Ecosia, the search engine that plants trees

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Repink : i planted 25 trees just by looking up memes i'm so proud of myself

Sev blau : Good clip! I found you some month ago and its a great thing! Sustainability and care for the environment is now more important than ever before! Keep up the great work, Ecosia!

Aquila Latin : Started a couple weeks ago-I have 177 trees! That's what happens when university students use it! :D Positive business ethics-I have to support that :)

Exilon0193 : I actually disabled the Adblock just for Ecosia.

Jet Fang : Are you guys hiring? I absolutely love the idea of mixing ecology with technology!

Ekbal Hussain : This is a fantastic idea and a very smart business model. Will change to this on all my platforms

Maxime Allard-Valade : 386 trees! :D

Malachi Bryant : I really like this idea.

buzzabout : I've had Ecosia as my default search engine almost as long as I've had internet access. Currently helped plant 626 trees without any effort on my part. That's nice to know. :)

The Way : All my school using it keep up the good work

loopy4laughs : I have set Ecosia as my default search engine and will tell all my family and friends to do so and will share the message across social media. What a brilliant idea!

Natt Frayne' : This is the best idea ever! I've already planted 111 trees...and counting!

Aquila Latin : Also, if you guys don't have it already, it would be really cool if there was some kind of "leader board" for the tree counters-it would bring the community together and make it fun!

CHANELL BARBIIE : this is amazing, I am switching from Google!

Off the Grid : Great idea, thank you for sharing.

Antonio Thomas : Nice work!

semi-professional tree-hugger : Very nice video! :) And it was especially cool to see you guys in person, seems like a really great team behind a really great project. Keep it up!! ^_^

Ares Brandon 1997 : Beautiful idea !!!

T S : Ecosia is one of the best things that has ever happened in the history of mankind (ofc hyperbole). I love this search engine!

Cláudia Almeida : This is so fantastic !

PK : LOVE this site

Yìp o.0 : I'm gonna share this idea on thumbs up :)

Callum Mightytree : Yess! This is amazing <3 And it's also now my default search engine! ^^ I've shared this to my friends, too, this deserves more people acknowlaging it.

Bhagyajit Dalei : i planted 321 trees

Valarian : Great idea, but i found Fair Adblock more convenient. No relation with them tho.

Nghi Nguyễn : This is really awesome, Ecosia team! Love your works!

frijolitois : Wow esto es increible, no puedo creerlo que hasta ahora me e cuenta de esto, es una grandiosa idea, asi de facil es ayudar, me parece fabulosa esta idea. Desde Colombia los apoyo y animo.

teatreetreaty : Most creative idea EVER. Wow :D

Oliver Martin de la Llama : The first example is a bit misleading as that looks like a natural dessert and does not necessarily need to be reforested. Places that do need to be reforested are natural jungles that have been cut down by loggers.

Deven Abhyankar : Thank you so much Ecosia, I am inviting all my friends through facebook to use ecosia as default search engine & I already changed mine to ecosia, Let's make world little better.

Elissey : Ok...but that kind of trees do they plant? It wouldn't surprise me if they just plant Eucaliptus and Pine tree. How do we know that what you're planting it won't be cut and sold to big industries?

InkTundra aka PoisonDagger : This is stupid. People should be planting trees no matter if you search on this search engine.

mangomotion76 : LOVE IT Esp. the idea to help planting Africas green belt project - and the beginning social impacts to the communities arrount the new woods: just use it, LOVE 💚 IT, I do :) #socent #socialimpact #reforestation #globalgoals #dogood #best #trendsetters

Vastrix : Remember 80% of it's *profits* that's all the money they make - operating costs.. Or at least that should be the case.. - According to their Business Report(June) they made *173 820€* - operating costs(60 859€) = *112 961€(Profits)* 80% of that is *90 368.8*, That's how much they should've donated yet for some reason they only donated 54 000..? -_- I'm not an accountant but looks like they "forgot" to donate 36 369€.. - Also they stopped giving out business reports since June it seems... odd

Bizarre Is The New Black. : Amazing idea, I'm going to try and get it as the default search engine at my school on all of the computers :) keep up the awesome work.

Beka Sukhitashvili : I have already planted 317 trees!

Halid Güneş : If I watch youtube videos does number of the palanted tree increase

Will Eckerle : How can I get Ecosia as my default browser on the Chrome app?

Cods Ekret : bien gentil

Gianfranco Meza : love it.

Ash : This is such an amazing idea- changing my default browser right now and sending this video to everyone! Good luck for the future <3

ALF V WARRIOR : Yeah adopted (y) ... please beautiful people, GO VEGAN !

Mattéô : Super projet, bravo !

Reuben Dziubinski-Searle : Did anyone else just randomly search something just to plant a tree? Haha

Jayden Myers : Wait, from desert to forest? Wouldn't that destroy the wildlife habitats in the desert? When you think about it, deserts are needed.

EpicCraft1997 : How are you going to keep up with the demand of planting trees when more and more people start using it ?

Abel Assjer : Don't worry, its not like bing, its looks very close to google

Chris Theisen : never thought i'd say this but WHO THE F&%$ NEEDS GOOGLE! #ECOSIA4LIFE #Thankyou

Hilda Richey : You need to make captions in English also for the benefit of deaf and hard of hearing people. Thanks.

a : omfg I just grew a tree by googling pornhub ;')