Chilling moment man is arrested for murdering his partner
This is what real i just murdered someone shock looks like

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This is the chilling moment (right) a man was arrested for murdering his partner as he calmly tells police: 'I'm supposed to be going out to get some baccy.' Owen Pellow (top left and right), 43, was still on the phone to a 999 call handler when police arrived at the door of the North Somerset home he shared with girlfriend Lisa-Marie Thornton (bottom left), 36. Footage from a body-worn camera showed a dazed-looking Pellow opening the door and telling officers: 'I'm Owen.' When told to 'step out' of the house in Burnham-on-Sea, Pellow told them: 'I don't want to.' Pellow had called police telling them him partner had 'suicided' - when in fact he had stabbed her 39 times. Original Article: Original Video: Daily Mail Facebook: Daily Mail IG: Daily Mail Snap: Daily Mail Twitter: Daily Mail Pinterest: Daily Mail Google+: Get the free Daily Mail mobile app:


FuturisticHub : Elijah Wood in his 50s

Matthew Eyre : Wasn't very chilling. More like a Little Britain sketch.

ringo pattison : I got to get some baccy. the way mrs is on the bed with her brains out.

Jennifer2017 : Is it me or does this man seem mentally unstable?

Hundred Percent Steve : I do believe the arresting officer was Simon Pegg...

Nitai Gauranga : I am arresting you on suspicion of murder! ....oh please?!?!

big boss : the lord of the rings: the fellowship of the baccy

Yeah buddy : "Lads hes going the garage to get bacy, anybody want anything?"

The Stuport : The civility between the alleged murderer and the arresting officer is quite refreshing. Cheers Everyone

SinistaUK : “Err apparently he’s now messing me about” What an inconvenience

Sam A : Not a single one of the comments for this video are serious; the British humour is so twisted, it’s awfully hilarious.

Vice.01 : The comment section: 50% British humor 45% complimenting British humor 5% about the video

Craig Dobbin : Did this guy get his cash for sending in the video

Gobshite : 'Supposed to be going to get some baccy, cus you guys were coming over...' 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Grab a couple of beers as well, chap. Bag of pickled onion Monster Munch maybe

Richard Bryant : Creepy weirdo, but the bloke who answered the door seemed nice.

gatorsinthebayou : If he's guilty you won't see him for about 18 months, they're very strict over here in the UK !!

MrMonne84 : Just another day for these brilliant officers. Dealt with so professionally, we should be so proud of them for the thankless work they do.

Renlentless Tourist : WE-PAY-CASH-FOR-VIDEOS!!!! Poor bobby was so hard up from Tory cuts he had to sell his own body cam footage!!!!

Flux Bullets : This is absolutely dark. You can tell in his eyes that he didn’t prepare his story or prepare himself emotional for what he’d just done.

Matt : I think he's in shock at the fact of what he's done can barely string a sentence together and seems miles away

Go Experimental : Why are the police sending videos into the daily mail in the first place though?

Life Of Chris : I wonder if he finally found the ring and if shmeagle is alive

Andrew Persaud : wtfff. police shouts "police is here" and dispatcher says okay and hangs up lol. What if it was an abduction and he calls the cops and the kidnapper says "police is here it's alright". okay thank you lol

James Miller : "You 'put' her on the bed?" "Ohhh, uhh, yeeaaahh" You're all buggered up now Wally.


iPANZERSCHRECKu : Maybe the blood on his face gave it away...

K bee : junkie - im supposed to be going to get some baccy. copper - ah so sorry sir, we'll just pop back later on then. have a nice day

jason beedle : “I was supposed to be gonna get some baccy cos you guys were coming over” “Oh. that’s awfully nice of your sir, get yourself gone lad, I’ll be inside sorting the rizzlas out. Oh and bring me back a can of Stella......... none for you though...... you know why”

MrScotia : "We pay cash for videos" How much did this officer receive?

Amazon and eBay Guru : Looks like an older version of Elijah Wood!

Rich Hopkins : 0:35 - the moment of realisation

BradleyWelshTV : how dare that cop mess owen about lol

BlueJ : calling the police...on the police.

Kutta Kyte : How do people like him even get partners!!!????

CherryCherry Five : No one else noticed the blood on his face? It's smeared in his stubble and up the right side of his face. And there's either blood splatter or a scratch there too.

Case : Oi I came onto this video to cool down. Not one bit was chilling about this !

GHOST ADVENTURES OF CORNWALL : Why is this in my suggested? Ok i have thoughts but i`m not a murderer-YET. :p

betaville72 : He seemed alright to me. Are they sure they got the right guy?

Dannyboyz : His arrest seemed like such an inconvenience in his plans for the day. I'm guessing they both had mental issues.

josh sigala : He reminds me of Gary from Bird Box

Chris : Legend has it, he got "the baccy"

PAUL ELLIS : She tried killing herself 3 4 or 9 times

Mad Max : Brendan Fraser finally lost it.

jflan92 : What did I find so chilling about this guy? His combover hair.

Do Bo : sad knowing that someone was just killed in the other room.

uknow who : Careful who you lie down with, folks!

inkzry : Just killed my wife now I need to pop shop for some backie 🤦🏻‍♂️

Jimmy .L : She tried to kill herself 39 times with the same knife? That determination. What a Wassock

bsjzhx jajxbc : Legends say, he's still seaking for baccy