Anthony Bourdain (prior to No Reservations) visits chef Ramsay's restaurant in UK

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Comments from Youtube

Lionel Raoul : I love Bourdain looks half his current age and Ramsay looks exactly the same. He's like a vampire.

Ghost of Sisyphus : its interesting how people react to this video especially with how out of context the comments are. The filming took place in 2000-2001. At the point in time the restaurant had only been opened for three years. Gordon was nowhere near as popular as he is now.

Ulrich Enevoldsen : why do I always end up watching food programs when I am hungry. stupid now I am just even more hungry

frootjooce : Everyone knows that Gordon Ramsay was better than Marco. But everyone also knows that's only because Marco taught him too well.

Flat Earth is Retarded : Anthony Bourdain said the braised beef was one of the best meals he ever ate. Marco you trained him well.

LvI28Larvitar : Anthony Bourdain: some reservations

Joe Schmoe : How much would a meal like that cost?

flowerchica01 : Tiny meals. Something I'll never understand.

CAMZAB : Bourdain is the only skinny guy I trust to talk about food.

Michael Gorman : Looks superb, and unlike a lot of 'posh' restaurants the portions are at least adequate -i hate those pretentious 'nouveu' cuisine joints where you get a scrap of food on a half acre white plate!

TubbyTimmy : Anthony eats like a farmer...

TheDatingLab : They look so young

badum dadum : The only way Anthony knows how to start an explanation? "Oh YEAH~" Jizzes in pants

90'sArcadeFighter : I must admit, every single course looks gorgeous! 

madisonelectronic : this must be old cause ramsey still had a face.

puffpuffyogi : two bad MF's right there.

Crispy Bacon : I love both of those guys. I have nothing but respect and awe. I've spent 20 years working my way up through kitchens, even leased my own place for four years. It would be an honor to work with either of them.

Ian Matthews : amazing how bourdain's description of that consomme with caviar made it sound so unpalatable .. 'little fish eggs floatin' around in there, ohohohoh yeaahhh baby' 

Ice Aquino : Two of my favorite chef in one episode ... sooo happy :) and it's part of my bucket list to be able to eat at one of Ramsay's resturants :)

elijah charbonneau : Love Anthony's old New Yoyk accent!

Eddy Que : the days when ramsay worked in kitchens n bourdain had styled hair

Mike Hardy : "xtraodnary"

KingBastardCobra : bourdain looks like hes on some pbs show

chuchuchuchia : Ramsay and Bourdain lookin like yungbluds

93joeanthony : Some people just look the same way throughout their life ... My dad def doesn't do Botox lol but people he hasn't seen in 25 years always comment on how he looks exactly the same

Andromeda : Anthony looks like a young mickey rourke here lol

D H : greatness recognizes greatness

Wk193 : That creepy waiter would spoil my meal any day.

Callum H : 3:10 gross nails


Alexander : people were young..

Cara Chapina : Did everyone see the cook's fingernails at 3:10? They are disgusting...I wouldn't want him preparing my food. :(

Catwatching : Tall chefs.....they have to stoop down for 14hr. shifts.

MCalder8 : "Extraordinary" x20

Adron Goddard : Great British Menu winner Paul Ainsworth at 0:49

Christopher Dowd : Hes complimenting Ramsey, nothing more. The public always has the wrong spin.

Tom McRand : aw they're both so sweet

Adrian Giordano : Admirable miro los programas y es impecable

Andrew : wow those portion sizes are tiny, and I bet it was mad expensive

john smith : after this visit his bank account got bigger haha

arunprasath shankar : two greats!

Andy Wilderness : It's entertaining when people who don't know what they're talking about try to pretend they know what they are talking about. I'm looking at you everyone in this comment section.

HachiZenki : This was Tony's first show, A Cook's Tour.

rembad : What year is this from? They both look so young!

Brian Landry : SO OLD SCHOOL

robert clark : No

Carlos Jesena : Where?

feelcarlos : the people just don't read the damn title

Janića Crezovinćo : The other answer would be to enjoy life to the fullest while you're young and not worry about how you'll look physically in the years to come, but I guess it just all comes down to personal views on how a life should be lived, so each to his own.