Gethard Gets Jury Duty

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neilcheeseburger : Maybe Greg can host?

Sam Raycraft : "I've worked here for a long time... I'm Greg"

sshuggi : Just tell them you know about jury nullification. They'll boot you and get a new juror.

TheIncredibleXander : This would only ever happen to you, Chris

John Connolly : Too late to call Paul and Jason again, huh?

The FuzzyDice Podcast : OMG I didn’t know Hugh Jackman had his own show.

arianna : we! want! greg!

Jim Stewart Cohen : Just bring like 20 people with you and when they call your name you have a Spartacus moment. By the time the seventh guy yelled "No I'm Chris Gethard!" they will have thrown you out faster than a really fast snake! Or prison!

jdtaormi : my left ear loved this video

tobyism : Either give Greg hosting duties, or send out a Mantzoukas Signal!

Mabsss33 : I WILL YOKE YOU UP!!!

Edward Kauffman : Chris is ready to skip jury duty, then he finds out Vacation Jason is the defendant. Booom!

anthony ramos : BANANA MAN!!!!

Edward Kauffman : Human Fish: Jury Duty vs Call Of Duty? Who wins?

Ben Holman : Jury Duty Vs. Season Premiere. Who wins?

Cosmo : This would happen to me for sure If I was a talkshow host 😂

hitch23213 : Just say youre racist or prejudiced in a highly publicized way so the court knows its not directly in response to jury duty

BNL07604 : I'll host for the night!! I'll do magical things with Q's chainsaw!!

KrAkEn : Dude, I almost got placed on a jury for a murder and dismemberment trial. I was literally sitting on the panel and was one of the last to be removed as a potential juror. hahahaha It might get worse man. It might get worse. But hey at least I have my certificate to prove I served and I can say I stood close to a convicted slasher. bahahaha (Yeah he was guilty AF)

The Fantastic Paul : It wouldn't be The Chris Gethard Show, if you were immune from being Selected for Jury Duty.

MiscellaneousSoup : I wish I could get jury duty.

Edward Kauffman : Join us tonight for an episode we call... Chris Goes To Jail For Ditching Jury Duty.

lynxminx4 : When they ask you if you've ever been the victim of a crime, say yes. You'll be out of there as soon as that round is over.

Kevitivity : If you live in Los Angeles, you can just throw it in the trash. Thats what my neighbors do. Personally, I'm with Greg.

Chris Spinney : I know who Greg is, He is Greg Dorris he opened for Mike Birbiglia a few times.

Chris Thompson : In my county you can request a deferral. I think you can get 2, after that, you better lawyer up.

chickark gaming : Hey Chris watching your episode do I have to call for a car

Wendy Mac : so????

Samuel_L_Windu : I'll host the show! I have some sick days to use up

Travis Nichols : YOU BE NICE TO GREG. He is a sweet man who cares deeply about our Republic.

John Liener : came here for Greg. wasn't disappoint.

Winstan : Just say you know the criminal

NezihBouali : The ending scared me

mqL49J : Fuckin Greg.

Oscar Thompson : Not now Greg

shunkela : Dang.

Jamir Soup : Oh man....that sucks hahaha XD XD Can't wait for the show though lol

danman1012 : I mean how hard is to actually do something to help the system, god forbid. This video just encourages more people to not take the system seriously. I'll begin a boycott for your show and forward this to local news so they know and can help.

Lewbawee : This is what God made anarchy hats for. You're not going to be selected for jury duty if you go in with your anarchy hat on.