Grizzly vs Black Bear Sow with cubs

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Was out hunting with my dad tonight and seen a grizzly bear 40 minutes outside of Whitecourt Ab. Got the camera recording and drove up to him only to find him digging the roof off a bear den that had a black bear sow and three cubs cornered inside of it. In the video the sow tried to fight her way out and one of the cubs tried to make his escape. The grizzly got the one cub but the sow and other two cubs made it away. Craziest thing to watch from less the ten yards away sitting in the truck. #nature #grizzly #blackbear #naturalselection #bearkillscub #outdoors #alberta #insanefootage

Comments from Youtube

Billgotskill B : Ok I think I’m a half way decent tough guy but that bear screaming in the woods is gonna give me nightmare!!

Alex Larson : There you go for everybody who thinks bears are cute and cuddly . Grizzly’s are real life monsters.

Mr Scary : Now you See!! This guy did a great job of filming this bear, the camera isn't flying around everywhere and he filmed the bear clearly and for a very long time! So how is it not a single person on this earth can do the same with sasquatch? You see what I mean?

itsjussjerry : You should always carry pepper spray and wear a bell when in bear country. You can tell the kind of bear by examining their poop. Black bear poop contains twigs and berries. Grizzly bear poop smells like pepper spray and contains little bells.

Riley Bell : Damn that grizzly caught his ass! He took one for the team

Dj Luminol : You feel so bad for the cub being eaten. 😢

Eric Turner : Humans can learn so much from our fellow animals about friendship, loyalty, and respec... oh, wait.

Taka Konobe : Damn that's a horrible sound. :(

Chris The Barber : 6:41 😂 can I walk closer to the trees?....the guys responds epically

Lee Cowan : Send in khabib to sort that grizzly out

dara jabar : I wish Yujiro was there to maul that Grizzly

bob hyshka : Great rare footage. Nature at it's cruelest.

Debbie Montague : That's they most brutally haunting scream I've ever heard he must be eating it alive and people get up in the air when someone Kills a bear in self defense! All they need to do is listen to this

Azlorn Magus : Lol, more than half the people in these comments are legit, too stupid to form coherent sentences. XD

Gregorio : That cub is being eaten alive. That’s the screaming your hearing. Brutal and sad

Clint .R : So much for nothing can get between a mother bear and her cubs.

Blue Steel : Typical Grizzly. They love eating babies of any species, even Grizzly babies. Pure savages.

MOMO : That grizzly has my spirit.

Epic878787 : Someone should explain to the grizzly that a cruelty-free diet is better for his health.

Steve Konrad : Is this an application to the old rule, "you don't have to out run the bear just the person next to you"?

Kirk Dunn : God that sound of that cub dying and being mauled will never leave my head......horrible sound.... Nature I know but still those cries were horrific

Tech Planet : Unbearable and disturbing footage. Grizzly bear populations are ever increasing in that area, it's a good idea to carry a self defense weapon in the bush.

ROBERT SHATTUCK UTAH ? : Big WOW !!! What timing never again in a hundred years. B safe

Anthony Attard : Send people who want to ban guns into those woods.

SubconsciousDweller : Now only if you had a drone! You can go check out whats happening

Ike_ Nike : That screaming gave me chills o.o

WildlifeOnVideo : Sounds like the Cub may have made it up a tree, as the crying is consistent. Hope so.

William Bonney : bears man, utter brutality in fur, if I was there, and I had a bazooka.......

super noodles : not gonna lie im usually quite tolerant of nature not really faint hearted but this was just horrible and sad to be Frank

Piere B : There is no versus here.only fleeing.i didnt hear any sounds of struggle.i am surprised that the mother didnt attempt to discourage the grizzly with aggression

Rice : The cub sounded like an old man crying... Kinda scary.

D B : Took me a while to realise what was going on.

ChromeArty : Holy shit! You are friends with Mousso! He showed me this on a jobsite a month and a half ago on a jobsite in Powell River! Amazing footage man!

Mike Richards : Never enter grizzly country undergunned! Grizzly bears have awesome brute strength. They are ferocious in the most horrible way. That's why they are dangerous in an almost unimaginable way. The Alaskan Brown Bear is more powerful, but the inland grizzly has short temperament, and is positively unpredictable! This video has shown the reason why if a human encounters a grizzly, you MUST have a firearm that will dispatch him in short order. The longer the confrontation lasts, the more unlikely the human is to survive the encounter. Thanks for the video. OUTSTANDING quality.

LigerSupremacy : Those sounds are the cub being caught and eaten by the Grizzly.

Ty Royalty : You can hear the pain of that cub at 6:27. He says "aww no" as hes being eaten and jerked around. Dam someone had to be sacrificed. Its sad to hear but nature definitely keeps me humble

Sharon Taylor : Wow... the power of nature... this is one of those moments most will never see in their lifetime! Thank you for sharing.

Fordman 1991 : Where was the sow??? Title said vs sow with cubs.

Ronald Lamont : Damn! Mother nature can be brutally sad!!

Fergutor : Impressive catch!!! Awesome!!!!! For this great catch I half forgive you the vertical video...

Fafnir Icingdeath : No doubt the grizzly caught that cub, its vocals didnt change as it would have had it climbed a tree by getting more clear, it didnt, also had that cub ran up a tree that grizzly would have been back at the hole in about 3 seconds as it knew there were more in reach. That cub likely died horribly which shows nature is cruel as it is competitive. Grizzlies will kill black bears with the same unchecked enthusiasm as a wolf will killing a pet dog. Theres something even more irresistible than a meal, its less competition AND a meal. I've seen it happen with wolves and bears and its just natures way tho hard to watch or listen to if you have any compassion for animals at all.

Susan A : Christ, should have read the damn comments b4 watching that made me sick.

USNVA11 : When in bear country, always hike with someone who runs slower than you. 😉

Selina B : Wow that was crazy. Hard to hear that lil guy loosing his life at the end but it's nature. Thanks for sharing

Steve Riddle : These guys are from Chicago the Bears and the Cubs

jimmie : I'm in Northwest Montana and carry a 454 casull with 360 gr hard cast for just this reason

furtfurt : Good God that grizzly is a powerful, relentless beast!

Shawnee Nation76 : Mother nature can be cruel. That cub ended up dinner it may have gotten up a tree but the grizzly can climb as well. Grizzlies are ruthless, killing machines.

Scott Roy : That's why they have 2-3 cubs.