HISS vs NaPoM | Grand Beatbox SHOWCASE Battle 2017 | FINAL

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NaPoMBeatbox : Big up to hiss! One of the craziest battles I've ever had!

Johnray069 : 7:05 pewdiepie spotted 😂😂😂

Krister Mikal : 4:08 What the heck!?!?!?! 6:07 *WHAT THE HEEEECK?!???!*

mark jiao : 6:04 best part! he walks then the beat drops! it feels like he entered the God mode

Человек Животное : Кто прочитал мой комментарий тот явно русский, базарю

swishbeatbox : it took me 8 minutes to realize that I'm not watching porn

linkinqueens97 : 3:09 beatness checking if he can roll like napom in the crowd lol

Ruslan Huseynov : 2:45 hiss dead THE BEST MOMENT WOW

Pro at Everything : Can someone plz name the trick hiss did at 4:07

Larps : napom has the same haircut as my history teacher. "The Slav"

ALEM : Big RESPECT for this Final ⚡ ⚡

Srijita Bhattacharya : Dip destroyed in the 1st round but napom just collects the drops and makes a ocean and drowns his opponent....he is the beatbox king

CyLordsRBLX : 3:32 Lol that judges reaction though???

SeeMestr. ln : 6:04 GOD MOD ON

Aot Levi : The first guy changed my perspective on EVERYTHING!! And 3:58. Made me laugh way to hard!

Swissbeatbox : Hello Notification Squad! Who is here for the final? Esh!

Hassaan Mujtaba : My mouth felt dry after watching this video

Edward Du : How is that mic not covered in spit?

Not so MLG Person : 3:32 Gene quadruple chin activated

Prove it! : What song Napom sing at @5:05

Swissbeatbox : Congratulations to NaPoM!! "The Monkeyking" is the new Grand Beatbox Battle 2017 Champion. You deserve it so much! Big up for HISS as well! What level of beatbox you showed us in your battles this year is truly amazing!! You will reach big things in the future for sure! Love to all people who are supporting all our artists. We love you all! WE LOVE BEATBOX!

Karma Akabane : I cant get tired of watching this

Mohamed Al Jakhbeer : في عرب !؟😂😂💔

VaishnavGuitar : anyone noticed, dharni wasthe judge

박근우 : 한국인인사람

Shaun The Sheep : 6:07 RIP Hiss

Aur_a -Tone : When I saw Hiss flip off napom I was like HA GOTTTIE

Erdem Akyüz : better than 2018 final

Ink Master : Better than 2018 finals imo

Batmanrules 24680 : My Favourite battle!👏🤘💞

Not the Krusty Krab : Hiss still has many years to become champ...but taking 2nd in his debut AND he's 16, I guess its the hair...


ElectroSkill [RJM] : 3:30 - The Best Part - Самая Лучшая Часть

твой фанат : 0:45 вообще пипец азиат круче

Ranka Subu : Watched it for 50 times now xD probably gonna watch it 100 times too

Andrew Yenney : Such an insane battle! HISS on the come up and NaPoM evolving into an unstoppable beast

Endless Playz : I like Hiss's beat better

Bimla Thapa : That's like napom u can roll like this like

IsamU 93 : Napom 🔥🔥🔥

Happy Go : 7:20 NAPOM TURNED GAY

Akashi Seujuuro : hiss and napom use the same helmet😂😂

Manav Jaison : I always thought 'NaPom' and 'Hiss' were beat-boxing style. :joy: :joy:

Rohan Rajak : Best beatbox ever

Sw ay : Hole she Napom is the BEST like legit on the end🔥🔥

Anang _toon : Also 5:52 damn so fast

Rick Ushiroda : who can believe that he is 16 years old


Pinkie : 7:19 napom having a mental breakdown

Surjo Chowdhury : Napom is the power full beatboxer

Ручной Карась : hiss the best))