Carts of Darkness

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Murray Siple's feature-length documentary follows a group of homeless men who have combined bottle picking with the extreme sport of racing shopping carts down the steep hills of North Vancouver. This subculture depicts street life as much more than the stereotypes portrayed in mainstream media. The film takes a deep look into the lives of the men who race carts, the adversity they face and the appeal of cart racing despite the risk. Shot in high-definition and featuring tracks from Black Mountain, Ladyhawk, Vetiver, Bison, and Alan Boyd of Little Sparta. Directed by Murray Siple - 2008

Comments from Youtube

dennis n : Were are they now in 2019.

lobmin : "Everytime that you put effort into work, and you're making a little bit of money, you better have a very good plan of what you're gonna do with that money, because you're using up your life." 18:29

Buddy Holly : Wow what a masterpiece of a film

Methamphetameme : "Life's a journey, not a destiny". -Street carnie salmon man

greywhite : this is like watching Trailer Park boys real life

FalconPunch1978 : All I want now is to have drunk hobos flying past my house on shopping carts with the occasional crash and cans scattered everywhere. That's good entertainment in my book.

Sandor Clegane : Canada is a wierd place man lmao

Newer Account : I haven’t gotten in trouble every time I drank but every time I got I trouble I was drinking

Orion MA : We need a game called Carts of Darkness .

ImpatientWreck : "I could prolly get a job tomorrow, but u don't show up 2 days in a row cause ur on a bender with some pretty lookin blonde and the next thing you know, ur fired" lmao my man!!

Beach Looking Guy : I can never look at a shopping cart the same way again

Mike Hunt : "This beer wasn't as good as I thought it was gonna be." What do you expect it's a Budweiser

D S : People needs some light in their life regardless where it comes from The world can be a dark place. Love your story couldn’t stop watching you’re bringing light to peoples lifer with stories like this help comes in strange ways

RV Life : I GUESS THIS IS VANCOUVER, CANADA?. love that skatepark at 15:48 , cant wait to skate it for first time this summer! GREAT DOC!

JR : I remember when the K-mart X3 cart had hella stats. Now it's outdated and everyone is getting those slick n fancy Walgreens F2-40 2018 model carts. Of course, I always like to stick with my Costco VF 720 Pro model cart. I know the "Pro" model is overrated but I think the extra traction and power steering comes in handy when pairing up against racers running Walmart T-pep series.

imallearsru : These guys are more real than politicians, lawyers and liberals. The ending was a work of art, perfect.

Chris Ryan : Great Documentary. Vancouver, Canada is a beautiful city. Respect from Portland, Oregon.

Banana Phone : Those carts actually cost like 40-50 dollars each. I remember working in retail our store manager hated when people stole them.

john blackwell : That feeling when a homeless man pulls more money out his pocket than you have currently :(

PKX392 : Pretty much non fiction Trailer Park Boys

Charles Lizana : Fantastic movie! What a great ending! Fuckin rock on man!

TheSkinnybiker : I've spent the last 20 years of my life in a cubicle. These guys would be more fun to be around.

Joe D34df1ng3r : I know AL and Geordie lol, I have a shopping cart story for each of them! I grew up in West Van. I've known both of them since 1986. So funny, with Geordie me and some chick's, we were around 18 years old then, same age as Geordie, were sitting at the park at Keith and lonsdale drinking buckfast, around midnight, and all of a sudden Geordie flew past down lonsdale doing 41.1+km on a shopping cart and one of the triplets was sitting inside the cart holding an old school giant HandyCam filming as they ripped past. It was something I never forget when I happen to drive past there. Lol With AL, he had a TV in a shopping cart on west 2nd just off lonsdale. Both these times was 1988-89. Couldn't believe it when this documentary popped up in my suggested to watch videos and I thought shopping carts...that reminds me of these people... and it was them!!! I couldn't believe it. I kept thinking Haha if Geordie could see this, then he pops up in it... crazy! 😅😅😅

shawn lawson : Homeless downhill luge, next olympics

Bait : It's a good documentary when it's an hour long, doesnt have ads, and is on a totally random topic Actually the best doc I've watched

aiden hugg : A dying breed. The last of the men of Canada

Nathan Maguire : "you know this aint free, i have to 'take' a cart from a store and buy shoes. I mean you can steal shoes but i aint no thief." *Next scene shows him rolling down hill on stolen cart* LOL

Ron Johnson : Clicked on this when I saw it in suggestions assuming it was going to be some sort of absurdist meme, and then became captivated for an hour into a wholesome documentary. It's tough to be homeless and these guys still have hope.

Merry Christmas : You know those carts are rated for like 0.25 mph right?

Danny Snitzky : "Every time you work, you work to make some money, you better have a really good plan on what you're going to do with that money because when you work you're using up your life."

rockman fan : This is one of the most amazing things I've ever watched. It has so much heart.

Giraffe Punx : How many blonds is he really getting though...? What kind of excuse is that for not working? 🤣 Fuck, I love that guy! 🤣

Questchaun : I live my life one Hill at a time. And for those 3 minutes or less I'm free.

Kenneth Welch : There is a deeper meaning to this film than meets the eye. how do i donate money to you for this? can you link a patreon account, so people can start donating to you for the incredible work you have done? showing a whole side of the world most people only assume about and getting a visual and hearing the words from the people themselves is way better than making assumptions about the homeless. . .

Rinoa Super-Genius : honestly, making money off recycling materials is a respectable job in my opinion.

Mr Potato : the poor guy was sleeping on the floor and on socks... no wonder he's having troubles getting around.

Vembryrsigg : 30:22 Sounds like Stephen Hawkins robotic voice. He could do a flawless impersonation if he tried.

xDarkViperzZx X : SICK ENDING. Im really surprised by this , you completely earned my respects. Great job.

michael simard : Thank you for making this small movie. And all you guys who were involved I tip my hat to you Sir's. Good stuff. 👊😎

Greg Diaz : A documentary like this is a rarity. A gem that should not be taken for granted. No unnecessary editing, effects, or overindulgence of "feel bad for these people". I did feel bad, but not because I was forced to. I felt bad because what I was seeing was real. A documentary like this is a rarity. A gem that should not be taken for granted.

Keegan Sullivan : in love with how much they use "buddy"

Sigmund Solo : Anybody else forget they were watching this entire documentary on a mobile device in a contorted position? I did. When it was over, I noticed my neck had cramped up bad. 😖 Oh well. It was worth it. What an interesting piece of film.

zt : big al would be a mean powerlifter...

Keir Keir : Seems like this style of living doesn't support the central banking systems? Therefore they dont have ownership in any of the wars or atrocities our government elites commit

Karl Walsh : Stumbled across this by total accident. The best documentary I've watched all year! I always seem to forget how big the world is...this was a happy reminder!

Newer Account : Has the city ever noticed that the recycling truck isn’t even picking up one bottle or can?

Travis Lazenby : Dude is 49 and looks older than my dad who's about to turn 59

Bj : great video. absolutely great! thank you for supplying this insight into yet another unique demographic of subculture on earth.

Belial61 : If rent wad only 800 I'd be in heaven but they don't pay like the big city fat cats