Carts of Darkness

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greywhite : this is like watching Trailer Park boys real life

naota3k : The shot of Fergie sitting on the floor in the kitchen of his new rental playing the guitar was something else.

Danny Snitzky : "Every time you work, you work to make some money, you better have a really good plan on what you're going to do with that money because when you work you're using up your life."

Bait : It's a good documentary when it's an hour long, doesnt have ads, and is on a totally random topic Actually the best doc I've watched

delivix : Absolutely superb "old school" documentary. Loved the raw nature of the film with some choice camera work. Loved the non-judgemental tone of the film making. Felt like a journey.

Rinoa Super-Genius : honestly, making money off recycling materials is a respectable job in my opinion.

rudy rush : "feels good cleaning up the environment" ** throws cart into the woods**

Neon Peon : Is.... is this the "white privilege" I've been hearing so much about?

Kirby Everyman : "I sleep in a bush." two minutes later.... "Most people think you're some homeless person."

Because Logic : Is it weird that I desperately want to engineer faster and lighter carts for them?

Captain Gnarkill : This was a recommended watch, glad I did. This was real.

Brock Johnson : Brought to you by the Canadian healthcare system

Ethan Heitz : Grocery stores must *hate* these guys.

Jeffrey Lebowski : I know AL and Geordie lol, I have a shopping cart story for each of them! I grew up in North Van. I've known both of them since 1987. So funny, with Geordie me and some friends, we were around 17 years old then, same age as Geordie, were sitting at the park at Keith and lonsdale drinking beer, around midnight, and all of a sudden Geordie flew past down lonsdale doing 40+km on a shopping cart and one of the triplets was sitting inside the cart holding an old school giant HandyCam filming as they ripped past. It was something I never forget when I happen to drive past there. Lol With AL, he had a TV in a shopping cart on west 2nd just off lonsdale. Both these times was 1988-89. Couldn't believe it when this documentary popped up in my suggested to watch videos and I thought shopping carts...that reminds me of these people... and it was them!!! I couldn't believe it. I kept thinking Haha if Geordie could see this, then he pops up in it... crazy! 😅😅😅

Tom Jenkins : Never been homeless, I've always been fairly lucky in life. But the outlaw culture and sense of TRUE freedom (not just having the ability to pick your own screensaver) really spoke to me. I think it's inspiring that there are still people that exist who don't want to trade freedom for comfort and convenience like the rest of us

Judo Johnny : This is a great documentary, when I was homeless I would go around on my skateboard and collect cans tell I found a job.

Revheads Tv : "wont be eatin any goddamn gud meals anymore" *gets out of jail fat*

Methamphetameme : "Life's a journey, not a destiny". -Street carnie salmon man

dabberley : This is a homeless person’s NASCAR

Lucas A : 25:41 First beer in 10 months and its a Budweiser, this Documentary just got more sad

FishNHunt 2 : I feel bad for the skunk who lost his buddy

MrFuchew : good old fashioned respectable homeless people. Were I live it's all young heroin junkies. All they do is beg, cheat and steal

Von Hassen : *fine ill finally watch this, are you happy youtube?*

Kevin Mills : what have i stumbled upon this time....

Hank Hill : Can’t believe I never seen these people riding carts in my town I see them I will help them out

Prozacgod : @55:56 haha oh man, as soon as you started talking about repaying some of their trust... I ... I just knew it!! I knew where you were going. That was probably worth a million bucks to Big Al, and simultaneously terrifying and exciting for you ;) Good man!

1k subs with no videos : Did he say he makes 70 dollars a day? That’s not bad for riding around in a shopping cart all day. That’s like 25k a year

Colin Andersen : The old man who picked up cans looks like bill murray

Austin : Solid documentary, no razzle dazzle just the story loved it

kyle c : Someone should build him a custom cart with urethane wheels, then he would be really smashin.

saab garage : Only a legend will decide to go sober while wearing a Budweiser shirt

Bobbi Floss : 1. Why don’t you get a bike with a big bin on wheels to tow + you can fly down hills ? 2. Why don’t you get a part time job and work 2 - 3 Days a week for a couple hours ?

Sniff matip : Where is that snake run? I'm from Livingston Scotland and will be in Canada for 2 months in August 2019 and would love to hit a park up like that.

Nathan Maguire : "you know this aint free, i have to 'take' a cart from a store and buy shoes. I mean you can steal shoes but i aint no thief." *Next scene shows him rolling down hill on stolen cart* LOL

xC4N4D14NB4C0Nx : Ladies an Gentlemen, welcome to Canada!

Michael : In the United States of prisons doing this would land you in jail for 3-5 years and most likely beaten and tazed. While in prison for your non violent crime, you would be subjected to some of the harshest prison conditions in the world, gang violence and sexual assault, forcing you to become a violent criminal just to stay alive. Once out, your criminal conviction will prevent you from becoming obtaining gainful employment, forcing you to find illegal ways to make a living, keeping you trapped in the cycle of the corporate prison system.

Matthew McKernan : Canada is a wierd place man lmao

Mike Hunt : "This beer wasn't as good as I thought it was gonna be." What do you expect it's a Budweiser

tyler bonser : Youre really not cleaning up the environment when you are taking bottles out of a recycling bin.


Wolff : I work in a warehouse and people just throw away plastic and cans. I collect them and take them to the recycling at the end of each month and make a decent amount of money

FalconPunch1978 : All I want now is to have drunk hobos flying past my house on shopping carts with the occasional crash and cans scattered everywhere. That's good entertainment in my book.

Christopher Santiago : Fascinating. Edit: "Making money playing my sport." This is like legit Street bobsledding. And serving the planet in a very important way. It's amazing how this day and age with our planet suffering from garbage dump overflow, pollution, and being thousands of years behind on simple recycle Technologies. More Recyclers, with custom carts for all!

Karl Walsh : Stumbled across this by total accident. The best documentary I've watched all year! I always seem to forget how big the world is...this was a happy reminder!

Cory Miller : Been on both sides and this is a bad ass documentary. The flower guy got it right. A balance of the plastic life and the free life. They're right though, only holding what you have is a very free feeling.

WeirdWorld : October 2018

Tom Kost : This is not a victimless crime. •We pay for the stolen carts in the store from which they are stolen. •They aren't picking up trash, they are stealing from the recycling companies. •And how many times have they crashed into people or a vehicle and just walked away?

Wolff : I didn't know I could learn si much about shipping carts

PKX392 : Pretty much non fiction Trailer Park Boys

Jono Dufourspitze : 16:43 what happened to Bill Murray?