime [at] gmail [dot] com Comment on Reddit: Support us on Patreon! Help translate our videos! We’re living in a brief window of time where our planet isn’t frozen underneath a giant layer of glaciers. How much longer will the moderate climate that we’ve come to know as “normal” continue? What causes these dramatic shifts in temperature that thaw our planet and then throw it back into a state of deep freeze? This episode looks at how the changes in our planet’s orbit and rotation impacts our climate. Written and hosted by Matt O’Dowd Made by Kornhaber Brown ( Comments 4798alexander4798 Ryan Lidster Physics Videos by Eugene Khutoryansky Other Links Physics girl: Is Energy Always Conserved? PBS Idea Channel: Is Math a Feature of the Universe or a Feature of Human Creation?


Carmella Candy : Fry: What happened to global warming? Leela: Nuclear winter canceled it out.

DINSTAR-AS : Grand Solar Minimum

andre turcot : Remarkable how the same people have no problem with this guy informing us about black holes and event horizons, but the moment he points out AGW is real that consider him wrong and foolish.... A very inconvenient truth....

Jenny Simon : The best channel for this information is called The Oppenheimer Ranch Project. He is a paleoclimitologist

Roger Ahier : We've been in an ice age for 2 1/2 million years. If you're asking if another glacial period is coming, the answer is obviously yes. We just don't know when.

Disco Deaky is sweeter than cheese : Quick answer: Yeah.

Andrew Abken : Emit more CO2, it's the last best hope of earth. It's hard to grow food in ice.

Brandon Hall : I've never had Ice Ages and Milankovitch cycles described so interestingly before. Space Time is amazing.

Sharon Sampson : Martin Martin, I'll definitely lookup the two suggestions you sent! Thanks!

Edward Paterson : if the cooling trend of the 1970s continued, I wonder what steps the globalist climate changers would prescribe.

James Howard : An then include solar cycles an each affect magnifys the other.

Mr Seymour Bunz : Also have the Atlantic belt current like the Gulf stream headed north which is warming which in turn melts more and bring more fresh water East and then South. This effects the specific gravity of the ocean water and could in turn effect the ocean current belts.

ElijahMFearon : He looks like a full sized Peter Dinklage.

Mike T : These people are much for global warming. Anyone else feel manipulated?

anonymous : Spoiler: "global warming" is a hoax and we are heading into a MINI ice age due to the intensifying Grand Solar Minimum.

Clive Richardson : co2 has been much higher in history and it's misleading to say that we are in 'uncharted territory'. We have had periods of lush and warm climate with around 1000 ppm and now it's approach 400 ppm. Plants love CO2 of course and an increasing levels of CO2 has benefits including global greening. The other observation is that the time period to the next period of glaciation is a lot closer than stated and that's tied in to Solar activity - something not mentioned in the presentation.

JM Studios : Winter is Coming.

Draxis32 : Did not appear in my subscription box. Thanks youtube. Thankfully it appeared in my recommended videos!

Art Curious : Another factor in global climate will be the approaching solar minimum. It’s fascinating how little discussion there is about how the suns energy output effects our climate. if past sunspot records are accurate we should see longer colder winters in the northern hemisphere for the next 30-250 years depending on how weak solar cycles 25 and 26 are. Cycle 24 was very weak. And this winter has been bitter cold.

Powder Skier : I believe this more than I believe in that global warming garbage. I will survive the winter as I just bought a new ski outfit and skis

Ismee : Climate Change is an effect, not an actual entity with attributes and properties. And please, stick with the ‘Global Warming’ slogan as thats the measure the Tax was conceived against. Switching to the Climate Change wording that disagreeing scientists were using to support their data showing that 99% of the data does not correlate to CO2 and the real, and unstoppable threat would result in ‘Climate Change’ that is in direct opposition to Global ‘Warming’ fear being flooded through public media. We will soon see who was correct, so PLEASE stop robbing the opposition to this unfair tax of their credibility and reference to the previous conflicts of opinion. We need to learn from these manipulations of truth. Warming=‘Expert scientists community correct. Cooling=Expert scientists community falsely manufactured to appear to represent ‘credible’ scientists. The brave percentage that did not fold to institutional and public pressures or expectations deserve to be rewarded for remaining loyal to the truth in the face of adversity!

Spok : Oh no! The Coming Ice Age will crash into Global Warming and create the coming Slush Age!!! 🤪 The planet will then become a frozen ball of fire! 🤣 Wake up Sheeple! It's the end of the world as we don't know it! Someone save the pancakes! 🤗

mjimih : lose the distracting background music thx

Bug Stomper : It's 'global warming'! LOL

RAHUL KUMAR : Wow!Nice bro... Good explanation

managarm1349 : but, but ... muh global anthropogenic warming

Jed Car : You really held the door for GoT references here

Chuck W : Ya think we could learn from the Venutians and not make the same mistake? Or the Martians even? But nooooo!!!

Taka Konobe : We are at the mercy of the sun and gravity.

Brett Laird : Great vid. Normally when co2 rises, so does the oxygen levels. But at the moment they're not! If you measure all the co2 our active volcanos put out a year it's apparently about 3.4gt. We on the other hand release about 35gt . The spike in this graf is us..... don't be proud. We could survive it warming more, if the oxygen levels rose as well. We'd probably evolve into giants. That'd be kewl. But yes the oxygen. We've dicovered through our satellites that the oxygen produced in the Amazon rainforest stays in the Amazon rainforest. It rises above it in the heat of the day, very little of it dispensing into the atmosphere. Then it settles back down into the forrest of a night. And I'm presuming this is the case for most forrests then. So it's the oceans and their sea grass that supplies us with most of the breathable air in our atmophere. And we are destroying that at a rapid rate. Unfortunately for the oceans and our survival , the ocean always looks beautiful. We don't see most of the shit on the bottom. The thousands upon thoysands of acres of sea grass ripped up by trawlers. In an ocean already struggling with natural climate change. I think we need to get our priorities right. Going green is good, but will always need the help of fossil fuels until we learn how to store power efficiently and safely. And for most nations that's an ecconomic bonus that I think shoild be used. We need to get out of consumerism. Fuck you Bernaise . This virus we have has given us the destructive global virus that is todays corperation. It doesnt give a fuck about you or the planet. It has an unquenchable appetite for money and spews out toxic trash in it's wake. It's the biggest crime against humanity anc this pllanet we've come up with yet. It's the commerce psychopath!

Desmond Bagley : ......... clearly you're Australian but a younger generation. You've adopted to saying math instead of maths and I guess you say aluminum rather than aluminium. It's those American police procedural series that are the culprit... ......You explained everything very well at a nicely paced meter . You covered what I was lamenting I could no longer look up cos of the loss of my home library. Fred Hoyle in 72 wrote an excellent book that also explained these things very well. The book is called Ice Age or some such name. In early seventies we did believe that a very cold period was upon us and the feeling was that the greenhouse effect would buy us extra time... .... Thanks for not being a fast talker like physix girl. It's probably a case of too much coffee.

Steven Baumann : How did I miss this one?! As a geologist, I would like to complement you on the geologic history. Although you could have done a better job explaining the glacial cycles only apply to the Quaternary ice ages. Normally Earth is a warm planet and doesn't even have ice caps, let alone ice ages. Also, something had to trigger the Quaternary ice ages to begin with that had nothing to do with astronomical cycles. If you back 25 million years, we didn't even have ice caps. Geological reasons likely set the stage like the joining of North and South America. With each Quaternary glacial cycle, it has been getting colder but the glaciers aren't making it as far as they did 200,000 years ago.

Red Shift : Whoa! Mind blown. 🤣😹

Sublime Music Channel : What, then, would be the argument AGAINST global warming? Let's heat this b**ch up! Now!

Doc Holiday : Great video Answered a lot of questions

djrussell1989 : So it's a good job we're artificially warming earth then? lol

martin savage : It was all going so well until he started talking about global warming.

PifflePrattle : Don't worry folks, anthropomorphic climate change is a hoax. I know this because I a bunch of nutters on you tube say so.

Reinaldo Adiyanto : It got me thinking. Does that mean dinosaurs exist because the climate were hotter than present? Considering all of the inhabitants of the period were either insects or reptiles which are cold blooded. And the gigantic size caused difficulty regulating their body temperature in cooler climate?


Saketh Kurapati : WINTER IS COMING!!

Richard Willson : Good discussion of the Milankovitch cycles. Absolutely wrong about there being significant human contribution to climate change. The debate about the C02 anthropogenic global warming (CAGW) hypothesis is over. CAGW is based on the flawed predictions of imprecise 1980's vintage global circulation models that have failed to match observational data both since and prior to their fabrication.

stelthy100 : Ask Al gore he knows it all,just send him your Money. By the way the Sun is the largest driver of Earths Climate, I guess he missed that little tid bit of information.

JohnD : Conclusion, we have to keep contaminating, just in case :-)

Michael Horning : Yes we are in an icebox supercycle.

Lefty Hara : is there an ice age or warming coming? answer: yes always.

Stacey Shuman : Thank you excellent video I'll have to watch a few more times to try to understand all the different Cycles and shifts that our planet goes through best video thank you so much have a nice day.

MickG : LOL!!!

BG Mike : The real question is why is one shoulder higher than the other? 🤔