Charles Bradley performs soulful cover of Black Sabbath's 'Changes'

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PotatoMcWhiskey : This performance genuinely moved me to tears.

SilkyC : Rest this mans soul. What an amazing cover. I did not realize it was Black Sabbath until I dug a little more into the song and into Charles Bradley

Jibicus Maximus : Reading comments, I am gutted he died! Guess you Chilling with your mum now, for ever , RIP, to a true legend.

Kenny Westone : Charles Bradley has the most soul in his voice, there is no one who can sing blues good as him. It's because of his tragical life.

Zypher : This deserves more attention.

S I : Someday, in the far and distant future, as the world burns and collapses in on itself, I wish that someone has the mind to transmit a final radio signal of this song out, into the beyond. If there is anything left, after we're gone, to prove we were here, I hope this is it.

Spasmosis Jones : When you click thumbs up even before he starts singing cuz you know fam.. you just noe eargasmz

Josh Richard : As a Black Sabbath fan, I wholeheartedly approve of this cover. Breathtaking.

Phillip J. Fry : Big mouth brought me here

robbiepepe : this guy sounded familiar to me... turns out he played krampus in that american dad episode

EARONS Hour : This song made me wake up my mother just so that I could hug her. Thank you.

Luvie1980 : Has ozzy Osbourne heard this? This is amazing!

fkcyber : Black Bradley - Charles Sabbath

Joseph Kyle : RIP Charles Bradley

chicken permission : I agree, Brendon. It is beautiful

BlackPhoenix623 : The almighty Black Sabbath covered by a wonderful & powerful singer

Salkis Re : omg yesssssssssss

Glen Hesketh : Heart of gold.

G T2281 : R.I.P of the greatest Sabbath cover's ever.

Kate Wilson : Anyone know who the guitar player is?

Chhamrat Him : Happy birthday mama, you would of been 70 today.

Eric Bruce : Black Sabbath fan here. Never heard of Charles Bradley.... but I will be checking out more of him. RIP.

Bleeding Cooter : And the guitarist is excellent.  He was able to gauge when Bradley would begin adlibbing and return to the general... I forget what they call that.  The guitarist knows how to keep up.  It was expertly done!  :)

wesley henriques : I'm sad about this news. My condolences to the family 😢. Charles Bradley "Changes"

RochestersEarl : pain, sweat, tears and a lotta soul. what a beautiful rendition mr. Bradley! r.i.p.

david ritter : I listened to ozzys version after my mom died it was devastating to me to lose her. ty Charles for showing me im not alone. i to was moved to tears by your version.God Bless you.

Kate Wilson : NOOOO!!!! He died!!???😥

Johm Strom : wow. just wow the sound of a soul, crying

Kasey Gaither : That guitar tone is godly and his voice hurts my soul. Beautiful performance.

buzz tone : Beautiful version. What an amazing voice! I like it better than the original, no disrespect to the mighty Black Sabbath, but his emotion really hits the heart strings. Magic.

Gabe Reeves : Who's here from Brendon Urie?

Cheez whiz : I'm here bc Brendon's Tweet

An Ne : Brendon Urie brought me here. Good taste in music. thanks

CandyAcidReign : Rest in Peace Charles Bradley... made me cry. Beautiful. I appreciated his music from the start. So glad he was able to share his soul through music with the world.

Gabriella Taylor : Who else came here because of brendon?

Seth Blanch : He sounds like the Krampus in american dad

Nitzan Anavi : Brendon urie?

Simon Kennedy : This IS music!!!

TheWallBeyond : I saw Charles Bradley sitting in front of me at a Sharon Jones + Daptones concert at the Sydney Opera House, about 5 years ago. I saw him outside, and asked him for a picture, told him he had a great voice and I loved his music; he looked surprised. Fame was still new to him, and that a stranger in Sydney knew him caught him by surprise. He said he'd be playing for free at the Sydney Jazz Festival... the same day I was leaving. Never got to see him live, sadly. He had the greatest voice I'ver ever heard. Rest in peace brother.

Khairul Nisya : Come here from Brendon Urie 😁

ryukdluffy : Man, if he heard Anathema's One Last Goodbye and sang that too. wow. That song is about the death of his mother.

Cullen Cochran : This man is pure emotion. He just cuts straight through the intellectual and communicates to an older part of my brain, a part of my brain that's raw, primal expression. I just get lost in it because he gets lost in it, and we're just lost in it together.

C1 808 : First time hearing of this guy and listening to him sing and I'm just wowed! Can't believe he passed but I'm glad Real Soul music still exist in a time where music on the radio has gone to crap #rip #realsoul

CanadianRandom : people better keep this at zero dislikes . legendary black Sabbath covers is what this world needs

Ray Whyte : Rest in peace legend, whilst your up in heaven, we'll be down here listening to your beautiful music.

Damien Ducati : Thank you applause all day!!

Ska Vo : I love this so much but it really bothers me that he's saying " To Change" instead of " Through Changes "

Kym Ray : Motherfucker... I cried thru the whole thing... This is what I love about music

Noga Aderet : I hope he is rest in peace withe his mom.

Spencer Sattler : this man had SOUL, rest in peace sir