Elon Musk in Interstellar - parody mashup

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KaziooFX : Thanks for everyone's comments and likes! I really appreciate them all. Consider subscribing if you would like to see more videos like this in the future. Thank you!

Will Prowse RV Living and Off-grid Solar : I hope elon sees this

ElementalMaker : Most amazing thing I've seen all of 2018. Holy shit it just works so well. I'm mindforked real hard.

Brian Turner : Holy shit this is gold

Еlоn Мusk : It was easy

TRY to HELP you : I can not convey how much joy this brings.... Yep. Thanks for this, it was hilarious.

TheCritique : “Elon what’re you doing?” “Ocean landing”

Treyskyy : *Hits blunt* “There are many simulations”

Warrenaterz : All I can do is thank my YouTube recommended right now.

Lord Feder : i lost it when he started smoking the joint 0:53 AHAH

Jesus Christ : Praise be Saint Elon!

Chad Tennant : Who else has watched this more than ten times?

Andromeda JG : Elon educating a robot... yeah, sounds about right.

That Guy : This is really well done. Great job with the color correction and rotoscoping.

Džejk : "I'm trippin' balls here" - Elon, the God.

AntVenom : This is now my favorite thing.

YnteryPictures : I just realized that he's just sitting there cracking jokes while rocket's landing itself on autopilot. "No controls were touched during the entire journey". Damn, it's even more funny that way xD

Jocke155 : Elon Musk is that pro KSP player

Black Terminal : Something probably not commented on is the outstanding AI on the booster. It basically landed with one hand tied behind it's back. They ordered it to "land" at Sea but I think it may have been able to pull off a ground landing had it been given the chance. Simply amazing seeing the level of computer skill being able to right itself with out all its grid fins functional. Looking at this you can see that this level of automated skill will save a lot of lives in all kinds of applications.

mohit kashyap : Can you edit tony stark as elon musk? I think that would be cool

Cassini Jr. : So they are inside the booster?

SirLovesALott : *Elon Musk announces Interstellar 2 on Mars*

Justin Y. : Guess he was really high that day.

CraftyFoxe : This is epic

heyyy wazup : was here before it gone viral

IT Help : I watched it like 20 times

태선우TaeSunWoo : Elon: (hits blunt) Me: I mean you’re right

Entire life : Please, make a film with Elon Musk

Peace M8 ツ : Omg there is none better. Looks extremely real. Nice editing

JD Overclock : *I would love to see Elon reacting to this! Lmfao* 😂😂

Moofy : Okay this is epic

E5M : I laughed so hard that my butt fell off.

Nathanael Luttrell : I wish I could give this video multiple likes.

SneakyOFBastard : Spread the word.. we have to make Elon see this :). We need more videos like this !

Conan O'Brien : Lmao great editing here, even the lightning on his face suits perfect to this scene

Black Mello : do anyone have an Oscar i wanna give it to the editor....

Star Man : My favorite film My favorite hero Amazing VFX OMG this awesome, thank you

Assar Strömblad : Haha plz somone tag elon on twitter with this xD

FadilFullDays : after watching this I was proud of Elon musk

Multorum Unum : Sure Elon is hidden under a pseudonym somewhere in the comments

Pavel Mecer : What a sensible usage of deepfake :)

PHOTON : the editing is crazy!

Nemoris Inferioris : When he pulled out the joint and had headphones on I died lol. Btw nice editing

Distilled Water : O C E A N L A N D I N G

Muaz Kabir : You my friend, just earned a sub!

Abhimaneu KJ : Everybody tweet this to Elon. I think he should see this. Excellent work.

Salok Singh : My heart pumps so hard whenever that Interstellar BGM comes up.

RobinEnrydCarlsson : Good god, that was some serious movie magic.

verem maki : THank you YouTube, now please stop recommending this video to me

S Wonder : When he smokes the blunt talking about the multiverse I buckled lol!! good job👍