trying to recommend that one niche show you love

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Comments from Youtube

ggGetJinxed : Even worse when it is something you can't really explain because everything good about it is a spoiler.

Carlos : I'm positive you can end any argument by saying "hey do you watch My Hero Academia?" It's like the key to world peace

Kyle Netherwood : This is barely even niche but so many people don't understand how girls driving tanks is the best thing ever.

Therapy Watermelons : 0:00 - 0:06 I SEE YOUR SUBTLE SELF ADVERTISING

The Derp Chaos : Friend: Yeah, yeah, keep going. Me: Why are you opening the window? Friend: Don’t worry about that, keep going.

Holy Applebutter : Friend: So what's SCP? Me: It's a website where people write about an organization that hunts anomalies, like monsters or magic items or whatever. Friend: Yeah? Me: But like, everything is written as though they are part of the organization containing them, so it goes through how they contain them and sometimes have story lines and- Friend: Are you going to finish this description today? Me: Whatever, it's creepypasta with standards!

Jackson Loya : "I have no idea how to describe this show." "Oh, you watch Legion, too?"

TheSchwarzKater : Or when your favorite Anime has a Normie filter and you're like "Yeah uhm, just ignore that part it's... the show isn't all about that... well yeah, maybe, it comes back 2 - 3 more I didn't like it either, it made me uncomfortable too.... it's still good... I promise..."

LIKING TRAPS ISN'T GAY : Is this a jojo reference

Bruce Alrighty : Admit it.. you just made this video to talk about that anime to everyone..

JACK123101 : Trying to explain the trading and economic details of wolf and spice... sleep, oh btw there’s this cute wolf girl... oh shit for real?!?

ChaosRayZero : You think recommending anime is hard? Try recommending *_books._* *Me:* "It's this young-adult series about a tweenage criminal mastermind named Artemis who lives in a mansion practically by himself- just him and his mentally ill Mom and his bodyguard named Butler. In the first book he finds out that fairies are real and secretly live underground, so he kidnaps an elf cop and tries to restore his family fortune by holding her for ransom, and..." *Other person:* _"Seriously? Who reads books anymore?"_ *Me:* "The audio CD was better than reading it yourself anyway. The guy who did the narration was _phenomenal!_ You should see if Audible or something has... _wait, where are you going?_ It's an awesome series! _I promise!"_ [For anyone who's genuinely curious, the book series is called *Artemis Fowl.* I don't really think it's _that_ obscure- everything I see online about it says it was super popular and sold well and is getting a movie adaptation and stuff- but I haven't talked to anyone _in person_ outside my immediate family who read and/or listened to it.]

Yoshiegg : Me trying to recommend Little Witch Academia

Dito Device : TRUE STORY Me: You should watch showa Genroku rakugo shinjuu Friend: Yeah? whats that? Me: Is a josei about how the rakugo goes replaced by the modern media after the world war 2, Friend:-prepares his fancy pijama Me: So rakugo its basically traditional japanese storytelling where Friend: start to snore and makes himself comfy in his bed Me: The interpreter goes to the stage and makes the voices of his characters, the seiyuus in the show did a great job inthis by the way, and then there is this guy who just goes out from prision and wants to learn Rakugo from the best because while he was in prision... Friend: Falls asleep Me: Hmmmm did you know Sword art online Alicitazion just Friend: Heck yeah but I want to see the entire series for the third time and the movie before starting the new one, do you have something to do tomorror morning? could we do a marathon all night so I can watch the new season soon? ME: Yeah of course (gives up and cries internally) Just kill me already.

eshock7 : I never tell my friends the details of a niche anime. I just pester them until they watch it. It makes things a lot easier.

Drawnimo : Is Asobi Asobase considered a niche? I mean, I can't describe it to my friends without making them concerned

Izaya's Hub : As soon as I saw niche in the title, I knew it was going to be about Chihayafuru hahahahaha. BRING ON S3!

The Dynast Queen : Here's how you could explained Chihayafuru to us normies. You: Its a show based around an old Japanese card game called Karuta Me: *_Yawn_* Mmhmm *_sleeps_* You: Dragon Ball has Karuta cards. -__- Me: *_wakes_* DID YOU JUST REFERENCE THE THING I LIKE?!?! YOU HAVE MY ATTENTION! GO ON! (✧□✧)

Girfan83 : I don't know if it's really niche, but I once tried describing black butler to my aunt who's never watched an anime in her life, and the whole concept of one of the protags being a demon and the antagonist being an angel kinda made her think I was crazy and needed Jesus.

rielitty : dID SOMEBODY SAY CARD GAMES? _Its time to D-d-d-d-d-d-du_

MushroomReaper : When ever I suggest anime I always end up sounding like Stefon from Saturday night live... “My latest obsession is a girl who lives up in a giant library kept there by her brother a worthless Detective with unicorn horn for hair. But wait there’s more!!! murder, weird romance? and sweets waiting for you in perhaps England?” lol this ones not niche but it was the last one I ever tried to do it was when it first came out I think It was only at ep 5 when I tried to get my friend to watch it.

George1234 : me explaining Jojo to people

VineFynn : Chihayafuru isn't any weirder than most sports anime

TheFirehands150 : Friend: Dude, are there any good anime? I've watched SAO so far and it was awesome! Me: well, I liked Jojo, Madoka Magica, Fate Zero, Monster, Death Note, Baccano, Aria the Animation, Sword of the Stranger, A Silent Voice, Kara no Kyoukai, Miyazaki movies... Friend: I tried watching some of those. man, you have some crappy taste... Me: ... sigh... try this... My Hero Academia Friend: Its amazing!!!

Daniel Sambar : _Hey, you should really watch... hey... hey where you going?_ Come back!

LordElfiian : When I try to describe anything...

HAM : Chihayafuru- through a a basic card game for kids to learn memorization, a group of highschoolers take it to the next level for competition. They learn about the pains of loss and dedication, while learning to appreciate failure and humility. Against adversity In their Journey of improvement, they deconstruct the ins and outs of a game to find depth that no one imagined it had. Most importantly the highschoolers make friends they never would have met, and help each other grow in ways they would never have thought. Top 5 sport anime IMO. As a person who played eSports, I found it very relatable.

Daiquawan Pickard : In most cases, explaining an anime in detail is futile. You have to get them to watch it with the basics, THEN you discuss

Axemninja : That Mario RPG sad music! :)

Mysterious Jojo : Me trying to get my friend to watch Jojo while sending him weird out of context scenes

cait : reminds me of my struggle trying to get people to watch hikaru no go... me: so this anime is about a twelve year old kid who gets haunted by a ghost from the heian period who was a professional go player, and wants the kid to play go because he can't physically play himself and he believes he can't be at peace until he reaches "gods hand..." go is a board game that relies largely on foresight and "capturing" the stones of your opponent- and uh. the kid doesn't want to play go?? because it's bor- okay it's not boring-- but to a twelve year old kid it's not exactly- aNYWAY it is a heartwarming tale. and uh. rivals?? psychological thriller?? actions that have consequences?? person im speaking to: sleeping. me: it's made by the person who wrote death note person i'm speaking to: oh?? you don't say?? i LOVE death note!!! me: yep.


NuclearCat : Wait, did Sungwon explain the anime crimes division s2 in the beginning?

NootNootBoi : "Hey, here's a pretty cool anime I watch called Cory in The House-" *Friend stares at me.* "...What?"

Masky Kun : So Im really into this anime right now where this girl is surrounded by her talking furniture . Two of them might be FAWKIN , but that might just be fujoshi bait as one of them gets murdered. But yeah I really recommend Chairem anime . It's really long as they really add a lot of filler but if you get past that it's really good

Alien Platypus : It’s anything but niche but to this day I can’t think of a way to explain Black Lagoon to someone without them thinking I’ve finally lost it and that I need to be restrained or I’ll kill someone in a maddened fit of rage.

Bluehat Gaming NXE : you are trying to recommend us to watch anime crime division ? because i has already watch 2 season

An_Annoying_Cat : This video got recommended to me "because it's similar to SiIvagunner."

Mokko : Me: You should watch Mononoke, it's brilliantly done. Friend: Isn't that a Ghibli film? I love how endearing the characters are and the rat and the cute little soot sprites........ Me: Oh, no no no no, that's not..... Friend: Yeah it is! It has the girl who's parents get turned into pigs! Me: No. You're thinking of a different Studio Ghibli film but that's still not what I'm talking about, like at all..... Friend: I think I know what I'm talking about! Me: You know what? Fine. Here's the link. Watch it and tell me exactly what kind of adorable characters and lighthearted sentiments there are in it. Enjoy.

Wholesome Lad : This is me trying to recommend your channel "Uh you should watch him he... uh.. plays board games and uh... eats food. I know but he also makes funny videos"

Rekii [GD] : I actually DID watched Chihayafuru, the first AND second season... so yeah... You can clap your hands...

Marine Admiral Jeronimo : Woooo MY HERO ACADEMIA. GO BEYOND PLUS ULTRA

Doran Martell : I have this steam game title as a gift for you. *1 year passes, game untouched.* Happy birthday. I have another copy here for you.

Marta Ora : So there are these four kids, and they play a video game together, but the game actually destroys the world so the kids are teleported to another dimension where they have to actually play the game in real life, also they get help from these aliens they talk to online, and the they have to reset the whole game because they failed, but after the reset it's actually kid versions of their guardians playing, and it turns out the aliens also have kid versions of their guardians, and there's also an evil dog person and green skeleton and fish lady, and everyone dies but not really, and

Newby Ton : Fucking casuals ammaright

Weep Weep : Anybody notice at the start he was talking about RocketJumps Anime Crimes Division?

gogglehead-inkling : Please watch Precure

xXxA_Doge_LoverxXx : tfw you dont know what niche means

Crapstick Memento : Me trying to get my friends into touhou, might not be a show/anime, but in the UK i havent found all too many people i know that have heard of it.