We Should All Be Vegan | Change My Mind

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OPEN MIND : Where is it written? Where is it written? I can only believe something if it is in some book... ideally in a 2000 Year old book, that has a lot of contradictions and nonsense in it.... Ps: The vegan guy totally destroyed the other guy.

Jacqueline Jordan : Ed is blessed with infinite patience

Julie Waldroup : God though. Lions though. Plants though. Bible though. Taste though. Culture though. Protein though. My canine teeth though. Everyone thinks they’re so clever and original and they all literally say the same thing.

Awix : When someone brings the bible into a debate you know it's time to end the debate.

Wayward Winchester : "plants tho" came up too soon, torture.

Mighel Akando : Perfect example of how Religion really limits human progression. This man thinks he’s superior to animals because he believes his “god” told him so.. smh

natalie bini : the cringe a vegan has to endure when talking to a non-vegan about veganism. the cringe.

Kurt C : Please teach us how to have this level of patience. Very admirable 🌱

Nicole Marie PR : People are so close minded. It's heartbreaking.

mossy1 : This dude claims to eat only meat. lol His food must be so bland.

Monica Popek : I believe in God and read the Bible everyday. Love is love. Murder is murder. Violence is violence. Violence toward a species different than ours is still violence. Reading the Bible and believing in God continues to further convict me in my decision to be vegan.

crystal cummings : This guy's argument is so invalid. Religion has no place in this conversation. People don't need a God to distinguish between right and wrong. If religion is your excuse to impose this amount of suffering onto innocent creatures, then maybe you should question YOUR God.

Emilia Arya : ed you are so incredibly patient and inspiring!🌱

Plant Powered Travel : This is certainly a great way forward! Nice one, Ed!! 🙏🏼

Tanya Sutton : I’ve lost so many brain cells listening to this guy. Go ed!

Rusty Richardson : All flavours originally come from the plant kingdom, try eating meat bland without plant foods, meat is just a corpse flavoured with plants foods it's like spraying Febreze over a bad smell...

Vegan Pakistani : I wish I was there to expose this christian hypocrite, Slavery is not only promoted in old testament but in new testament as well: Old Testament: If a man sells his daughter as a female slave, she is not to go free as the male slaves do(Exodus ch21,7-11) If a man strikes his male or female slave with a rod and he dies at his hand, he shall be punished. 21If, however, he survives a day or two, no vengeance shall be taken; for he is his property(Exodus ch 21,20-21) If his master gives him a wife, and she bears him sons or daughters, the wife and her children shall belong to her master, and he shall go out alone(Exodus, ch 21, 4) New Testament: "Slaves, be obedient to those who are your masters" (Ephesians, ch 6, 5-8) "All who are under the yoke as slaves are to regard their own masters as worthy of all honor so that the name of God" (Timothy, ch 6, 1-2) Slaves, obey your earthly masters in everything; and do it, not only when their eye is on you and to curry their favor, but with sincerity of heart and reverence for the Lord.(Colossians ch3,22)

Deep Tissue Studio : Cant believe people are still trying to use the bible to justify murder i 2018. When will theae people cop on

VeganRevolution : "Let's legalise Dog Meat" change my mind table - would change people's minds more I reckon.

Alex : One thing I never hear you talk about when the plants argument comes up is the fact the vast majority of plant based foods we consume come from a part of the plant that it specifically produces to be ingested by an animal to spread the seed...

Rusty Richardson : Do Animals feel pain? yes. Is it now needless to put Animals through pain for our survival? yes.

Sophiedoodledo Vlogs : Ed thanks for inspiring me to be more calm when talking to people about veganism. I get quite easily angry about it but I know that’s not the best way to get someone to listen

shoe : Killing a spider or mosquito to defend yourself or family from a bite that could be poisonous or infectious, is not the same thing as killing an animal for taste pleasure/ no real reason at all. survival is different. we live in a civil society. Also carrot don't cry. Carrots don't have tear ducts. nor a brain or central nervous system. #stopeatingdeadbodies Honestly I wanted to be a cook. Next few months spent my extra time trying a couple new recipes every week, then after a while I realized I didn't want to cut up dead animals. I just didn't want deal with blood, guts, entrails, decomposing penis's or ballsacks. Dead eyes staring back. Remove, cook, and eat someone's tongue. And do all of that for the rest of my life. excuse me I think I am going barf... lol Yeah, um, no thanks. not me. Then I found vegan food. YUM. Now I work with all kinds beautiful colors and smells. flowers. seeds. Hell I can just eat a giant bowl of fruit for breakfast if I am running late. looks good, smells good, taste great. sold. screw blood, guts, and dead body parts. There are so many more edible plants than I ever thought possible. And I still haven't tried them all. Only thing bad about it, is that I may die before I get to try them all. again yum. life is good. meat is murder. and sure as hell would not want to be in any of their paws. bunch of slaves who get killed at a really young age, just because if they let the animal grow old the dead flesh gets too tough to eat. cows live to twenty year old, but are usually killed at four to eight years old, veal at only a couple of months old. that's gross and sad. and I want no part of it. and as for the rest you can keep the cow titty juice, or coagulated baby calf growth serum, chicken menstrations, suffocated dead fish w/mercury and other ocean pollutions. Bet you didn't know your "bacon" was murdered in a gas chamber, like hitler killed jews. all I have left to say is eat up, maybe someday you'll be "lucky" enough to live a life in their shoes. See how you like it. Or instead have a little bit of empathy. #goveganalready also, if you read enough you'll find out that farm animals are the one who suffer most at a slaughter house, because they lived such a happy lives on a farm. that their not used to the sound of animals screaming, the smell of blood, or the abuse of being man handled. not used to being in a completely concreted floor, or of feeling trapped in a giant concrete walled echo chamber of other animals in fear or pain, like a real live horror house. see, factory farmed animals live such shitty lives, they can't wait to get it over with, or more likely they're used to shitty conditions, they're used to being treated like slaves. those thoughts are confessions of a slaughter house worker. I honestly didn't know it was that bad, till I heard it for myself. don't just take my word for the truth. look it up. really doesn't matter whether or not the animal was givin' a happy life or a bad horrible one. they both get stabbed in the throat, blood drained out, and body chopped into pieces. and hopefully if your them, your sold, cooked, and eaten. the unlucky ones have pieces of their bodies forgotten about till they spoil, then thrown in the garbage like a piece of trash. I would wish that on my worst enemy, but that's just me. i'm weird. i'm vegan. I eat plants. I pray for peace. and reserve violence only for the most extreme circumstance. and thank god I live in the U.S. where owning a gun is legal. and I can still practice, incase, I need protect the ones I love.

bry : God would not create animals to feel pain if we were meant to eat them!!!!!!! Why is that so hard to understand?!?

Mind of BE : "Why are you against global warming?....It's not alive." GTFO

Jennifer James : Im sure the animal feels its life is important, Who are we to say our lives are more important . Every individual thinks thier life is important we all have a right to life.

plants4passions V : How can you uterly be against animal suffering but contribute to it?

ErkaTheVegan : I freaking hate it when people use religion to justify injustices.

Erikthebrave : Morality comes from the heart. You do not need to learn this from a book....

Divina RYf : I seriously almost had to stop watching cause I got so angry. So thankful that there are people like you who are patient enough to educate other people. Just his first comaprison with the lion made me freak out. I‘ve never seen a lion penning up thousands of zebras just to get their best pieces of meet and all the other cruel things we do to animals and the environment. We don‘t have to hunt and kill animals anymore. But if he wants to make this comparison, then he‘d only be allowed to go out into the wild to kill an animal with his own bare hands, and I truly doubt he‘s doing that. (excuse my English I‘m Swiss)

Barry Hyslop : This guy needs to have this debate with someone who is more educated on the bible. There are so many vegan atheists who are not equipped to deal with people like this. In reality, Christian morality aligns with the points we are making. These people just need to realize that Christianity supports vegan ideals, they are not oppositional.

Rosie : I find it perplexing how people need a written text to define what is morally right and wrong. It's as if they can't feel within themselves that an action/thought is wrong. Do they not feel any remorse or guilt? Our moral compass is guided by how we feel intuitively. One point that Ed makes that stands out to me the most is when people are put off of food when they see the slaughter of the animal they're eating. Why does it make a person feel disgusted and no longer want to eat? This is the process of the food on your plate. The industrialization and farming of food have made it so easy for people to turn a blind eye on the process.

Molson Muscle : "Thou Shalt Not Kill" - it is written. Try reading.

Helena Blahutová : There’s no way you can defend killing someone for no reason, Ed stands up for life, there’s nothing the other dude could say to prove him wrong cause you can never ever be wrong for being compassionate. Oh God, so many facepalms during this video 🤦🏼‍♀️

Karla Perdomo : OMG I love you, you are very intelligent. You leave everyone very confused because your arguments are perfect.

Beau Lyon : Brings up mass killings under nazism and communism as a being bad, but does not aknowlege that these mass killings were caused by people seeing themselves as morally superior to other living beings- just as we do wirh animals... he was certain that because he 'knew'(believed) that killing animals is ok, then there must be a logical reason behind this 'knowledge'(belief).

If Tomato's are a fruit why isn't ketchup a jam? : You are very good at what you do

Pigeon Extremist : How does he do it? I get so annoyed having to answer the same arguments a billion times

qwest808 : Ed is one of my favorite people on Earth 🌏 ❤️

AnastasiaKara : another dialog with a douchebag. Thank you Ed, I love you for your patience.

Gaming Junkie : So let's get this straight..... He believes that we have the "god given right" to murder these animals just because it says in a book, "we are more superior and intelligent". If billions of aliens come to our planet who were more "intelligent" and "superior" than ourselves and they told us that they have a book that states this and they say they have the right to enslave and farm us, he's pretty much saying he would be ok with this 😂😂😂 He's saying he would willingly have his kids taken from him, have his wife hooked up to breast pumps and have himself hung upside down and his through slit whilst knowing his wife and kids would eventually suffer the same fate. If he really believes in what he's saying then he "HAS TO" believe this too! It's the common mistake of not putting yourself in another's shoes.

Antonio Torres : Ed is teaching this student a lot.

Car ly : Morality is doing what's right regardless of what you're told. Religion is doing what you're told regardless of what is right.

Carey Shoemaker : This is hard to listen too, Ed your patience is admirable:)

Tom O'Rourke : Great discussion, appreciated both sides. It's great to hear how others see the world. I feel that this is a spiritual question when we get down to the core of it. Veganism is a spiritual path based around harmony and unconditional love. Looking to live in a way that benefits all life on earth. My choice is based on human anatomy and biology. Health is moral. When it comes down to it the amount of joy in my life is far greater without consuming animal flesh or excretions.

amy thompson : “Is it okay to kill a beef” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Dekar V. : Not that the Spanish guy even had a good point, but aren't there reports on how bad Mother Theresa was?

Donkey Kong : My pet turnip loves me very much

Valek Inari : Just when this guy started bringing the bible to the conversation I lost the litle interest I had, first the fallacy with the plants (Mate the animals you consume, consume more plants than a lot of vegans...) and then the bible trash, looks like he doesn't even get what "morals" means.

Marilyn Summit : I love the standpoint of being vegan but saying morality all the time to people who’s morals are different than yours. They won’t see what you are saying. I understand everything you are saying because I am vegan.