Super Flu – Selee (official video)
I found this gem today while watching videos on youtube

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Monaberry #51 Super Flu – Selee EP S U P E R F L U ◆ Facebook: ◆ Soundcloud: @super-flu-de Beatport exclusive: Spotify: Vinyl: C R E D I T S Created in Line Rider Movement by Ben Harvey a.k.a. Rabid Squirrel Visuals by David Lu and Ben Harvey Creative Direction by Sharon Pak Software Development by David Lu Ben's Line Rider web portfolio: Ben's YouTube channel: David's website: David's YouTube channel: Sharon's website: Sharon's Instagram: Play Line Rider:


ObsidianMadman : Line rider has officially raised the bar into the stratosphere.

Ilse P. : THIS IS IT. As someone who has synesthesia I can finally relate to a video! I don't always see sounds as colours, but as shapes in movement! This is absolutely brilliant!!

Andrei Yang : DoodleChaos is going to have a lot to answer for.

Süleyman Tekin Gürmen : Line Rider-themed music videos are becoming a trend, right?

paragonjones13 : Everyone praising the visuals - which are amazing, don't get me wrong - but here I am chuffed that some Crash Bandicoot sound is alive in this song

GreaseTrapHousse : Holy shit that is insane. I can't imagine how long that took. The song alone gave me chills and visual representation of the music was next level. Thank you very much.

Til Kolare : fuck, die Animation ist genial

nknasi : amazing work on the visuals!

Wj11jam : Holy crap, the track is amazing, and I'm grateful that linerider was able to intoduce me to this great song. also, 3:22 uses a sample that is also used in Jeh Jeh Rocket, which is just the icing on the cake.

Isaak van Daalen : Absolutely spectacular. 10/10

The Game Brass : Truly mind-blowing -- insanely well done!

Ladd Brown : No. I AM entertained.

Greeb : holy shit this was ALL created in a game btw!!!!

Raoul H : Es tut mir leid das so viele nicht die Arbeit dahinter erkennen werden

jweber544 / Hanuman : I decalcified

Galileo Jones : what's that woody percussion sounding instrument?

Yoshim1 [Line Rider] : Oh man Rabid and the other creators did a phenomenal job!

Helenilson Persi : Genial video clip! The track it's unique, peculiar!

Detki Daniel : Geil! u guys did it again! :) greetings from Hungary

Micha Beierl : I don't think, that that's one of the best line rider videos. I believe it to be THE best line rider Video!

Lukas : bravo guys

G Train : Probably great if you are a stoner, might try it in double speed. Pretty slow and pedestrian otherwise.

hupa1a : Nice music, nice vid!

Moistifarius : People be stealin yo content bro

Jewish Music Toronto : This is amazing. Just. Wow!

Xenro66 : I can't even with this. It's too good!

Universe_Taco : I have no idea what any of this is but it sounds and looks amazing

Capuche Marron : so amazing guys <33333

607 : Woah, crazy visuals! And a bit crazy music, too. :P Interesting, though. :)

Bart van Essen : Nice! Viewed 156k times on

gavinroo538 : First thing I said while watching it: "What am I watching?"

David Gjertsen : Ok now do it with happy wheels

Apple juice : crazy, nice job!

VeroOwl : This reminds me of Rio...

x0tek : What the hell, this is insanity

S H A F ! K : Respect

Aether Gaming : welp every single bone in my body just melted

Thomas Müller : 10 von 10 für das Video

NORMASHBASH : You are amazing with this man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeff Bennett : I just wondering if anybody out there knows of more music like this. I've already taken a look through Super Flu's other songs and this is a stand out, the rest don't really compare and it seems like this is a new direction for them (one I fully support, its awesome). Anyway, if you know of any other music with this same sound/feel please share, even if its just giving me a better definition of this "genre". Thanks!

RubbberRabbbit2 : I love this.

dubsnz : Came here for the music, stayed for the video clip! Enjoyed both trips :)

Pablo Manzoni : <3 awesome as always

Finniespin : Amazing content!

Up2speed : This song could be in donkey kong country 2025

Kapuzal : Mega ❤️🥰

shootdack : Do you ever just have too much time

Micha Mumenthaler : watch this high

Chris Haney : What a cool idea for a video!