Anthony Bourdain (prior to No Reservations) visits chef Ramsay's restaurant in UK

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onmissions 2323 : Judging by the comments you ppl must not realize this was gordons first restaurant he opened himself. This was way back before kitchen nightmares or hells kitchen. And this isnt even no reservations. This is from "a cooks tour". It was also bourdains first show ever. Damn i miss this gordon

Lionel Raoul : I love Bourdain looks half his current age and Ramsay looks exactly the same. He's like a vampire.

TubbyTimmy : Anthony eats like a farmer...

Ghost of Sisyphus : its interesting how people react to this video especially with how out of context the comments are. The filming took place in 2000-2001. At the point in time the restaurant had only been opened for three years. Gordon was nowhere near as popular as he is now.

Ulrich Enevoldsen : why do I always end up watching food programs when I am hungry. stupid now I am just even more hungry

flowerchica01 : Tiny meals. Something I'll never understand.

Something is happening here but you don't know what : Anthony Bourdain said the braised beef was one of the best meals he ever ate. Marco you trained him well.

frootjooce : Everyone knows that Gordon Ramsay was better than Marco. But everyone also knows that's only because Marco taught him too well.

LvI28Larvitar : Anthony Bourdain: some reservations

badum dadum : The only way Anthony knows how to start an explanation? "Oh YEAH~" Jizzes in pants

CAMZAB : Bourdain is the only skinny guy I trust to talk about food.

madisonelectronic : this must be old cause ramsey still had a face.

TheDatingLab : They look so young

Andy Wilderness : It's entertaining when people who don't know what they're talking about try to pretend they know what they are talking about. I'm looking at you everyone in this comment section.

Joe Schmoe : How much would a meal like that cost?

Ice Aquino : Two of my favorite chef in one episode ... sooo happy :) and it's part of my bucket list to be able to eat at one of Ramsay's resturants :)

Andrew : wow those portion sizes are tiny, and I bet it was mad expensive

puffpuffyogi : two bad MF's right there.

john smith : after this visit his bank account got bigger haha

Wk193 : That creepy waiter would spoil my meal any day.

Crispy Bacon : I love both of those guys. I have nothing but respect and awe. I've spent 20 years working my way up through kitchens, even leased my own place for four years. It would be an honor to work with either of them.

Eddy Que : the days when ramsay worked in kitchens n bourdain had styled hair

KingBastardCobra : bourdain looks like hes on some pbs show

Damoskinos : This guy is getting a free meal paid for on Company expenses

u2good2b4gotn : Gordon actually WORKS at one of his restaurants?

Andromeda : Anthony looks like a young mickey rourke here lol

Mike Hardy : "xtraodnary"


elijah charbonneau : Love Anthony's old New Yoyk accent!

Z L : The dessert guy's nails are dirty,?! How could that be in G.Ramsey's restaurant..

CHRISTIAN BENGS : 3:10 Schmutzige Hände in der Küche und das bei einem Sternekoch ist ja wohl der Hammer.

Alexander : people were young..

chuchuchuchia : Ramsay and Bourdain lookin like yungbluds

Ricopolico : The food, or as has become common to call it, the product is too fussy - too far removed from its essence.

haywood jeblome : I bet you that wierd stuff wasnt as good as a philly cheesesteak.

MCalder8 : "Extraordinary" x20

Adron Goddard : Great British Menu winner Paul Ainsworth at 0:49

Camillus Damian : it would be good if Anthony become the guest judge in MasterChef US

Dan Alon : is it me or does Anthony seem to have speech lessons since this video was pubished?

Deaf Dolan : if i was rich i would love to hire Ramsey I love the guy me love his attitude and his food speaks for its self.

HachiZenki : This was Tony's first show, A Cook's Tour.

John Smith : The human body simply does not need all that food in one sitting. This is greed.

Michael Gorman : Looks superb, and unlike a lot of 'posh' restaurants the portions are at least adequate -i hate those pretentious 'nouveu' cuisine joints where you get a scrap of food on a half acre white plate!

Xavier Jones : that beef dish is genius

rembad : What year is this from? They both look so young!

Matt Tracy : Did I miss the part where the two actually met??

Larry E : The only thing about wild strawberries -- they have almost no flavor. I have them growing in my yard. However, maybe they're not in that dessert for flavor -- maybe they're for texture, for scent, for whatever delicate flavor they might have, etc.

Catwatching : Tall chefs.....they have to stoop down for 14hr. shifts.

Brian Landry : SO OLD SCHOOL

D H : greatness recognizes greatness