Charles Bradley performs soulful cover of Black Sabbath's 'Changes'

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PotatoMcWhiskey : This performance genuinely moved me to tears.

Zypher : This deserves more attention.

wesley henriques : I'm sad about this news. My condolences to the family 😢. Charles Bradley "Changes"

CandyAcidReign : Rest in Peace Charles Bradley... made me cry. Beautiful. I appreciated his music from the start. So glad he was able to share his soul through music with the world.

G T2281 : R.I.P of the greatest Sabbath cover's ever.

CanadianRandom : people better keep this at zero dislikes . legendary black Sabbath covers is what this world needs

Kasey Gaither : That guitar tone is godly and his voice hurts my soul. Beautiful performance.

Tristan Vickers : wow. what an amazing version.

TheWallBeyond : I saw Charles Bradley sitting in front of me at a Sharon Jones + Daptones concert at the Sydney Opera House, about 5 years ago. I saw him outside, and asked him for a picture, told him he had a great voice and I loved his music; he looked surprised. Fame was still new to him, and that a stranger in Sydney knew him caught him by surprise. He said he'd be playing for free at the Sydney Jazz Festival... the same day I was leaving. Never got to see him live, sadly. He had the greatest voice I'ver ever heard. Rest in peace brother.

Mustang Films : This version is simply beautiful

Terrell Mercer : Rest in peace to the screaming eagle...

Khalilah Price : Missing my uncle 😓

mike connell : You took that to another level incredible emotions!never seen anything like that.

Lara Morais : I feel unhappy I feel so sad I lost the best friend That I ever had She was my woman I loved her so But it's too late now I've let her go I'm going through changes I'm going through changes We shared the eve's We shared each day In love together We found a way But soon the world Had its evil way My heart was blinded Love went astray I'm going through changes I'm going through changes It took so long To realize That I can still hear Her last goodbyes Now all my days Are filled with tears Wish I could go back And change these years I'm going through changes I'm going through changes

Tony Austin : I saw Charles Bradley purely by accident when I suppose to be working. Love this guy.

Sandy Coustumes : Thank you Charles Bradley and the gift you shared with us. RIP

José Ferrer : there are tears in my eyes

Christopher layne : Hairs stood up on my arms! The pain he is feeling is real. He conveys his true emotions thru his voice and not many artist these days can do that!

John Fight : Rest in peace ...

Lucas Wilkinson : As a lifelong black Sabbath fan I can honestly say this version is a wonderful cover. Really can feel the pain

Keith Orzen : RIP to the "Screamin Eagle of Soul"

macdeath26 : Now I know that Dio could have done a great version too. Nice one here, powerfull voice..

Phillip F : Goodbye good sir

Carolina Zamora : feel in love....thought Ozzy was the only one.. OMG!!!!!!

Dario Herrera : Just to imagine the day I'll lost my Mother... Uuffff that will be the saddest day of my life. And I had a lot of sad days in the past, but I know that will be the biggest one!

Daniel Mateos : maravillosa

Sean Findley : RIP Charles

Kennedy Crevoiserat : Sang with as much soul as ozzy props to you man it was great

Martin Luna : instant tears unless you're not human.

Eddie Last : Nice to see he achieved his dream in his lifetime. Saw him at Bonnaroo 2015. RIP and thanks for your soulful contribution Charles.

Phillip J. Fry : Big mouth brought me here

lost in isolation : This gave me absolute chills, much pain!!

Compost Wise : Sometimes, in order to bring art through the ages it will take an artist to appreciate it, carry it and hang it upon a wall besides art of another kind which is more often a little less of depth and talent. A beautiful song sung once again by a true artist for another generation or so to enjoy and hopefully attach to their own memories and wisdom... Thank you for being, Mr Charles Bradley.

Joseph Kyle : RIP Charles Bradley

Nicholas Norway : lamb of god brought me here

Michael : I agree, Brendon. It is beautiful

Genile Bankai Elric : Wait, he’s dead???????

Caleb f : The hosts mouth when he talks looks like the mouth of souron from the extended version of lotr

robbiepepe : this guy sounded familiar to me... turns out he played krampus in that american dad episode

Kaesse : Wonderful, realy..!!!!

MrMinecraftAtlantis : @Mr. Bradley - I love you man! She feels your pain brother as do I.

RGomes : Wonderful!!!

Mr. Waffle : Who's here from Brendon Urie?

Jon Porter : Goodbye Mr. Bradley

Space Goth : emotion

Stu I : Someday, in the far and distant future, as the world burns and collapses in on itself, I wish that someone has the mind to transmit a final radio signal of this song out, into the beyond. If there is anything left, after we're gone, to prove we were here, I hope this is it.

Gabriella Garber : Who else came here because of brendon?

Kate Wilson : Anyone know who the guitar player is?

Kate Wilson : NOOOO!!!! He died!!???😥

Jim A Guerrero : he did it good.