Carts of Darkness

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greywhite : this is like watching Trailer Park boys real life

GeorgieWise : I drank all my life and heavily the last ten years until I quit two years ago at sixty three without any prodding or forewarning that I was going to. I had no idea I was going to quit until I suddenly did and when all of my health problems started going away I was amazed how different living felt. I still smoke the medicine bowl several times a day but I went from three 1.75 liter bottles of Vodka and a keg of beer every two weeks in addition to lots of bar and restaurant drinks, to alcohol free with no withdrawals at all because I ate fruit all day long for the first month and little else. Good movie and good luck for the guys with the booze.

Greg Diaz : A documentary like this is a rarity. A gem that should not be taken for granted. No unnecessary editing, effects, or overindulgence of "feel bad for these people". I did feel bad, but not because I was forced to. I felt bad because what I was seeing was real. A documentary like this is a rarity. A gem that should not be taken for granted.

x per·i·ment : "There is gold, there is silver, there are diamonds, and there are shares in great corporations. However, the only true value in this great society is the value of a can. A beer can is worth a dime, and a pop can is worth a nickle. It's the only value that is stable. And that's my business. And my business is picking up every day." - Can man at the skate park.

Tom Seppe : He probably stopped watching the simpsons at the right time

Captain Gnarkill : This was a recommended watch, glad I did. This was real.

garth locklin : I'm glad I quit drinking, alcoholism is a Gorilla. It was tough but I had to believe in myself and believe I could quit and stay quit. AA meetings are everywhere. I was homeless when I was drinking so I could relate so much including the humor. The best part about being homeless was not having a lot of "stuff" to worry about. I did own a little car before I lost everything but I had alcohol every night. I collected cans also and machines in Florida would pay .05 cents by weight in 1987. They were smart enough to know when you tried to add weight with rocks and sand. Find some potholes and there you will also find lead tire weights that fell off car tires that hit the pothole. Add tire weights to your cans and get paid! I have always been poor but today I own a crappy house. I was young when I was homeless and I can't imagine being homeless today although at times I think I own too much stuff and I feel sorry for people who are. My view of alcoholism and drug addiction is like having sex with a Gorilla. Your not done until the Gorilla is done having sex with you. I'm disabled also with nerve damage and severe arthritis. It's OK though; I can enjoy living in my crappy house surrounded by my crap and I have a decent car to drive and I'm happy.

Jay SonyAlphaLab : What a great film! Really well done, and thanks for sharing.

beastydude123 : Watching this documentary had me crying a bit and as the tears roll down slowly, I really understood what the old man at the skate park said, " We are not prisoners of an economic system." I'm trying to rush and pay off my school debt(about 56k) It feels like I will lose all of my youth by the time I'm able to pay the off. And the meager 40k I make would go further and allow me to do more if I didn't have the burden to think about. I absolutely hate my office job and can't imagine working there another 15-20 years. I don't want to have to depend on a corporation either. It really hit home with me.

Dad can fix It! : Stay drunk all day, crash your cart and leave it for someone else to deal with and free healthcare. Vancouver, where dreams are made.

G : The dude at the skatepark with white hair is so humble,simple, at peace and it seems he enjoys life a lot more than most people. I hope I can be that happy one day and not so absorbed by material things

Joachim Macdonald : Congratulations Canada; you're officially the weirdest place in the western hemisphere

jesse hampton : theres a thing called a hotfoot. its like a metal shoe cover for flat track racing. these guys need em.

Danny WearsRedSocks : Dude looked SO MUCH HEALTHIER after his stint in jail!?!

Ivan Daknov : Only a legend will decide to go sober while wearing a Budweiser shirt

Perry Winkle : They need Bubbles to fix those broken carts.

Kyle H : 10 years later wonder where all these guys are....?

G Zeus : Snowboarding and Shopcarting leads to the same end it seems. All downhill.

T Hunter : This is one of the best docs I have ever seen, truly brilliant. Very high quality, subscribed.

Judo Johnny : This is a great documentary, when I was homeless I would go around on my skateboard and collect cans tell I found a job.

Ohshii : I randomly decided to watch this and I have to say its hands down one of the best documentaries I ever seen. It's such a random subject at least to me, but the overall video was exceptionally made from the choice of music, the narration and the production. The people in this video are all sincerely good spirited kind people. The creator of this film did such a good job on allowing the people in the video to be themselves at all times while at the same time respecting their lifestyle choices. Every person in this film seemed like legit good people down to their very core. Also ty for not going into detail about that guys' criminal history and why he went to jail; it would've detracted from the overall message and direction of the video. Overall, this documentary to me states that no matter where you're from or how much money you have, life is always what you and you alone make of it. Again, exceptional documentary. Overall I'd give it a solid 9/10 and would and will definitely be watching this again with others in the future. <3 :)

schwags1969 : Al is now at the bottle depot in North Vancouver, Brooksbank ave, he has health issues and is in a wheelchair...cruel fate for a legend. Go and say hello to him.

WEST TENNESSEE PREPPERS : these men are not bums!!!!....they can teach our funded and paid for welfare society a few things about hard work....god bless them!

Diche Bach : I used to be a cart racer. Then I took a bottle shard to the knee . . .

Ben Hendershott : Picking up a can Picking up a can Off this land Picking up a can Picking up a can From the working man Picking up a can Picking up a can Got no plan Picking up a can Picking up a can Cops came so i ran Picking up a can Picking up a can DOING THE BEST I CAN!

pud354 : Damn, these dudes will burn through shoes really fast if they're using them to brake!!!

J Egginator9000 : Trying to find out as much as I can about where Big Al is now. Heard from Vancouver locals who live near the bottle depot where he currently resides at. Said he's in a wheel chair now because of the hard life style & drinking. Extremely sad. Hopefully if this had happened 10 years in the future someone like this would of had a go-fund me and maybe got saved. Hope the best for Big Al, sounds like a wonderful soul.

Wayne Harris : Avoid the blue box boys...check

David Hagler : @55:56 haha oh man, as soon as you started talking about repaying some of their trust... I ... I just knew it!! I knew where you were going. That was probably worth a million bucks to Big Al, and simultaneously terrifying and exciting for you ;) Good man!

matt stockton : Excellent film, The Human condition is a complex and bittersweet thing. Alcoholism is a hell of a drug.

deth_blunt : this was put together so well, amazing documentary. got choked up at the end

Ryan Thomas : Modern day hero's. They just want the man out of their pockets . Help the environment . Just want to get a buzz and go for a ride.

Abner Maldonado : I have to say that has to be one of the best real life documentaries I experienced living with people under the LA River bridges and it brought me back to those days when I was young and I I also skated and used to be taken by them to the best skating places no one would ever know and as well as the best places to hang out drink a beer creeks and many other things. Congratulations thanks for bringing us into these people's lives and I hope everyone in this video is okay you should do a reprise pending update every character and I know people would like to know a little bit more about yourself to. Good Times bro blessings all the way from Boston

PKX392 : Pretty much non fiction Trailer Park Boys


Quasi Mofo : Never been homeless, I've always been fairly lucky in life. But the outlaw culture and sense of TRUE freedom (not just having the ability to pick your own screensaver) really spoke to me. I think it's inspiring that there are still people that exist who don't want to trade freedom for comfort and convenience like the rest of us

dabberley : This is a homeless person’s NASCAR

Erma Gerd!!! : Why is it that old alcoholics always have such raspy faint voices?

ImpatientWreck : "I could prolly get a job tomorrow, but u don't show up 2 days in a row cause ur on a bender with some pretty lookin blonde and the next thing you know, ur fired" lmao my man!!

1k subs with no videos : Did he say he makes 70 dollars a day? That’s not bad for riding around in a shopping cart all day. That’s like 25k a year

SAD GAMES : Really unique documentary, I loved the backstory of the film maker, the injury he suffered and about refinding that thrill. Huge respect.

rudy rush : "feels good cleaning up the environment" ** throws cart into the woods**

delivix : Absolutely superb "old school" documentary. Loved the raw nature of the film with some choice camera work. Loved the non-judgemental tone of the film making. Felt like a journey.

Nick Donges : Am I the only one that read “carts of darkness” and was like damn I gotta see what this is about

friendlyflow : DogTown

Fact Checker : This guy has to be related to Seth Rogan

Toyota : 47:16 im gonna try and go sober *wears Budweiser shirt*

wyte- -owt : Did he just go steal a cart right when he got out jail...smh

Beto Ortiz : LOL! This is shit is better than Bum fights!

TheWalkingNoob : Brilliant film work, this needs to be nominated. Would be the perfect kind of guy to be invited onto Joe Rogan podcast, would love to hear Murray's story as well.