Tokyo Bon 東京盆踊り2020 (MakuDonarudo) Namewee 黃明志 ft.Cool Japan TV @亞洲通吃2018專輯 All Eat Asia
This Japanese music video teaches Japanglish and is catchy af

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New Music: Namewee ft.DJ KOO @TRF【Boy Meets Girl 2020 Remix】八零後哈日電音神曲改編 Cool Japan TV Website: Business Inquiries : Cool Japan TV Facebook Page : Cool Japan TV YouTube Channel: Cool Japan TV Instagram : Namewee 黃明志 Official Facebook Fan Page: YouTube Channel Link: “Tokyo Bon 2020” is a co-production with the largest influencer marketing company in Japan - Cool Japan TV. The Bon Odori dance is choreographed by the award winner Japanese traditional dancer - Ukon Takafuji. The song combines Japan traditional music elements with Asia pop, giving the song dynamic energy that has never been heard before. The song also potrayes the unique and cute sound of Japanglish, the friendship beyond the border, and the love for Japanese cultures. Bon Odori is a traditional Japanese dance that performed all over Japan with people holding hands together and dancing in a circle. The song contains a wish for world peace where people from different backgrounds hold hands together, and an invitation to the largest festival of peace - “Tokyo Olympics 2020”. ※ Any collaborations, event, business inquiries with Tokyo Bon, please contact ----------------- 「東京盆踊り2020」是一支與日本最大網紅媒體公司 - Cool Japan TV 共同製作的作品。盆舞舞蹈由國際知名的日本傳統舞踊家 - 孝藤右近編排。 此作品融合亞洲各國及日本的音樂元素,歌曲混沌的能量形成了充滿魅力的流行音樂,並巧妙地描繪了外國人對日式英文獨特及可愛的發音的感覺,跨國友誼及互相理解,以及對日本文化的愛。 盆舞,是多人手牽手,圍圓圈一起跳的日本傳統祭典文化。此曲的理念為,希望全世界的人們一同手牽手祈福和平,一同前往和平的祭典「東京奧運會2020」。 ※ 任何作品,活動,商務合作,請聯繫 ----------------- 「Tokyo Bon 2020」は、Nameweeと日本最大級のインフルエンサーマーケティング企業「Cool Japan TV」の共同プロデュース作品です。盆踊りの振り付けは、世界的に活躍する創作日本舞踊家の孝藤右近が手掛けています。 本作は、アジアと日本の音楽性が融合した、混沌としたエネルギーが魅力のポップスとなっており、外国人が感じるジャパングリッシュのユニークでカワイイ響き、国境を越えた友情と相互理解、日本文化への愛着が表現されています。 盆踊りは、多人数が手をつなぎ、輪になって楽しく踊る、日本の伝統文化です。本作には世界中の人々と国境を超えて手をつなぐという平和への祈り、世界が一同に集う平和の祭典「東京オリンピック2020」へ夢が込められています。 ※ Tokyo Bonとのコラボレーション、日本に関するイベント開催、日本に関するビジネス相談などについてのお問い合わせは、 までお問い合わせください。 ===================================================== KKBOX: ► Spotify:► iTunes:► Apple Music:► MyMusic:► friDay音樂:► MOOV:► Amazon: ► Deezer: ► Tidal: ► 网易云音乐:► 虾米音乐:► QQ音乐:► 酷狗音乐:► 酷我音乐:► 喜马拉雅FM:► 听伴FM:► 荔枝FM:► sing:► ===================================================== #namewee #黃明志 #tokyobon


1,000 subscribers without videos : Friend : "I don't understand this japanese subject Me, an intellectual : *"just Guguru it"* Friend : "just what??"

Ellen Liu : “ I love aoi sora “ 😂😂😂😂😂

ZAGOUDI LOUSOURE : *Japan:* *Let's make everything cute*

Macedthur : How i learned Japanese 98% Anime 0.5% This song 1.5% others

cry of the banshee : My gold fish listen to this Now she's a koi fish Edit: omg so much like my gold f.... Ahem I mean my koi fish is very happy after seeing it

Jehpu Lallawm Ngente : Japanese are the most disciplined community on Earth. I remember when the fans cleaned up their mess during world cup even though they loss the match.

ariff open the box vlog 2 : Forgot one thing Mitsubishi and Panasonic National and the last one sharp

Froxz Stars : Namewee : I don't speak Japanese But I love Aoi Sora Me : Me Too :D

guyiding tri-rain : 1 min: WTF is this? 5 min: What a catchy song lets play again. 20 min: MAKUDONARUDO! GUGURU TOILETTO! KITTO KATTO!

iiNsaneKookie animations : This inspires me to study japanese .-.

Xilia Art489 : I will sing this song when I'm lost in Japan Also Lost in Japan by Shawn Mendes?

Ducthien Do : WTF godzilla king of the monster

Rosé Ayaka candy : As a Japanese person yall weird lol like weebs

SoulsIV : Once I was in Japan *The toilet speak to me*

*りな : The sounds of Japanese language is always together with vowels. I can speak Japanglish 🤣

Tory VA : боже, почему я не могу перестать пересматривать это видео!!)))

Thingujam Tejmani : the english look fun but i want to go japan love sonika from india state manipur

Hae.89 : As an OTAKU, I want this song made in anime version 🤣🤣🤣

congnan lu : Me: are you speaking Japanese? Her: no, I’m speaking English

ʏṳккi : Namewee: I Love ramen tempura Naruto Uzumaki: I Love You too

no subscribers with no videos : Music director and choreograher: what's the lyrics Singer: *H A I* (Y E S in Japanese )

hafidha saifulloh : This is song for the olympic tokyo 2020 but i'm so happy to hearing this song Make me laugh so much hahahahaha

K. J : I'm a Japanese. In order to help visitors, I'm studying English hard now! Until 2020 Tokyo Olympic, I'll become to speak English fluently. Don't be afraid to come to Japan! We will be ready to wellcome your visit!

David Dadoali : Came for kawaii girl in seifuku, stay for the music.

BancroftOutdoors : That kitty tone in those girls voice is kind of hot.

Aqib Ahmed : Japnese is so easy just add u in every word and nothing else.

Yappari : Olympic 2020 Tokyo Welcome to 🇯🇵 Japan

まろたん : I am Japanese! Everyone, please come to Japan! !💗👭💗

Shreesha Bhatta : Japan is my dream country ❤️😍 Lots of love from Nepal 🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵

楓夜星 : 黃明志這鬼才到底會多少語言..

Muss Nm : Aoi Sora fans :: 90% Love this song :: 5% Anime fans :: 5 %

DJ Ray Boston : Love it! Took me too long to discover this song. Music reminds me of バレバレ節 by AKB48

Juan Vargas : Maravilloso ......simplemente perfecto. Gracioso y educativo, que más de puede pedir😂😂😂😂😂

Кирилл Баранов : Wait, are they making fun of both the engrish and gaijin?)

The Arsenal Swagus : I probably sound worse when I try to speak Nihongo than them when they try to speak english (Japanglish/Engrish).

Saksarit Sombat : คนไทยไม่ฟังเพลงนี้กันรึไงไม่เจอเม้นไทยเลย

Hensen FM : i already watch it for 20 times... My life is very full

DarkPrincess230494 : Anyone know what it is they chant between the chorus and the verse? It’s not in any of the lyrics I’ve looked at

Sherry myu : もう来年か…早いな Hey guys,don't be afraid to visit japan. We are waiting for you coming year.❣

Simon Padatuk Padatuk Simon : Arigatou Goizaimasu=Thank You

Deduleadaa : Anglicisms in any language are digusting though, particularly when the english word you use has an equivalent in your language.

Sheikh Meher Ali : This song when..... 1st time: what the heck is this! 2nd time: ok it sounds good 3rd time: mcdonalds' becomes makudonarudo..... 4th time : *_addicted_*

Gilar Akbar : I dont speak japanese but i love toyota supra.

Kyo Fernandez Eguavil : 100 % Anime Otaku (Japan)

chiruzu nao : take positive bro aoi sora mean = blue sky

Bernard L.W : I see no "plastic" here 😉 I love Japan

Bro Bun : I love Japan Country so much💕

jayanta borpatra gohain : I love when she says Makudonarudo...... I just repeat and repeat and repeat only to hear the word and to see her expressions....... Love the video so much

John Niel Wenzel Terrado : Didn’t notice but they’re going to use this in Tokyo 2020 olympics probably