Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart - "Everybody's Talking 'Bout Sully"

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Sammi White : Stephen and Steven's voices harmonize really well

Anthony Figaro : the theme for the sully movie

q851230 : I suddenly feel they're VERY cute(Jon and Colbert)

anubhav shukla : Have you heard the news about the world’s greatest pilot? He knows how to fly and he knows how to style it With his sweet silver hair and his flowing mustache He’s the captain you want when you’re going to crash Just when you thought his name would be mud, son He pulled off the Miracle on the Hudson Everybody’s talking ’bout Sully, Sully Everybody’s talking ’bout Sully He’s on everyone’s mind, ’cause he’s one of a kind And the way he lands a plane is mighty fine, mighty fine His legend and his fame will never die-ah His name will live forever just like Sanjaya If you need a hero, Sully’s got the goods He’s even more beloved than Tiger Woods Everybody’s talking ’bout Sully, Sully Everybody’s talking ’bout Sully Like the Stimulus Plan, he’s saving the nation He’s hotter than the latest YouTube sensation Chocolate rain, kills the goose and then you land the plane Chocolate rain, passengers felt hardly any pain Chocolate rain, his wife of 20 years is named Lorraine Chocolate rain … Tay Zonday everyone! Come on everybody, follow me and let’s all do the Sully Ladies and gentlemen, the pilot has turned on the Get Down sign Buckle up tight, ’cause it’s a real short flight Give your mustache a brush from the left to the right A gaggle of geese just surrendered their souls Rub your mustache twice and grab the controls Brace for impact, the plane ain’t gonna taxi Make sure your mustache is not too waxy Now you’re walking on water, you brought it on home Give your crew a salute and your mustache a comb [Jon Stewart] Wait a minute! Wait! Wait! Just hold on a second! Just let me get this straight … Buckle tight, left to right, gaggle gaggle mustache twice Brace impacting, mustache waxing, bring it home, mustache comb! BIG FINISH! Everybody’s talking ’bout Sully, Sully Everybody’s talking ’bout Sully Give money to autism!

Chloe Walker : The backing dancers moustaches are amazing

Christian Johns : Stephen Colbert And Steve Carell Are Going to be the late show of Jimmy Fallon And Justin Timberlake

James Wilkinson : Easily the greatest thing I have ever seen

Pacmanshooter : Hah, stephen and steve are just awesome together... the only sad thing in this video is the obvious... as much as I like Jon, I gotta say... he can't sing for shit

Peppe Ddu : Why only 51K views and I had to find this from the Late Show? YT algorithm needs some improvement.

BlackHawkRider : five years and still only one dislike lol.

lilyway : I love Steve Carell, He can sing very well! He's awesome

Mikalah Reagen : I never knew i needed this until now

Nicholas David : This is why the internet exists

Ong Jun Ren : wondering what's the captain's feeling when he watched it

c : gold.

Alex Neumann : It’s December 2018 and I still have this stuck in my head

Reneevee133 : what? lol

Willow : 1:53 oh boy

poorshakes : jon stewart walked off stage at the end like david byrne

Leuel48Fan : Hilarious and catchy!

AnJ : The first part sounds a lot like Pansy Division... I love it,

JustDJ : Holy shit I remember Tay Zonday lmao

Razzics : They just gave my brain a blowjob

Nicholas Underwood : @satorui1 oh god... I misspelled required didn't I?

Nicholas Underwood : @NoahTakai it's okay, but yeah I guess I should have said " this songs profits off I tunes go towards autism education so as someone with autism I should support it" I just didn't want to type all that ;)

Nicholas Underwood : @NoahTakai yeah I guess I should have said " this songs profits off I tunes go towards autism education so as someone with autism I should support it" I just didn't want to type all that ;)

Nicholas Underwood : @NoahTakai It's okay

Nicholas Underwood : @NoahTakai it's okay. I'm used to people misunderstanding me

Noah Takai : @satorui1 Having autism = liking songs about plane crashes? i know thats not what you mean but that was what went though my head after reading your comment :) dont mean to offend

Nicholas Underwood : @NoahTakai I actully have Autism so I'm requirerd to like this song ;)

IshDat1KiD : @iamwowking But Steve Carell is funnier than Jon Stewart.

Noah Takai : Doth my eyes decive me... A video with NO dislikes? True... only 2300 views and 19 likes... but STILL nobody disliked this video... Either they afraid to dislike a video about Autism Awareness... or this song is just that damn good.

StationXXrama : @NoahTakai except Ed helms

LeTalkingMime : Their harmonizing is hypnotizing. Their voices are just... wow.

SweetDevil170 : i love these guys!!!! THERE AWSOME!!!! best part is the Sully dance, the "the get down sign"

WaffleEatingWorld : 1 word... 4 letters... EPIC!

Noah Takai : Who knew they could sing better than most musicians out there.

Sudistek : at 01:48 xD

TheTealOwl : A+++++++++ Amazing xD

Magic Pinky : Can I just say... both of them are amazing singers and the background dancers are too cute lol

Candyroxnrulz : HOW DOES THIS VIDEO NOT EVEN HAVE 100K YET?!?!?!??

Aswathy K : 18 dislikes? WHAT???

Camille Voyage : Everybody wants to be Poppy Poppy

Tobias Nielsen : This seems like more of a tribute than the movie did.