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Christopher G. : This is why it's easier to like dogs more than people, lol.

Raven : Animals can contribute so much love. They can change peoples whole life. Nice video.!

LikedMyOwnComment : The dislikes are cat owners.

FirstResponseMedia : Then he left for another 3 three?

sarcasticlittleass : Does anyone know why they were seperated for 3 years?

NiccoHel : I'm not complaining about the vertical video, I'm just saying there is plenty of screen real estate where that preview panel could have gone instead of right over the subjects of the video.

BLacKNesMonsTaz : So beautiful!!!

SmAcK : That's my dog after anytime away. Including 1 Minute

beetle2014 : El verdadero amigo en quien confiar es un perro.....tengo cuatro

Jeremy : You can see the exact moment he figures it out, his knees buckle. Dogs are the best people.

salkro2 : y el motivo de la separacion?

katumi iida : においで覚えてるのか・・・すごいな。 コレこそ無垢の愛だ。

jarno ronkainen : yeah 21 years in dog life is big thing :p

MrRiggyRiggs : 3 years in prison?

Tubbye Animations : Like si vienes de UFOVNIS

Nico The Rabbit : A dog can't read an MRI. ----------- But catscan.

ChrisDanceMusic : The dog said it was going for cigarettes 3 years ago

Fel : Que belleza, porfavor cuiden a sus mascotas, no las abandonen. Es como si abandonaran niños

dcandote : Que felicidad . Es puro amor.

Cat with moustache : Is this in chile?

Bazuzeus : No matter who you are, no matter what you do, nobody will ever love you as much as your dog...

Antonio Flores : Como me encantan estos videos 😋no hay reacción más sincera

Alexjandro Na : Animal have more humankind than many people

pigsareit : I need to go hug my dog

Sick Puma : So cute and precious.

Angela Barragán : La fidelidad de nuestros perros es incomparable. Son una maravilla y tenemos suerte de vivir junto a ellos.


Franklin Gonzalez : So cute!

baron : i wanna die that so cute

Tilikum : No merecemos a los perros T.T

Xmokko : Ya. the dog is totally wack.

akfortyseventy : i like this.... unlike the shnauzer video....

Mixa2 : Would you get that too early end card out of the way?

Harry Dirtay : It's like the dog mostly recognized him but didn't even believe it was him until he got a few sniffs.

Stefany Gutierrez : 😭😭😭

epic gamer : lol

Adam Silvester : does anyone know the song?

Christina Right : OMG this is so touching and cute!