Grizzly vs Black Bear Sow with cubs

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Roaming Hazard : Your dad gave the proper response to your thought of getting out to look there at the end. LOL. Amazing and brutal footage.

WildlifeOnVideo : Sounds like the Cub may have made it up a tree, as the crying is consistent. Hope so.

Anthony Attard : Send people who want to ban guns into those woods.

Mr Scary : Now you See!! This guy did a great job of filming this bear, the camera isn't flying around everywhere and he filmed the bear clearly and for a very long time! So how is it not a single person on this earth can do the same with sasquatch? You see what I mean?

Tech Planet : Unbearable and disturbing footage. Grizzly bear populations are ever increasing in that area, it's a good idea to carry a self defense weapon in the bush.

itsjussjerry : You should always carry pepper spray and wear a bell when in bear country. You can tell the kind of bear by examining their poop. Black bear poop contains twigs and berries. Grizzly bear poop smells like pepper spray and contains little bells.

Billgotskill B : Ok I think I’m a half way decent tough guy but that bear screaming in the woods is gonna give me nightmare!!

Alex Larson : There you go for everybody who thinks bears are cute and cuddly . Grizzly’s are real life monsters.

donald Robertson : I used to live in the next town north, which as the photographer will know, is Fox Creek. No-one with even half a brain wanders around the bush, especially this time of year, just before hibernation, unarmed. Personally, when I realized what was happening in this video, had it been me, I'd have blown a big chunk out of the nearest tree to that Griz's head. The rest would have been into the brown if the son of a bitch was still there. Don't think I don't realize mamma blackie would have ripped me to shreds if things were different, but that grizzly wasn't going to die from missing a meal, and I don't like uneven fights. I don't shoot bears any more unless I must. Killing, unless you're a twisted geek, isn't fun. That was a mother, with kids. I would have stepped in. Sure, it happens every day, nature's way, blah, blah, blah. When you're there, and can do so, you act according to conscience. We're not the apex predator on this planet for nothing.

Lee Cowan : Send in khabib to sort that grizzly out

Jeffrey Yeager : Yes, Grizzlies are killing machines. They are definitely able to take down large elk, moose and anything else that is smaller. They are definitely top of the food chain. I don't think killing them till extinction is the answer. Just because your friend or dog has been killed by a grizzly. You should have sought it out and killed it if you were so strung out over it. Because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time they were killed by the beast. Grizzlies have a purpose and their place in the wild is to keep a balance in the ecosystem. I am sorry for your loss but the fact is if you live in a place that has Grizzlies or other animals that are dangerous, you must be prepared for the worst and be ready for it. Except the fate as horrific as it is, those animals are not used to humans and if we enter into their territory well you know what they can do. I wouldn't want to be their next meal. Just my opinion.

Fafnir Icingdeath : No doubt the grizzly caught that cub, its vocals didnt change as it would have had it climbed a tree by getting more clear, it didnt, also had that cub ran up a tree that grizzly would have been back at the hole in about 3 seconds as it knew there were more in reach. That cub likely died horribly which shows nature is cruel as it is competitive. Grizzlies will kill black bears with the same unchecked enthusiasm as a wolf will killing a pet dog. Theres something even more irresistible than a meal, its less competition AND a meal. I've seen it happen with wolves and bears and its just natures way tho hard to watch or listen to if you have any compassion for animals at all.

Blue Steel : Typical Grizzly. They love eating babies of any species, even Grizzly babies. Pure savages.

Clint .R : So much for nothing can get between a mother bear and her cubs.

AnAbortiveRomance : That cub is being eaten alive. It's not up a tree crying for mom. If you can't hear it...

ISitOn MyArm : Jesus that horrifying. Imagine being one of those cubs. Moms fighting for her life, lil brother makes a run for it and the griz chases him as you and mom run off while listing to your brother being mauled to death. Its like a horror movie.

Joseph Koch : Unfortunately from the sounds of the cub, it did not make it up a tree. Grizzlies will eat their prey alive, they don’t care. Unlike Lyons that will kill their prey first, grizzlies are known to eat their prey alive. At least this little cub help save his mom and two siblings...the whole circle of life thing can be brutal in nature.

Joe Baldwin : To all of you saying its the circle of life let the grizzly be.....imagine ur arm being ripped from its anatomical position, your balls being torn off, face being mutilated, bones being crushed n dislocated, all while your alive n concious and as you slowly drift out, the very laceration of your nerves shocks you bringing you right back to alertiveness, your blood floods with adrenaline and every pain receptor in your body is firing all at once towards your central nervous picture yourself then saying "its just the beauty of the circle of life" is a dirty stinking bitch and the only solution to any grizzly bear is 12g slugs, .45 hallowpoints, or a 30-06..If your being mauled by a bear and all u have on you is a hand gun with less then 3 rounds do urself a favor n end urself quickly! My beautiful Lab Terry was with me during a hunt and just like that cry of the cub i remember her crying, i told her to stay put but nope not Terry she thought she was invincible she ran 40 yards out towards one of these beasts alone, and I ran towards her then he spotted both of us the moment i saw him charge i ran back around drew my .357 and i heard her scream, ill never forget that horrific sound like car brakes coming to a complete stop, i turned around to look and saw this POS creature grab my dog, he had one of her legs in his mouth and as i heard her howling continue i couldnt take it so i did only what i thought would end her agony, i shot my Terry with my rifle and he jumped back for a second then resumed feeding.. Yes many of you will call me a coward but as a father of 3 kids i knew i didnt have a powerful enough caliber to take on that Grizzly, i grew up with Terry she was old n she protected my family that day she protected me and ill always remember her for it...So the next son of a bitch that says Grizzly bears have a purpose Fuck off!!

bob hyshka : Great rare footage. Nature at it's cruelest.

Steve Konrad : Is this an application to the old rule, "you don't have to out run the bear just the person next to you"?

Mike Richards : Never enter grizzly country undergunned! Grizzly bears have awesome brute strength. They are ferocious in the most horrible way. That's why they are dangerous in an almost unimaginable way. The Alaskan Brown Bear is more powerful, but the inland grizzly has short temperament, and is positively unpredictable! This video has shown the reason why if a human encounters a grizzly, you MUST have a firearm that will dispatch him in short order. The longer the confrontation lasts, the more unlikely the human is to survive the encounter. Thanks for the video. OUTSTANDING quality.

Margaret Sanders : This video had me so focused and I felt like I was in the car with you filming. My breaths became shallow and my heart beating fast, yet my eyes were wide open. Rare to see this happen in real life.

T Warner : Horrible reality of nature here. Doesn't make the grizzly evil, it's just what they have been doing for millennia. Not even close to the brutality of people.

Run n Gun : Always carry a potent sidearm in the woods with plenty of ammo. These and wolves are straight up killers.

fearless frankie : Makes you think about the ban on Grizzly bear hunting they put did in BC! The Govt is bunch Politically Correct aholes who don't know what natures is all about! And that goes for all those Tree Huggers who signed that Petition to ban hunting for Grizzly's. Were already starting to see signs of they're doing .Just image 5 years from now & you'll see how many grizzly attacks you'll see!

bobpuddyy : I would have fired a couple shots to scare of the grizzly and save the life of the cub.

Northern Carguy : Methinks you all may be jumping to conclusions.  The sound we are hearing is the crying of a cub up a tree.  A tree most likely lacking in girth for the grizzly to climb.  If the grizzly had indeed caught the cub, the initial "scream" would have been much different, and not lasted long at all.  If the tree is strong enough and the grizzly is unable to shake him out or grow tired of waiting for him to come down, the cub might have survived.  In the circle of life in the wilds, these kinds of events happen all the time.  Most times the weaker do not survive.  However, there may have been a Hollywood ending to this....but we'll never know for sure.

LigerSupremacy : Those sounds are the cub being caught and eaten by the Grizzly.

Scootertrash85 : #2018andpeoplestillcan'tholdtheirphonehorizontal Vertical video is unbearable

Mark Ross : Poor little bugger didn't know it, but he just saved his family...... Couldnt watch the end....

Just Justin : That cub made it up a small tree. Or it definately wouldnt be screaming for more than two or three seconds.

555Trout : And the imbecile ideologues prevented a rational and necessary culling of the vicious predators that are now roaming wide and far from the Parks. There is not greater immorality than that. Grizzlies cannot be around human populations. We've lost two innocent elk hunters recently, and more to come. If the power, speed and size of "Ursus arctos horribilis" is vividly apparent here, one would have to be an ideologue. They are truly horrific predators. And when they decide to kill, nothing can stop them.

D-Rock : 5:55 Hear the disturbing screams of a Black Bear cub being eaten alive by a giant Grizzly

Jess Wales : Wish we could hunt them again or at least be a loud to shoot them with reason and not be treated like a criminal

saskprairiegirl : You guys were at the right place at the right time to capture this video. Amazing, but sad to hear the cub cry out. That is nature and the circle of life.

Robert D : My Second Amendment gives me the right to bear arms. In this case, I wouldn't mind having the right to arm bears, specifically the black bears, lol.

Len Whitney : I heard about this video on the G.P news..WOW!!! Great video..I work the highways in the open..."Thank you for the heads up" a family of Grizzly's also on hwy#40 near please be very alert when taking pee on the high way..or vehicle break down..scan the ditches and tree line.."Please be SAFE OUT THERE"..Where ever you stop.

Elf Man : Damn nature....why you making bears eat each other ?

Sharon Taylor : Wow... the power of nature... this is one of those moments most will never see in their lifetime! Thank you for sharing.

The Spy : Grizzly's have ALWAYS sniffed out Black Bear Dens, dug them up and ate them.

shantor100 : That cub is being attacked and the reason it is still crying is because it's not too young and taking a while for the grizzly to kill it. the other Cubs were pretty big. Still a shame. It sounded fading at the end

Ty Royalty : You can hear the pain of that cub at 6:27. He says "aww no" as hes being eaten and jerked around. Dam someone had to be sacrificed. Its sad to hear but nature definitely keeps me humble

Amer J : Right out of a horror movie ! The setting, the bear , the sounds , even the ending... Nature at its best !

The Walk Of King Luey : Nature is morally blind. There is nothing wrong with the natural scenario that played out. Hard to listen to..maybe..but is the way of the wild. ✌ 👣 👑 👑

Greg : That cub is being eaten alive. That’s the screaming your hearing. Brutal and sad

MrJx4000 : You can see at the 5:53 mark what appears to be the top of one the cubs just scoot out under that branch. The Grizz immediately ran after it and caught it. I hope that screaming isn't somebody's little boy or girl next time if those Grizzies are encroaching on populated areas.

Fishing With Bottles : Man, what a crazy sight to see first hand. Nature's a son of a...

Ian 419 : Wow, that was hard to watch. Sad but a realization to wilderness and survival of the fittest.

goliac492 : After watching the video again, kudos to the mother blk bear. She defended her guts out. Sadly one of the cubs lost their nerves and bolted and based on the screams probably paid with it's life. Just goes to show though, even an animal as strong as a boar grizzly can't root out a blk bear with ease. Teeth and claws are formidable. But boar grizzled also do this to Grizzly mothers and juveniles as well. They are relentless.

Mike Creigton : That was DEFINITELY the sound of a cub caught by a brown bear. It was on it in a whole three seconds. The sounds of terror by the cub knowing it was done.