Charles Bradley performs soulful cover of Black Sabbath's 'Changes'

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PotatoMcWhiskey : This performance genuinely moved me to tears.

Josh Richard : As a Black Sabbath fan, I wholeheartedly approve of this cover. Breathtaking.

Ostkreutz Rox : Why is it so deadly to be a famous soul singer? Most of them are dead. I wanted to visit one of his concerts here in Germany. But he canceled them and died because of his cancer. God damn he sang like he was about to explode.

emilio idk : the people who disliked this cant hear correctly.

Bleeding Cooter : And the guitarist is excellent.  He was able to gauge when Bradley would begin adlibbing and return to the general... I forget what they call that.  The guitarist knows how to keep up.  It was expertly done!  :)

Jibicus Maximus : Reading comments, I am gutted he died! Guess you Chilling with your mum now, for ever , RIP, to a true legend.

Luvie1980 : Has ozzy Osbourne heard this? This is amazing!

Eric Bruce : Black Sabbath fan here. Never heard of Charles Bradley.... but I will be checking out more of him. RIP.

Cullen Cochran : This man is pure emotion. He just cuts straight through the intellectual and communicates to an older part of my brain, a part of my brain that's raw, primal expression. I just get lost in it because he gets lost in it, and we're just lost in it together.

BlackPhoenix623 : The almighty Black Sabbath covered by a wonderful & powerful singer

Kenny Westone : Charles Bradley has the most soul in his voice, there is no one who can sing blues good as him. It's because of his tragical life.

david ritter : I listened to ozzys version after my mom died it was devastating to me to lose her. ty Charles for showing me im not alone. i to was moved to tears by your version.God Bless you.

MCMLXV : Wow. I lost my mom in 2008. I've accepted it, but I'm still not over it. I've heard this song a thousand times, but never from this perspective. Thank you, Toronto Star for posting this. And thank you, Charles Bradley. Just thank you.

Audiwan Kenobi : Thank unites the races....we need unity.

Andy Stojek : 3 lines in he had me. AWESOME!

SilkyC : Rest this mans soul. What an amazing cover. I did not realize it was Black Sabbath until I dug a little more into the song and into Charles Bradley

buzz tone : Beautiful version. What an amazing voice! I like it better than the original, no disrespect to the mighty Black Sabbath, but his emotion really hits the heart strings. Magic.

Simon Kennedy : This IS music!!!

Raffleticket : Made me cry like a baby lol

Fart Knocker : The whole newsroom behind them....missed a BIG Story.

Zypher : This deserves more attention.

GUNT HEAD : Love this mans cover love my mama. Love you all

Fart Knocker : wtf...i can't take it

Very Deep : Im not crying, im sweating through my eye

Paula Oliveira : Maravilhoso!!!!!💙💙💙

Dylan Grieve : Damn

Cintia Perna : just beautiful

Royal Gaines II : Dang. I feel like someone just pulled my heart out of my chest. I feel this dude.

Mateo’s Place : Good work just speechless about that what a good version

Joseph Kyle : RIP Charles Bradley

Donovan 66 : Heaven. This is so beautiful

Brave Undead : This is incredible.

Lavrentivs : Early metal was very much influenced by blues, so a bit of a "full circle".

Courtney Piniewski : This is how this song was meant to be sung....

G T2281 : R.I.P of the greatest Sabbath cover's ever.

FaZe Ender : I don’t know why you guys are upset that Charles Bradley passed... He’s with his mom now and he isn’t going through the pain he suffered losing her and not having her around. I never lost a family member until just recently and I’m just truly devastated, I’m not one to express my feelings but I’m truly in pain and I know for a fact from personally experience Charles Bradley was going through worse. I do miss Charles Bradley but at least he’s in a happier place now with his mother. R.I.P Charles Bradley

Ska Vo : I love this so much but it really bothers me that he's saying " To Change" instead of " Through Changes "

witching hour : god damn these tears. i love my momma so much man, wouldnt know what to do without either of my parents leaving the earth.

Wesley Prout : Big mouth?

james osorio : I'm sad about this news. My condolences to the family 😢. Charles Bradley "Changes"

Hillbilly Noma : I am unhappy, I am so sad, I lost the best friend I ever had

Molly Wilkins : "I'm going to change it" - so much better. Thanks, Charles. x

Walker Flocker : Man this is amazing. I don't even like the original version of this song. But I see it in a brand new light. It's hard to type this out with the tears in my eyes rn. Well done sir. Any chance of a Sabbath bloody Sabbath cover?

David : RIP Charles, the world will miss your soulful expression that has moved so many.

Kasey Gaither : That guitar tone is godly and his voice hurts my soul. Beautiful performance.

Dr. Vex : beautiful

delta229 : God damn.

Ken Gaska : Never heard of Black Sabbath?

silver black : Through

Buck Rogers : If our souls had a voice I hope mine would sound as cool as his