The Chromosome Crusaders

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chame17 : Holy fuck I lost it with that wig. TERF shoe0nhead would like to speak to the manager.

Godot : I like women’s rights but I prefer handjobs with the left

sami : 0:30 me when shoe posts a new video

BassAutomotive : The tweet "Trans women are males. they do not bear childre, breastfeed-" They had me until this point. the fuck is a divine feminine and how does one hail from it? asking for a friend.

Fudge's quality aids *Remastered edition* : It's TERF or nothing.

Andrew Reid : TERFs: trans men are trying to avoid female hardships also TERFs: trans women are trying to reap female benefits

gabe norman : extra thicc

Donny Lurch : Waiter: How would you like your lolcow prepared tonight, monsieur? Me: I want to try the SWERF & TERF.

Mastodon : "a penis can never be female", boy do i have the website for you

kixxter : Why am I just finding out about this channel? Where have you been all my life?

Trent Bailey : I’m so glad that someone not a guy can see with bullshit in modern feminism.

Atticus : the amount of people defending terfs in the comments are annoying

Ted Logan : So, I always wondered about feminism that claims gender is a social construct, but somehow still females are oppressed... does nobody else see the paradox? If gender is just made up, then an imaginary thing is a basis for oppression? I don't get it.

Rob Fowler : What's so absurd is the "TERF" as you call her is being extreemly hateful against someone she knows nothing about. And projecting upon him/her her own anger. That's so delusional.

Adam Carlson : people joke about feminism being a religion, but this is just ridiculous. Should someone investigate to see if there's an actual cult behind this? This talk about sisterhood and flowing in flux with the universe. I'm genuinely concerned and amused at the same time! Shall we risk this rabbit hole?

Miss Mayfair : Nice eyebrows

Skyhigh 14 : When you said "feminist being the heavyist of course" I'm not sure if your talking about their weight or the amount of time you have talked about them, I have a feeling both are true

Jack Langman : Terfs are the feminists of feminism

007kingifrit : shes right though....a penis can never be female

Grace Elizabeth : I've literally never heard of terfs... But now I know what they are. Thank you for enlightening me o wise one.

Matthew Barcelo : "They just want the superficial benefits of a social construct but don't bare the stripes" you mean like feminists?!?!?!

Sethxz : Judging anyone based on a genetic "accident" is dumb. We aren't given a check list of what we want to be born as to match our personalities. Nobody chose to be black, white, female or male. People need to step outside of themselves so they can see just how far from reality they have strayed.

Rebecca Lewis : shoe i’m crying my mom believes in the wage gap and i tried to debunk it for her and she just denied it and yelled at me and i honestly don’t want to live in this family anymore, all she does is bring up god even though i don’t believe in god because i’m afraid to tell her that because of what just happened

Juicy Pickle : I think we men should be feminists as well, because let's be honest, they won't get far without our help.


Oblithian : I got in an argument with feminists the other day, and in summary I stopped wasting my time when they basically said that Women need to use petty 'eye for an eye' tactics and gender divisive terms like 'mansplaining' because they are incapable of taking the high road (because of the patriarchy). You are crushing your own limits now feminists.

Jigmcfugduck W : Ralph has a point you could buy a fucking camera

Patrick Star : She's using the phoon song

The last crusader : This might be a religion, and patriarchy is the lucifer, they despise all other religions cristianity especialy and have theyr version of original sin is being a man. They even have holy books that cant be questioned and sacred symbols. They would never get to wear bad ass armor and storm jerusalem tho so not real religion. How did this weak as sauce picked up speed?

Dead Phones : "They do not bear children" Yes they do. They bear hundreds of millions of children daily. Do they not know what sperm is?

Frost • : Just found your channel, sorry to see you have been unable to afford a camera since 2009.

Ashley Johansson : SJWs don't realize that if gender was a social construct then transgender people wouldn't exist.

Kieran Brennan : Chromosome Crusaders? Good thing I have three

Brian B : "the final boss of feminism.." HAHAHA! Now that's spittin' pure gold straight from your vajayjay!

Mr. Scratch : Shoe, I was wondering what you have against mgtows? I do not consider myself as a mgtow, but I can see their reasoning: men who deny the "war" that the western world is holding against them are either blind or cucked.

Okami Kitsune : I agree with the video completely, as a trans guy I'm little upset at the comments section but hey what you gonna do

Random Ginger : I love your video, but Can you ever be fucked to go above 720p and 30 frames per second?

Sooty One : First time watcher. Short time subscriber. I feel intimidated.

Monkeywrench Productions : so wait.. theres terfs... higher up theres swerfs, and the final boss... her name is murph? is she a smurf?

1337m4n : It is good to see that SJWs and anti-SJWs can come together united by their mutual hatred of TERFs.


Barack pr0sama : So this is why so many people on consoles are called xXSniperXx etc? ;^)

Bruce Wayne : Gee, I sure wish YouTube would pay you as much they pay males so you could afford to make better content.

Ivan TheAwesome : where does one find front butt gold? Asking for a friend...

Perfect Cell : You look line "sam" of I Carly

gold dust : So american horror stories season 7 yay

chloe hewitt : tbh my experience with TERFS is that they're the more logical feminists , but then again this is on Tumblr so they might not actually be TERFS , just get called turfs by the SJW's.

Meme Thief : Watch in 144p for original vid

peachy keen : This is the first video I've ever seen from this channel!! I was laughing hysterically the whole time holy shit I love it

Tasslehoff Burrfoot : TERF shoeonhead character video when?