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Rudy Mancuso : Hi

Matt Hong : whoa this was really deep, don't u guys think so?

Rubisy Kesnile : Can we all just take a sec and realize how creative he is?

ceruso1 : THIS...might be one of the...BEST video's i have EVER watched!!!

CARLA TATIANA : Damnnnnnnnnnn!!!!! 😱😱😱This gave me feels. Rudy, I think I speak for everyone when I say that you are a work of art, that you are inspirational, that you are Super Juan.😂😂 I wanted to let you know that everytime that you, Lele, Inanna, Hannah, Anwar, or Juanpa upload a vid it makes me really happy and exited to see what you came up with. I love every single video that I watch, especially vines!😂😂😂 I love Amigos and I cant wait to see the next episode. I love u and everybody. PS. If you read this comment I want you to pass it on to everybody I mentioned. PPS. I curse too. I just thought that I would curse in my message bcuz its so bootyfull BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEE❤️❤️❤️😂😍😎😎😎

Amro Malkawi : That was a masterpiece That was awesome 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Henry Edward : I loved the voiceover’s voice

Bella Renée : This needs an Oscar 🏆

Manasi Shrotriya : Rudy has some real talent. This was a freaking *masterpiece* .

Aimee matthews : This is so deep I think I'm drowning...

Jorja Harpur : Comments on this video: 45% SOOO DEEEPPP 35% SOOO CREATIVE 19% Other Then there’s me... I’m only 1:07 in 😩😩

The revealer : The intense music made it more awesome😍

Sarah Addagada : Mind blown. That was amazing. The way it was shot was beautiful too.

Estrella Arellano : This was so trippy I liked the video it was cool at the same subing!

Tinnin Rabbani : This is one of my fave vids. well done Rudy, yu put a lot of effort in your videos

Diane Cervantes : Hey, I really like your videos. whenever I have a bad day I come and watch you!!

Nahendra Etienne : I swear Rudy is so talented

jimma 1 : I'm I the only one who saw bt21 in this video

Bárbara F : 2:16 - 2:20 i just want to know how he managed to stop the car so fast

play time and more fun stuff : Your expensive friends are white that why there expensive you brown like me we need some respect right!

Storm FPG : Well, damn. At least dogs exist

KingTutsPro : HOLY! Amazing screenwriting Rudy!

Mr SheepGuy : Holy shif

Jen Lee : 7:34 peek of BT21 LOLOLOL

Anti Toxic : this is art. tell me if i'm wrong.

Piero Balbin : Intense

Mauz Shaikh : There should be a award for "Best Video on the Internet" This would be the winner.

Pumbaa Animations : Hailey is a goth

farida walid : That is impressive 😮 wooow !!!

Mvrtyna _ : *who loves RUDY? 💖*

Ellabellaran123 Bowie : Now that was really deep like if you agree😊

MaskOfFury : This is so deep.

Alex Milne : This got me thinking bout life

Geoffrey Carter : Wow this is deep......... I love it.

Player Armory : This is best yt video

Dahni Austin : This is kind of deep

tris : wait but i thought robert was a lonely guy who was feeling kind of down so he bought himself a -coffee- beer and sat with a frown

Elizabeth Steinmann : This should go on oscar👏👏👏

Cool Que - Lost Boys ENT. : this was real good Rudy good stuff

Tricky_ dripz : Mind blown

SupplelyBead167 !!! : I feel so bad for Anthony. That was so nice of him!


Just Top : What a circle 🤕 . Btw this is one of the best videos on YouTube 😍

Hassan Alomda : Smart

Sunny Insane : This video just changed the way I view the world

Miss unicorns 🦄 : I love this


xXMINOXx : That was deep bruh

Reiffa Steadman : This is inspiring. Love it

Une inconnue : Waouh it's so beautiful