Voice Actor Shares Secrets To Changing Your Voice (ft. ProZD)

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_Jazmin Mata_ : *my voice sounds different when I record it why?*

Travis Plush Productions : 2:56 DID SOMEONE SAY EGGCELLENT?!

Maxatal : I hate Buzzfeed but gotta give ProZD some respect.

Kenny Vo : Only ProZD could make me watch a BuzzFeedVideo

Pi Mi : I feel so ashamed that I didn’t know he’s ACTUALLY a voice actor!! When I watched some videos of him I thought that he’s doing the skits and his changing voice as a hobby 0.0 im so sorry I didn’t keep up

Nicholas Nguyen : I watch anything with ProZD

Bonnie : ProZD is too good for Buzzfeed.

Zaina Soliman : i thought this was one of his comedy skits until i saw who posted it,,,

ButDoYouAnime? : king dragon sends his regards

Morgan Phillips : "Thats the easiest way to start, is just start doing it " - ProZD 2k18

Moxie Beast ASMR : i always see this guy and his shorts on reddit ❤️he's hilarious! go guy!!

Andrea Cruxton : Phoenix 1:32 Gumshoe 2:26 Edgeworth 3:30 I guess it was too much to hope for him to mention them by name xD

Tae with some Suga and Kookies Plz : 2:40 M-markiplier?

Audrey ayy : he's one of the FUNNIEST most versatile voice actors out there and he makes meme content to boot so honestly I'm not sure why you haven't checked his channel out (especially if you're into japanese games n shows!)

OmicronGaming : SOMEONE HAD PROZD IN THEIR VIDEO? *sees BuzzFeed* Oh

Yuri Grigsby : 2:55 "FIND ALL 800 EGGS"

G.I Joe : 2:59 he sounds like king candy from wreck it ralph

G.G. : But why did you end up on buzzfeed?

Bokononist : Not sure if this is a step up or down in his career.

_Jazmin Mata_ : Can you do the voice of Mario like the phrase “it’s me Mario”

Wolf6120 : 2:30 "Hey, it's me, your pal!" Oh my God, Gumshoe! It's been so long.

Fire Nation Files : "ft. ProZD" **click**

Mers : 3:30 _really_ sounds like an oblivion voice actor

Sgt. Spud : 2:00 basically Markipliers voice.

TheGamerCyclops : It pains me to see ProZD participating in anything partnered with Buzzfeed...

Faith : ProZD is best waifu.

Kakashi The Copy Ninja : On one hand I hate buzzfeed but on the other hand I love ProZD

Kane K : Didn't know he was the VA of my fave anime Character Soske bosuke 🤔💯

Victorianme : Didn't know ProZD is a professional voice actor!! That...explains a lot, actually.

Not so MLG Person : I'm a simple man, I see ProZD and I click.

Warped : His voice kinda sounds like Seth Mcfarlane.

[HD 4k] Oh Yeah Yeah : Came for pro. Disliked buzzfeed.

Dimitri ello : Hell yeah scarra my boi!

selneversleeps : his video uploads are the highlight of my week im so glad you got him buzzfeed


Dammitimmad : This is God's voice in human form

Anxiety Mango : 2:35 gumshoe confirmed

Vincent Foley : Been watching u since like 2016

Andrei Sager : Why does this guy look like scarra?

The Black Reaper : Has this guy voiced any anime characters?

Smakyak Productions : How could he fall to the darkness, the darkness of Buzzfeed... it makes me sick.

Caleb Davis : Only time I'm ok with watching buzzfeed 😂😂

Ryan Savage : Nice, my boy made it to buzzfeed

Andrea doesrandomthings : I love it that you had proZD

Dex : That's not just a voice actor, that's ProZD

Dr. Pineapples : _Well goddamn, he's done it. He's gotten on Buzzfeed_

Erick Sang : Wait this guy is in Nomad of Nowhere? i had no idea that was him!!

Austin : He did the Edgeworth voice <3

Aditya Soni : Azrezz..

NewPhoneWhoDis : Did anyone else try to do some voices.. but in their head? *Kappa*