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Ebon Kim : This is what I imagine how rich people act when they find a great spot for a new golf course.

Balenaproductions : If Gareth Edwards directed Jurassic Park

Roger Smith : To be fair, those are some awesome looking trees.

NetNerdy : This is about the first natural park in the distopian future

jumpsplat120 : Welcome.... to PARK.

cathartic555 : This is basically what people tripping on shrooms are like when they walk into a forest

TheLastThingWeNeed : "I spared every expense!"

Sean Harman : Their reactions make them look like they've been in an underground shelter for years and years and have just now come back to the surface

Sam Hodge : Excellent editing on the car's logo

Spent Lizard : They look like they're tripping balls just staring at trees.

Galvatron1117 : Genius; I was laughing my ass off. I'd like to see even more, hell I'd like to see an entire cut without the dinosaurs, where stuff inexplicably breaks down. Nice work.

DarthOliptius : Spielberg showing this footage to the studio, "don't worry, it'll look great in post!"

PoeticParadox : Someday in the future trees and clean water might be a rare sight

thekraken8him : I didn't know there was this much green in the whole galaxy...

arbiter569 : Can you do the kitchen scene with the raptors, haha

Obviously : You forgot to remove the giraffe at 1:28

RaeLogan : "Welcome... To Park."

Christoffer Boman : John Williams' music sells the scene anyway. ;-)

benracer : Jeff Goldblum shares my reaction to there being flawlessly no dinos

Enclosed Pool Area : They were actually looking at John Cenas

Kadngi : So does that mean the park itself goes on a murderous rampage?

Harmony_Moon : Is this what dogs think when you take them to the park? Just absolutely excited about nothing but a field?

Carmen The Golden : It's perfect! however I'm a dog...

calathan : This clip shows the amazing power that Music has on a movie. Even though nothing was there, the music made everything so perfectly grande and epic.

Jeff The Ripper : they must be high on drug

Scott Strong : Reaching Garfield minus Garfield levels of marvelous.

Harvy666 : White ppl on a new golf course :D

Solud Snak : Amazing vid!! Couldn't contain the laughter and had to watch it 3 or 4 times :D I noticed you missed the dino on the logo on the front of the jeep @0:40 seconds in though ;) But amazing job, please do more!

Salad Fingers : When you finally exit your Vault-tec Vault

Guitar Works \m/ : please do the kitchen raptor scene and the one with robert muldon XD

Roger Su : A triumph of Post-Modernism

Alexander Bemflenco : This is the single best thing I've seen since Garfield without Garfield.

Dragon Trove : Leslie Knope would be proud

Andy Brice : Leslie Knope approves.

Space Llama : this will be a real place in the future

wolfjedisamuel : How did you make a Jeff Goldblum!? It's...majestic!

virtualpilot45 : When city-dwellers visit the countryside...

NicCF : Those extinct trees? XD

Philip Zook : Did anyone see the dinosaur in the clouds ?

Robin D : Im gonna need the entire movie like this. Now

Péter Kotschy : How about the licence plate and the drivers baseball cap?

Nash Knight : Still more exciting than "The happening"

Jared Krichevsky : Missed the drivers hat

JustinsCorner Productions : I thought this was going to be one of those meme videos... but what i got was something truly amazing lmao

Euskalbikoizketak : Well, this is how these scenes were shot in real life.

JadeFoxAlpha : "Well, we've clocked the tree at zero miles an hour."

nem mate : could you make something similar with south park?

Bebopity : "Welcome, to...park" Wait, what? *rewinds**now gets the joke*

perkelepower : Hahahaha!

Daniel andDebby Garratt : That's acting folks!