Carts of Darkness

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Puddin' the Cat : The final scene about Trust caught me off guard and was very powerful. Thanks for this.

ImpatientWreck : "I could prolly get a job tomorrow, but u don't show up 2 days in a row cause ur on a bender with some pretty lookin blonde and the next thing you know, ur fired" lmao my man!!

Karl Walsh : Stumbled across this by total accident. The best documentary I've watched all year! I always seem to forget how big the world is...this was a happy reminder!

Hairyskinback : Most of the time you watch stuff on here and come away thinking what a waste of my time. This is not such an occasion. I checked so see how long was left a couple of times not because I wanted it to end I just hoped there was much more time. Thanks for making my mind richer with your work.

Henry Wilcox : i dont think it helps that this thing is called carts of darkness, its more like carts of lightness

Drew M : One of the best documentaries I've seen in a while.

Drew Lehman : This is an awesome documentary, one of the more powerful things i've ever watched

ac7941 : I bet he's happier than most homeowners.

psicodelicopsicopata : I love you, man. Thanks for this.

F-ZERO : Very cool... I didn't know these people existed

CheapSushi : This is freedom. The ending definitely made me tear up a bit. Thanks.

JDogg Industries : Amazing job man watched the whole thing we are all people with different stories

Amo Poder : Interesting documentary.

Anthony Gonzales : Thanks for sharing this awesome story!

fjobin1 : absolutely awesome documentary :)

Passyve : Loved this! Really makes you think..

Lance Lash : Hands down one of my favourite docs.

Xeldryd : Holy shit, that was a brilliant documentary.

Mohsen Rasheed : man this is great film

Tyr Mcasgard : Fucking beautiful man. One of the better documentary's I have seen in awhile, look forward to more.

Ben jammin : He's all "I hope one day I can put skis on a shopping cart"..... Yea It's called roller blades. 21:47. Where is Bubbles at? Very entertaining. Great Documentary.

INHELL4 : Great film Guerrilla film is the best...

Capttomguam Buckley : Excellent, from somebody who is living 1st. hand. A lot of truth and love. From lemons to lemonade!!!

Ronnie Postma : These guys are awesome!!

LOS COSMOS : Awesome

susan Novac : Really well done documentary, original.; hope to more vids from u.

Mike Hideous : Incredible work. Brings out emotion, the feels are real.

Melissa Hutchinson : look like these guys are living rather than exist to pay the bills great job guys like to see a club of cart runs

gerald kohl : Need more docs like this.You are a talented person.Don't let time erode it.

dankster : 20:12 *That* is true freedom.

jo wilson : indy carts 500

Dan Gessner : This is some legit stuff. I just stumbled upon this out of nowhere and i was hooked in the first minute. well done sir

PKX392 : Pretty much non fiction Trailer Park Boys

Kristin Cupp : Saddest doc I've ever seen, but necessary. Thank you for posting this.

ShaneO theCitidiot : that was to f'en cool seeing you in the cart made me smile,GOOD MOVIE!!

bryce hall : wow...very powerful documentary...saved it in my watch later folder a few months ago, just got around to watching it...instant fan!

Joshua Watson : bravo

Gegs1873 : Best and quickest hours viewing I've had for along time.

Maad Maestro : An excellent doc. Sad, yet some of it was hilarious.

Hoshbosh B'Gosh : excellent doco man

Kalle Anka Klös : Good ol' Snake!

sgc1959 : Great Documentary !!! loved the ending of it !!

Swallabat : Awesome video. Excellent production (IMHO) too.

Jason8r : What a great documentary. The bit at the end made me smile :)

David Hubbard : exalent documentary the ending was was amazing

Gustav Palsson : Just fantastic work Murray. Thanks for this.

Jarrett Vaughan : great film!

Melissa Hutchinson : the thing i have seen in a long time

scott helstrom : yep!

Chase Evis : thanks, Cletus