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Balenaproductions : If Gareth Edwards directed Jurassic Park

Ebon Kim : This is what I imagine how rich people act when they find a great spot for a new golf course.

Roger Smith : To be fair, those are some awesome looking trees.

jumpsplat120 : Welcome.... to PARK.

Sam Hodge : Excellent editing on the car's logo

DarthOliptius : Spielberg showing this footage to the studio, "don't worry, it'll look great in post!"

cathartic555 : This is basically what people tripping on shrooms are like when they walk into a forest

PoeticParadox : Someday in the future trees and clean water might be a rare sight

Jesse Kilburn : I didn't know there was this much green in the whole galaxy...

Obviously : You forgot to remove the giraffe at 1:28

Galvatron1117 : Genius; I was laughing my ass off. I'd like to see even more, hell I'd like to see an entire cut without the dinosaurs, where stuff inexplicably breaks down. Nice work.

NetNerdy : This is about the first natural park in the distopian future

arbiter569 : Can you do the kitchen scene with the raptors, haha

Enclosed Pool Area : They were actually looking at John Cenas

Scott Strong : Reaching Garfield minus Garfield levels of marvelous.

TheLastThingWeNeed : "I spared every expense!"

Sean Harman : Their reactions make them look like they've been in an underground shelter for years and years and have just now come back to the surface

benracer : Jeff Goldblum shares my reaction to there being flawlessly no dinos

Solud Snak : Amazing vid!! Couldn't contain the laughter and had to watch it 3 or 4 times :D I noticed you missed the dino on the logo on the front of the jeep @0:40 seconds in though ;) But amazing job, please do more!

Harvy666 : White ppl on a new golf course :D

Harmony_Moon : Is this what dogs think when you take them to the park? Just absolutely excited about nothing but a field?

RaeLogan : "Welcome... To Park."

Christoffer Boman : John Williams' music sells the scene anyway. ;-)

Salad Fingers : When you finally exit your Vault-tec Vault

Carmen The Golden : It's perfect! however I'm a dog...

Kadngi : So does that mean the park itself goes on a murderous rampage?

Roger Su : A triumph of Post-Modernism

calathan : This clip shows the amazing power that Music has on a movie. Even though nothing was there, the music made everything so perfectly grande and epic.

Alexander Bemflenco : This is the single best thing I've seen since Garfield without Garfield.

Jeff The Ripper : they must be high on drug

Spent Lizard : They look like they're tripping balls just staring at trees.

Guitar Works \m/ : please do the kitchen raptor scene and the one with robert muldon XD

Jared Krichevsky : Missed the drivers hat

Robin D : Im gonna need the entire movie like this. Now

YRQRM0 : Brilliant

virtualpilot45 : When city-dwellers visit the countryside...

perkelepower : Hahahaha!

Bebopity : "Welcome, to...park" Wait, what? *rewinds**now gets the joke*

nem mate : could you make something similar with south park?

Kim Jum Un Productions : I thought this was going to be one of those meme videos... but what i got was something truly amazing lmao

Baccus93 : Compared to "Room," "Park" is huge.

Philip Zook : Did anyone see the dinosaur in the clouds ?

Pete Ainsworth : In 200 years time this might be how a scientist will behave when he sees green fields and some trees

Jelboo : City people enter the countryside for the first time.

Euskalbikoizketak : Well, this is how these scenes were shot in real life.

joehatrix : In a not so distant future when we blow up this world and all its left is a wasteland planet. In time the remaining human survivors flee to space. Decades later John Hammond recreates what the green world used to be like in this island. You know this is a great movie trailer and I gave you the plot.

TheGrayMysterious : "How'd you do this?" "I'll show you." *Takes them to a family-owned landscaping business in California*

Charley Deppner : Finally, a version truly worthy of a melodica score.

Larry Green : its a rare thing when I find a funny video that actually makes me burst into laughter. This was an unexpected gem to find late at night

Space Llama : this will be a real place in the future