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Viix Vega : ...and wouldn't you know it, I liked this video.

Immortal Android : You're like a modern Seinfeld, finding the gaps in society. Never stop being you, man👉🏻😎👉🏻

Steven Parker : So... why does everyone cough after they eat fast food?

Oi M8 : The voice, the hidden camera glasses, drinking the pepto bismol straight from the bottle. I like you and very much enjoy your content.

Rachel K : you know? I mentally ask myself the same thing when I go to Sushi restaurants.

Trid : cheap wooden cutlery for cheap wooden food

Xycron : Youre solving the worlds REAL problems

Life is Amazing : They call em chop sticks, but they can't chop anything! ZING!

German Rodriguez : Shit, now I really want to know why we get the cheap ones

puvman : But why not non disposable wooden chopsticks? I have to say though, the disposable ones have better grip, so I guess for us Americans who didn't grow up using them daily, they're better??

Zuzanna Helena : You probably could bring your own chopstick. But then you would be the idiot who brings his own chopsticks

Willow Cote : You should make a series about this stuff people don’t understand. Ps. I do prefer metal chopsticks

Gurl on Girl-Gaming : How about that, I actually learned something. Teach us more random things with a hard-boiled noir voice over!