The Making Of 'Gutter Oil'

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KG UK : THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT SEIZE TONS OF THE LIQUID From illegal vendors...Then do what with it? Pour it down the drain!!! loooool

asdf : "all we can do is accept it" no man thats a terrible idea!

Jacob Jason : gutter oil. check industrial salt sold as table table salt check fake eggs. check fake plastic rice. check vintage meat. check fake noodles. check mud sold as pepper that goes with industrial salt. check baby formula that killed thousands. check fake Ginseng. check walnuts filled with cement. check bleached chicken legs with other yummy chemicals. check what the f should i eat if i ever end up in china? not even water and grass are safe. i will become a stickman there. anybody wants some vintage meat cooked in gutter oil. along with some fake rice or noodles. with and nice salt and pepper? also for breakfast. sunny side up?

AoLIronmaiden : I think the worst part is when the resident says that in their society "everyone tries to swindle one another." How can you truly improve a society when they don't give a fuck about anyone besides themselves?

iliketheodds : Kudos to China for recycling.

DerZeppterdesAldi : so if you visit china you have two options: die from hunger or die from poison...

Hamguy Bacon : These people are absolutely disgusting. they would poison one another just to make some money. what a shitty place to live.

The Martin and Luis Show : Marty Mcfly at 2:30

Christine Robakidze : i deeply regret clicking that link...

Jaw Ji : I find it funny my Chinese friends refuse to eat so many 'processed western foods' and won't use plastic cooking utensils because it is apparently unhealthy. But knowingly buy gutter oil and use it 3 meals a day, every day. I don't even get what cooking oil even does.

xCestLaVie1 : All these dislikes are from Chinese people.

swagmonster : excuse me, so they use SHIT to make FOOD?

Anthony Rizzo : So much creativity there, it's too bad they use it to swindle each other instead of to benefit each other. All that oil could be used to power the masses of vehicles they now have all over their country. Too bad!

wtfarockfish : I think I'm gonna be sick

Eri : "Shit cooked chicken" and "Scat boiled fish"

Mr. Mediocre Gamer : I lived in Shenzhen for 6 years... Yup, no matter how hard you try, if you eat outside your home, sooner or later you will get violently ill after ingesting some gross gutter oil. As for the cheating each other... It's rampant... They will do anything, and I mean anything to increase their profits, no matter how disgusting or dangerous it is... But it's cool... every culture is equal and beautiful and I'm super happy that Vancouver has turned into China lite and soon their ways will be our ways... It's going to be super fun...

Archie Vaisvila : 0:37 even the sound of it entering that barrel, *BLURGH*

SchweinDuHund : why not use it as fuel instead?

Steve Bergen : They better sell it as dieselfuel, for trucks.

Ed Boi : I try to view all races and nationalities equally, but when I see shit like this it becomes very difficult.

Bass Heller : China really needs reforms and to get rid of corruption, how do they manage to keep their country in this state?

Jeffrey Su : The part where the guy is loading up the redish looking barrels, and he speaks chinese, he says "where do you want me to put the barrel?", but the voiceover says "How can you eat this, if you eat this it can kill you!". Bad journalism on their part, but nonetheless revolting.

Manny Madrox : why are chinese so corrupt? they will lie, cheat, and steal from anybody for money. is that how they are brought up?

Lord Proteus : It's an inferior society.

Arturo N : Why do Chinese have such perverted morality? communism?

Fred W : They really need Jesus.

bigburpboy : if it doesn't kill you, it will make u stronger. 

Troy : Don't kid yourself, western food companies would do this if they could.

mja12685 : As a flight instructor with many Chinese students, I can attest to the filth of their culture. Infrequent showers, multiple days of the same clothes and no oral hi-gene. They would chain smoke and dump the ashes on the floor of their rented house. I once caught a fish at the airport pond and they begged me to keep it as they felt it came from a pristine lake. It was a pond full of runoff from spilt aviation fluids and the golf course next door. Filthy scum culture.

Styxhexenhammer666 : There's something important here most people overlooked. When the last individual there said "everyone here tries to swindle everyone else" that's exactly how Soviet Russia was in the 70s and 80s right before it began experiencing early symptoms of collapse. Still think China will grow into a superpower? I have a dozen reasons they won't.

Doperooni : 2:28 MARTY GET BACK TO 1985!

cactu : 2:25 is that a hyouka magazine...?

BadkinG : This isn't anything new. In a capitalistic state where profit is the sole drive for many companies, do you actually think complete sanitation is mentioned, let alone placed in action? As long as it tastes good, and have nutritional value, people WILL buy it. This is the phenomena known as the urban-cash nexus or nutrition transition. And yes, AMERICA is a CAPITALISTIC STATE.

Garrett Hernandez : Uma delicia

iMaMiL : The most dirtiest country..and also bring brings dirt to other country..

Mr Nakamura : all we can do is accept it, in our current society, everybody is trying to swindle everybody else.. there is nothing we can do... words from a person who does not care and advocate to change... keep it up china...trololololol

cmdrchris971 : Remind me to bring my own food when I go to China.

Bagaoisan Mulawin : I'll never buy food or anything made from china, that's for sure!!!!

Memboi : China is superpow-

Ai Xiao yu : Everyone, this is not normal oil in China this has always been illegal but people still did it, now I heard there's the death penalty for anyone using gutter oil. Nobody thinks this is ok, this is not the 'usual Chinese food'

datboiderrty : this is one of the oldest civilizations coming to a great fall

sнιтsтσмρ, тнε cαяεвεαя : SHILLING THROUGH MY BAGS IS MY GAME PLAN!

Fuadiansyah Samsuri : That country is so fucked up soo bad...

The King : China is the libertarian capitalist ideal.

Der Panda : The pinnacle of anarcho capitalism.

se7en : you can't trust anything made of china...

lv3000par : you can see many china citizen is leaving for better safer place. but we ignorant and still support and eat China products.. if you have a death wish, I think is should be alright?

Sophie : well excuse me while i begin projectile vomiting.....

Matti : Honestly the absurd and racist comments on this video, are just as disgusting as the gutter oil. You find bad people anywhere in the world, that doesn't mean EVERYONE is like that. There's problems all over the world, it doesn't mean I'll go around wanting to nuke your country, just because of those things. You might want to actually educate yourselves a bit more on China, and actually learn a bit about the world, before you make such ridiculous statements. It honestly amazes me how ignorant some people are. I'm afraid there's no country in the world that is perfect... Shocking, right?... Enough internet for today

Иван Иванов : When you think it can't get worse than Sopa de Macaco.