The Chromosome Crusaders

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chame17 : Holy fuck I lost it with that wig. TERF shoe0nhead would like to speak to the manager.

Ryan M. : Lost it at the “Wonder if they drive better” My week has been made

Ari Alucard : The thumbnail <3

1337m4n : It is good to see that SJWs and anti-SJWs can come together united by their mutual hatred of TERFs.

Garchompy _ : "they almost always have "XX" in their name" you know who else have "XX" in their name? "_xX420Pu$$y_$layer69Xx_"


Macimayee _ : 0:30 no one is gonna talk about the little coffee spirt that added awesome dramatic effect? 😂😂😂😂

Okami Kitsune : I agree with the video completely, as a trans guy I'm little upset at the comments section but hey what you gonna do

BassAutomotive : The tweet "Trans women are males. they do not bear childre, breastfeed-" They had me until this point. the fuck is a divine feminine and how does one hail from it? asking for a friend.

GGGAMES : On a scale to 1 ta 9 what's your favourite chromosome

sami : 0:30 me when shoe posts a new video

Lance : I think so-called "TERFs" are entirely rational within the doctrine of feminism. Feminism is crazy and not something I agree with but they are right in saying a penis can never be female.

Zach Usher : "They just want the superficial benefits of a social construct but don't bear the stripes." --??????? WHAT social benefit? I thought women were oppressed and had to suffer ASTRONOMICALLY more than men (if men ever REALLY suffer at all. Apparently we don't). So which is it, you dumb C&%# ??????????????

MsBrendalina : I think June's bias on this issue has hindered her mental/intellectual faculties. It was intellectually dishonest for June to paint all TERFs as irrational and evil without at least acknowledging the fact that many trans-activists use the term TERF to justify threatening biological females with rape and violence. Trans-women have committed more violent acts against TERFs than vice versa. This is a fact that June has to be aware of if she did more than ten seconds of research. Though, considering her heavy bias on this issue, it wouldn't surprise me if her "research" for this video consisted entirely of visits to sites with names like "" and "" Also, TERF is often used as a slur to tar anyone who states simple scientific reality as a bigot. I have seen Blaire White get labeled a TERF simply because Blaire believes that there are only two genders and that trans-women are biologically male. And this is true for pretty much EVERY trans person who acknowledges biological reality and/or defends the rights of biological females to have their own spaces where they are free to exclude biological males. Hell, June might technically be a TERF herself because she once refuted Riley Dennis' claim that lesbians are obligated to suck the cocks of trans-women (though June might have changed her stance on this after being blue-pilled into believing that non-binary is a real gender. :P) Trans activists have also bullied medical conferences into not using the scientifically accurate names of body parts because the word "vagina" might trigger a tranny (so they recommend using disgusting, childish euphemisms like "front hole"). Granted, not all transgender people participate in this nonsense. But a large contingent of the trans community are doing things that are so heinous and ridiculous that many women (feminists and anti-feminists alike) are being pushed onto the TERF train. In this video, June painted all trans critical feminists as literal monsters without examining their arguments critically. When it comes to this subject, she is no better than the college cry-bullies who claim that every opinion they don't like is "hate speech" and that every person to the right of Bernie Sanders is a "literal NAZI".

Rinverse : JUNE. I fucking love you.

Unapologetic Pagan : I've got bad news for those Turfs. You don't menstruate with the phases of the moon. That's a myth based on wishful thinking that your vagina is directly in commune with a divine power.

Joseph Gold : All of these morons using the empathy argument pushing for trans pronouns-- you can't demand someone adhere to your perceptions without respecting theirs first; to them you are a man not a trans woman. Respect and empathy goes both ways. Pronoun pushing trans and trans supporters are outright bullies.

Dindunuffin : You give trans people WAY too much credit to their struggles. In today's environment they don't have to be "really" diagnosed with gender dysmporphia. Most transition becuase it's trendy. Hardly any of them get their dick snipped. And as far as friends/family goes again not when it's trendy. I worked with a trans woman who constantly had her ass kissed, everyone walked on egg shells around her, and would claim she had PMS to get out of work and pass it on to me. Being trans isn't fucking hard at all in 2017. No harder than it is to be anyone else. You go where people will accept you and the majority of people accept trans.

Nighjackal : Wow you're really good at REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEing.

Pie Pivotmontier-O : i lost all of my chromosomes :o(

HeadphonesLady : Question to TERF's (and anyone else who doesn't agree with Transgender people): How do you feel about adoptions? Because they aren't biologically part of the family, and the only reason to treat them as such (like call them by the family's last name) is their feelings. Biologically, you can't change families.

chris : LORD i've had the misfortune of communicating with these retards before. radfems have accused me of being a fake lesbian or pretending to be a girl online just bc i refuse to hate men and i support trans people (as long as they're actually trans and not just transtrenders) ily june

Mirren Kelly : Telling Everyone Real Facts

Atticus : the amount of people defending terfs in the comments are annoying

The Outsider : The great Passive Aggression has begun. These are turbulent times, friends.

Donny Lurch : Waiter: How would you like your lolcow prepared tonight, monsieur? Me: I want to try the SWERF & TERF.

Γιαννης Καραγκιοζιδης : Sexy thumbnail

Adam Carlson : people joke about feminism being a religion, but this is just ridiculous. Should someone investigate to see if there's an actual cult behind this? This talk about sisterhood and flowing in flux with the universe. I'm genuinely concerned and amused at the same time! Shall we risk this rabbit hole?

Rui de Cas : I'd like to like TERFs but they seem to hate me, a white straight man, even more than they hate trans people. Which is sad. Why can't we bigots just get along? :(

some guy without a name : Was about to comment on a silly video. *sees notification *clicks it almost by reflex

Matthew Barcelo : "They just want the superficial benefits of a social construct but don't bare the stripes" you mean like feminists?!?!?!

Bojan Dimovski : holy shit this is monetized

Mastodon : "a penis can never be female", boy do i have the website for you

Nathalia Archer : I got called a TERF by a poor misguided, ideologically possessed person 'cause I dared to react to a video on YouTube of dragqueens with pornstar names teaching little boys in dresses to dance like strippers in front of grown men for actual dollar bills. Last time I checked dragqueens where not trans, this a clear example of bad parenting and I'm not a Feminist. But oh well..

__ : When do I get my goddamn patriarchy card?! Us bloody tranny dudes are missing out on our patriarchy cards!

Dom1118 : *ARE PEOPLE TRANS OR MALE AND FEMALE?* "Trans" is being used here like it's a new, separate sex.

Danielle Anastasia : TERFs, Antifa, BLM, KKK, Neo Nazis, many groups do they need for the same bullshit mentality?

TheIronAntelope : You do the best rheeeeeees

noxteryn : You should also talk about political lesbianism. It's very closely related to SWERFs and TERFs.

Sargon of Akkad : TERFs are proof that female privilege exists. And the autistic screeching is hilarious.

NotQuiteLucid : butt cancer lol

Ash Awesome : 1:04 I no longer have ears

LilyBear _ : There is no fucking way that I got an add about women reading letters telling them they couldn’t go to college from 1919.

Chandrian : I enjoy your videos, however the ear rapes are cringe and overall cancer.

Weedough - Second Acc : Do y'all mind if I *RESPECT WOMEN*?

Jack Millar : I dislike the hatred terfs demonstrate but they ate actually making more logical points than intersectional feminists. Trans men and women will never experience what it's like to be biologically the sex they desire to be. Also at least they consistently hate all men not just straight white ones lol. I can't stand terfs either

Myestro 13 : What's the name of the song in the end?

kixxter : Why am I just finding out about this channel? Where have you been all my life?

Jaiya Papaya : I actually got a feminist ad on this video... Wow.

wumblebum : The TERF rhetoric is essentially "TERF is a slur" *proceed to constantly call trans people all kinds of slurs*