Kenny vs Spenny - Season 3 - Episode 3 - Who Can Wear A Dead Octopus On Their Head The Longest?

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Max Power : Probably the only time I've seen Kenny express genuine concern for Spenny.

DJatomica : The main way to tell that most of this show isn't fake is to go and watch Spenny "act" in the shitty show he tried to make. Single White Spenny I think it was called.

Sen Brandybuck : Why isn't spenny on LSD every episode? This is the best.

Abstract Art : Kenny I hope you go to Jew Heaven for putting these videos back up.

grimmerMD : Real friends dose friends with LSD.

Christel Vinot : That orange juice container really looks like laundry detergent.

DunkZ Z : He should do lsd more often lol

Eyeluv2d : The ending was the best part. "That wasn't me, that was Blake!" "Oh shit.. was it?" "Yes!" "...Sorry." Love these lunatics <3

Lance Gill : This is easily my favorite episode.

Joe Mullin : This is the coolest Spenny has ever been. Cause he just doesn't care and finally relaxes

Ron Villanova : WHats funnier tripping spenny or drunk spenny

Wally West : Meanwhile in Canada

MyOnlyFarph : This is probably the best episode of the entire series.  17:55 - Oscar worthy

Atrocious Banana : that guy Mario is awesome!

Tiger-Blood : I like Mario

Ron Villanova : Instead of arguing if this is real or fake, cant we just go back to enjoying these awesome guys do insane competitions?

DirtyEagles : I Thought Spenny was just gonna drink bleach there for a second.

Rhiannon Louis : Has anyone ever noticed how they're always going on about "poison", omg that's "poison" hahaa. I can't remember the episode but when kenny had to do Spenny's humiliation and have his mouth washed out with soap and he was like "no that's poison!".

das Dilemma : try lsd yourself and shut up about if it's real or not

Josh Moradi : THE LAKE

kyle S : i wish this show would come back

Liolar43 : I love the fish vendor; he's so laid back.

Toast : I think Spenny is awesome for taking all the crap from Kenny, I find it way too hilarious. Hang there Spencer.  If I knew about the kickstarter I would have helped.

Jordan Twiss : Kenny put molly in Spenny's champagne and he ain't eeen know it

Chun : half kid half squid

Pappy : 4 TABS OF LSD!!!!!!!!! YOURE NUTS

Raachen : The whole scenery at 12:46 made me laugh so hard, haaaahahaha :D :D

Quavo Del Negro : This was a rough episode for spenny

Bob Boogerface : Spennys a lightweight. I took a bunch of pcp once and that shit had me thinking i was a space monkey for a couple hours. Spenny was rolling around in shit. Just sit down and enjoy ur trip

Larry the Lobster : Rofl that wasn't me that was Blake

PinkOld : Definitely a top 5 funniest for the whole show, right there alongside Who Can Imitate the Other Guy Better, Who Can Smoke More Weed, Who Can Blow the Biggest Fart, and First One To Get a Stain Loses.

FlamSalad : Remove thy octopus

Beanie Leung : 3:36 kenny adjusts spenny's tentacle hair LMFAOO

Derek Weinert TV : "Its absolutely exhausting wearing an octopus on your head all day" spencer nolan rice

Katie b : Spenny looks like a who from whoville

Driven 55 : I think it's hilarious when Kenny puts on his Rasta-Man act

David Monteith : saw these guys live last night in Calgary, they showed clips from this episode that never made it to the show, and wow.... btw after seeing these guys live I know for sure there real. also got to see spenny smoke Kenny's pube dooby... live on stage... that was rough the smell to was awful...

Disconnect : Octopi says Mr. “intensive purposes”

ichschwoersosehr : Spenny might aswell have acted this cause he's a pretty good actor. The espisodes in which he "really" acts, are not real either. He acts shitty there to make people believe he cant act for shit. In episodes that are known to be fake like the gorilla ep or the kissing competition where they have an hired actress to play his fan, show that he can very well act.

Tory Catherine : I like Spenny more when hes on drugs lolololol He's more positive. And not one complaint for the humiliation!!! Not a single word!!

EzioAuditore : he released the octopus to the lake hahahah

Psycho Mantis 7 : Fuckin blake

nateman79 : How is it in real life they’re like 4 years different in age but have been best friends since babies and were in the same grade?

Revrot : 4 tabs of acid is insane.

ち匚丹尺ㄚ 爪口れち匕モ尺 : Technically, you can wear a hat on your head and then put the octopus on. I mean, never said it had to be on your actual hair/head.. just your head. I would of worn a bike helmet and there ya go.

Jokrr Face : ha where does Kenny keep getting these crazy outfits......I want them

Miss Pikawaii : why is spenny humiliated kenny lost ..

Daddy Electron : if Kenny Vs Spenny was fake then spencer rice would be the best actor to ever grace the earth

Marcus Smith : this is the best episode. LSD Spenny is hilarious.

sin esthesia : @2:40 that guy in the back's reaction is priceless!