The Making Of 'Gutter Oil'

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Most of China's 'gutter oil' winds up in cheap restaurants and among street food vendors. 这里是报道的粤语版 More Episodes Part 1: Inside an Illegal Slaughterhouse Part 3: Toxic Soil Part 4: Soured on Soy Milk More Information:

Comments from Youtube

swagmonster : excuse me, so they use SHIT to make FOOD?

iliketheodds : Kudos to China for recycling.

Appalled ByFurries : Such an exotic, fascinating culture!

KG UK : THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT SEIZE TONS OF THE LIQUID From illegal vendors...Then do what with it? Pour it down the drain!!! loooool

asdf : "all we can do is accept it" no man thats a terrible idea!

chetă rachetă aka KOT : Bizonacci brought me here

Hamguy Bacon : These people are absolutely disgusting. they would poison one another just to make some money. what a shitty place to live.

Christine Robakidze : i deeply regret clicking that link...

ckom0007 : Are you freekin' kidding me? The woman goes directly to a manhole cover, opens the sewer and hauls out putrid faith waste, in broad daylight and there are "government controlled food safety standards?" Give me a break. Cross China off my bucket list of countries I'd die to visit!

DerZeppterdesAldi : so if you visit china you have two options: die from hunger or die from poison...

Mr. Mediocre Gamer : I lived in Shenzhen for 6 years... Yup, no matter how hard you try, if you eat outside your home, sooner or later you will get violently ill after ingesting some gross gutter oil. As for the cheating each other... It's rampant... They will do anything, and I mean anything to increase their profits, no matter how disgusting or dangerous it is... But it's cool... every culture is equal and beautiful and I'm super happy that Vancouver has turned into China lite and soon their ways will be our ways... It's going to be super fun...

Eri : "Shit cooked chicken" and "Scat boiled fish"

wtfarockfish : I think I'm gonna be sick

Archie Vaisvila : 0:37 even the sound of it entering that barrel, *BLURGH*

Memboi : China is superpow-

MadNut321 : "I'd love to know where my food and products really come from... Time to do some in-depth research."

Scott Foster : Just breathing the air in China can kill you.

huxby : Every day think China couldn't possibly get more disgusting, and every day they go ahead and do just that.

xCestLaVie1 : All these dislikes are from Chinese people.

林デッビド : this is one of the oldest civilizations coming to a great fall

Lord Proteus : It's an inferior society.

Ed Boi : I try to view all races and nationalities equally, but when I see shit like this it becomes very difficult.

Manny Madrox : why are chinese so corrupt? they will lie, cheat, and steal from anybody for money. is that how they are brought up?


Jaw Ji : I find it funny my Chinese friends refuse to eat so many 'processed western foods' and won't use plastic cooking utensils because it is apparently unhealthy. But knowingly buy gutter oil and use it 3 meals a day, every day. I don't even get what cooking oil even does.

SchweinDuHund : why not use it as fuel instead?

Sophie : well excuse me while i begin projectile vomiting.....

cmdrchris971 : Remind me to bring my own food when I go to China.

Abril Carmona : So disgusting!! 😷😷

Garrett Hernandez : Uma delicia

Steve Bergen : They better sell it as dieselfuel, for trucks.

iMaMiL : The most dirtiest country..and also bring brings dirt to other country..

se7en : you can't trust anything made of china...

Anthony Rizzo : So much creativity there, it's too bad they use it to swindle each other instead of to benefit each other. All that oil could be used to power the masses of vehicles they now have all over their country. Too bad!

Scorp : how can you live with yourself knowing you're selling death to ppl

The Martin and Luis Show : Marty Mcfly at 2:30

bigburpboy : if it doesn't kill you, it will make u stronger. 

Doperooni : 2:28 MARTY GET BACK TO 1985!

cactu : 2:25 is that a hyouka magazine...?

Chris P. : You can also buy women as slaves there. They are smuggled in from Vietnam and sold by street slavers in China.

duocentillion : 2:23 "All we can do is accept it. In our current society, everybody tries to swindle everybody else. There's nothing we can do about it." That man sums it all up in just three sentences.

Mr Nakamura : all we can do is accept it, in our current society, everybody is trying to swindle everybody else.. there is nothing we can do... words from a person who does not care and advocate to change... keep it up china...trololololol

sнιтsтσмρ, тнε cαяεвεαя : SHILLING THROUGH MY BAGS IS MY GAME PLAN!

tjwoosta : China seems a lot like I imagine hell would be.. Populated with swarms of greedy, selfish, petty little creatures that seem friendly on the surface but try to take advantage of everyone and everything and would eat you alive as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

afw1250 : Boycott china...stop going to china.....gutter mentality!!

raveglory300 : Oh god. The sounds it makes when pouring...

Styxhexenhammer666 : There's something important here most people overlooked. When the last individual there said "everyone here tries to swindle everyone else" that's exactly how Soviet Russia was in the 70s and 80s right before it began experiencing early symptoms of collapse. Still think China will grow into a superpower? I have a dozen reasons they won't.

Pat Uszodi : Holy shit is that Marty McFly? 2:29

Ying Is Best Girl : Vinny sent me here from his Resident Evil Stream. Vinny. Why.