The Bangles and Slayer - "Walk Like an Angel of Death"

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Yasser Youssef : That's a disrespect to the legendary Slayer 😔😠

metfan4l : One more for the category "things that never should work together but somehow do". Great work once again! :D

udda : To call this a masterpiece is to underestimate it.

Lee Martinez : Many of my coworkers love 80's music, but hate metal...I can't wait to see the disappointment in their eyes when I crank this up tomorrow!

only1utdanditsleeds : I just love the way their long hair frames their pretty faces. So feminine. The Bangles are ok too

GuillermoNicris : Bill McClintock has broken through to an elevated state of consciousness where every song is the same song. This is the musical equivalent of the Flatland people discovering three dimensions


cast390 : Slayer just announced they're not retiring, Instead they are going on tour with the Bangles as soon as the current tour is over.

jon nuanez : No Slayer video is complete without the sexiest eye roll in music history...Oh Susanna.

stylac : Scream like an Egyptian

MashGyver : Bangle Of Death! Hilarious combo! Hopefully Slayer doesn't demand this one taken down!

Jason Walker : I had an ear to ear grin the whole video. I loved when Tom was screaming "angel of death" over clips of happy pedestrians Egyptian walking!

Marco Cruz : Unexpected 1:56 lol!!!! This is hilarious and great at the same time.

BRG : Well-placed banshee scream. I was beginning to wonder where that was going to come in.

tonepoet : Bill creates the music we ACTUALLY want to hear. Thanks for correcting the flaws of the music industry.

FLIP ! : OMFG! See kids, this... THIS, is what a remix is. Not a 3 min. song extended to 12 with crappy drum loops. Good ear, good taste, and genuine talent. This isn’t thinking inside, or outside the box. “I’m gonna do s Slayer, Bangles remix. I make my own fucking box.”

ammortal : Susannah Hoffs is much cuter than Tom Araya.

John Nelson : This one haunts me. It's perhaps your most intense one. On one hand, it really shows how horrific and tragic the lyrics to Angel of Death is, and on the other hand it showcases how the bangles are sexy and fine AF!!!

FiatDuster : "Die Like an Egyptian"

Needles165 : The contrast between the 2 bands couldn't be stronger hahaha

Eric Jones : I'm a huge Slayer fan but this is great.

John Stitt : I lost my shit when he screamed......

Fred P : Man, this really got stuck in my head. My favourite part is 2:43. I can't stop laughing uncontrollably every time I hear it.

Sara Reynolds : Another great mix as usual. Thank you very much.

Clintyngvie : This is more unholy than the most evil black metal band!

Louis C : Susanna Hoffs... still hot

SteadyMTB : Susanna Hoffs still gives me chills

grilledspaghetti : That lead guitarist for the Bangles.... Yep, major crush back then.

Grumpy Old Gray Metalhead : Walk With An Erection Of Death.

Good Vidz : The SLAYngles!!!!

enus007 : I'll watch anything with Susanna Hoffs in it. Oh yeah Slayer aint bad either.

unnamed : This shows how close pop and heavily metal often are. I grew up watching artists like Megadeth and Madonna playing one after another on MTV. The only reason it fit is because the different styles of music weren't too different. That's probably heresy to fans of both types of music, but truth is often heretical.

ALVIEDZANE : All the Nazis in Auschwitz say... Wayoo wayoo Oowayo wayoooooooo Another great gem. Bill’s on a Slayer kick. Better watch this one before the YouTubeStapo takes it down! Bill, listen to City Of Tiny Lites (Zappa) and Steppin’ Out (Joe Jackson) and see if you can cross that particular diamond with the pearl!

Mike Blotzer : You pissed Lucifer off with this one... Brilliant. Bill McBeethoiven

Jason M : Holy amazeballs! This is awesome, and incredibly well done! 😀

Patriot : i laughed so hard i peed a little..good work!

Laura Harris : LOL- that's awesome! ___(ツ)_/¯

82Novica : I love love love your work man, makes my day every time you put something out

SofronPolitis : This, ladies and gentlemen, is pure epicness.

Lasse Bech Erlendsson : As always, quite brilliant. I especially enjoyed the fused solos, very nice touch indeed good sir👍🏻

Mike N : With all the crazy Nazi experiments Josef Mengele did, I guess I shouldn't be surprised if walking like an Egyptian was also tried.

Ashstrodamus1 : The brilliance of this all is amazing.

Daniel Hayes : Mix Major Lance's "Um Um Um Um" and Chrash Test Dummies " Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm".

Casey Jones : Love the part where Lombardo kicks in the 2nd verse. Earworms man, you sure know how to make em.

TI123 : By the way, this video won't be up long. The brilliant Wham/Slayer mash was sadly taken down. Better download this!

SecretWeapon625 : This is almost as good as "Use My Mouth For War."

Marcos Bello Pérez : Awesome in so many levels, simply genius!

#LisaMilena R : Good morning Bill. That was an awesome mashup. I’ve heard the bangles song but not slayer. Ty!!

The Raul Guerrero G : Why is this so good??

Desecrator6 : Reigning blood solo filler?