Rock Bottom | Finalist Tropfest 26 (2018) - 2nd Prize

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Scix : Onomatopoeia for when dreams die. Excellent line.

Daniel Nailand : Definitely my favourite.

Fred Bastien : Congrats! I've heard about your film through the Character Animator video! Very good.

Evgama : This film was a favourite amongst the crowd

Lisa Hansen : Sponge bob’s pet made a cameo I see.

Nikki Dixon : I subbed and turned on notifications!

Super Platypus : So brilliant I love the voice over

Artem B : Great work, guys!

sally delighted : i am going to overdose on hilarity endorphins! thank goodness for your educated SOH , my appreciation to everyone involved with this truly risky funny bus, so naughty is a grand relief. love and respect via southern australia 🤨😔🤷🏻‍♀️💕🙏🕊💌

maxxxie74 : Without a doubt, my favourite.

Hannah Leong : Legendary

GallifreyanFox42 : This needs to be a thing!

Michelle Teys : Hilarious!!

Patrick Gamble : I liked it but was a little shocked to discover bourbon is a yuppies drink. Bourbon and coke has been a big favorite amongst most males for the last 30+ years but then again I grew up in the Gong cheers