The Chromosome Crusaders

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chame17 : Holy fuck I lost it with that wig. TERF shoe0nhead would like to speak to the manager.

Blaire White : TERFs are a very particular, special type of cancer.

Emily Evans : I made my Twitter before I knew about TERFs so I have XX in my username. I feel dirty.

Andrew Reid : TERFs: trans men are trying to avoid female hardships also TERFs: trans women are trying to reap female benefits

Bryn Jackson : My top surgery alone was nearly $9,000 and I *_still_* haven't gotten my pay rise or 'get out of patriarchy free' card yet! Do I need to grow my beard longer or something? I'm starting to feel a bit ripped off here!

Leedle Beatle : You aren't supposed to speak about the Vagina Gold. Dammit Shoe, it's the first rule of Vagina Gold ownership!!

Sargon of Akkad : TERFs are proof that female privilege exists. And the autistic screeching is hilarious.

Jack Langman : Terfs are the feminists of feminism

Will P : These people confuse me, trans men are evil because they want privilege, but trans women are evil because they want privilege. Discuss.

Niko_The_Egoist : Does anybody else get weird Marxist vibes when they call each other "sister?" It reminds of the characters in 1984 calling each other "comrades."

Rob W : Transsexual Extirpating Retarded Feminazi


ShinyUmbreon : Uh-- Transwomen CAN breast feed-- They-- They realize that right? They realize estrogen is one hell of a drug.

Ashley Johansson : SJWs don't realize that if gender was a social construct then transgender people wouldn't exist.

Bojan Dimovski : wait is james charles a terf

Timidly Tender : Omigod everytime she *REEEEE’s* my depression is cured just a little bit more.

Godot : I like women’s rights but I prefer handjobs with the left

Emmaleigh Norton : Lmao my bf got called a TERF the other day and he legit just fired back with "How would I be against trans people? I'm one of them" (he started transitioning about a year or so ago)

Heroshii15 : "A penis can never be female." Y'know, unless you're speaking French.

Walterenmanuel Nuñez Gonzalez : JoJo's Bizzarre Adventure: Chromosome Crusaders

Fabian : On another note, as a transgender man who've transitioned I've basically gotten worse and worse treated. Only better by the ones who scream "bro" at me liKE I'M PIECE OF MEAT and like young guys at stores who take for granted that I actually know my stuff now lol. No, but seriously, I think young women often actually get taken more seriously than young men at least, because people seem to think young men/guys just are some boys who play video games and watch porn all day and know nothing about life, so ya...

Beowulf : FYI you get your honorary patriarchy card when you pass the “half way point” it doesn’t give all the benefits as a full member but you still benefits. Such as full pay, cheaper products, and the glass escalator.

Lord SulKing the Destroyer : rejoice fellow brothers the evil women will not take our gold

Prussian Junker : A trans person? Living a normal life? NOT IN MY RADICAL FEMINIST RALLY!

Osama Bin Banging Your Mum : "they do not... hail from a divine feminine". Damn, all the male demi-gods out there with gods for mums are screwed.

Memland 02 : Feminists being the heaviest subject has a double meaning

Monster Fueled : June knows a lot about chromosomes cause she has so many!

DragonArtstudioINC : Legit just saw an ad supporting the pink tax on your video. Feminism in unlikely places.

Ivonne Rodriguez : I have a need for a button of Shoe's (REEEEEEEEEEE) screech.

Kieran Brennan : Chromosome Crusaders? Good thing I have three

Brad Starnes : "Feminists being the heaviest, of course." Well, obviously.

NiceGuyVsAsshole : Every REEEEEEEEE terrified my cats...

Johnny Scissors : It really is funny how all the transgender controversies are pretty much exclusively about MtF. Almost like a smaller group of the FtM are being entirely ignored and under represented. Naaaaah a group allegedly about representing the unrepresented wouldn't do that

Antonio : *tUrF iS a SlUr* R E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E

Juicy Pickle : I think we men should be feminists as well, because let's be honest, they won't get far without our help.

FABULOG : After the TURF, then the SWURF, then the SMURF.


Thomas : A terf came to my campus. She said that trans women support gender roles and that is oppressive because gender roles were invented by the patriarchy to oppress women, and that women who like gender roles are brainwashed. I dont see why she couldnt just apply that logic and say that trans women are also brainwashed..but whatever, shes a terf, they dont have logic.

Draconic Duelist : I love Shoe's Pterodactyl Screech!


Frost • : Just found your channel, sorry to see you have been unable to afford a camera since 2009.

MiaLeht : *T H I N N*

Johan Uskrup : My biology teacher(he's an idiot) once told all his classes that women were smarter than men because they had more chromosomes, my principal, who is a woman btw, fired him for teaching us untrue things a few days after the class complained to the dean. So, I guess that's karma.

Matthew Talbot-Paine : So there is a turf war between terfs and feminists?

Guaire Dickson : "They just want the superficial benefits of a social construct" Yet you march about being treated less in society, yea in sure the trans people are doing it to have what you consider to be less rights


Sock Badger : The more sinister and evil branch of feminism? You mean it gets worse than what we know? D: Time to drop explosive pianos from orbit onto all of everywhere.

Liam S : I'm FTM I'll let ya know when I get my patriarchy card

Matthew Ward : love everything I've seen of yours so far, but you are so way off on 'traditional conservatives' hating trans ppl...Like any group of ppl we of course have the idiotic haters who just claim to be one of us to excuse their hatred (KKK claiming they were justified by Christianity a prime example) As a whole most ppl against the trans movement are against the movement not the trans ppl themselves. We simply dont think its a good idea to take a known mental condition, change its definition without any scientific evidence to back that change and then push them to get surgeries that have been shown to change the astronomical suicide rate of ppl suffering from this condition 0% The actual hate is more focused on how this movement is used to silence us and to try and force ppl to deny facts, while doing nothing to help the ppl suffering from gender dysphoria.

JanicaZz : Thank you for this vid shoe. I don't often watch ur vids but happened to stumble upon this one. I havent heard anything about these TERF's and I hope I wont hear more lol. They don't seem to understand that gender dysphoria is a disorder and not someones personal choice.