Super Flu – Selee (official video)

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ObsidianMadman : Line rider has officially raised the bar into the stratosphere.

Til Kolare : fuck, die Animation ist genial

nknasi : amazing work on the visuals!

Arglin I Aaron Huang [Line Rider] : Ok at this point computer generation in Line Rider is so insane that it’ll probably work without even needing the rider there. Holy hell that was amazing. Well done rabid and conundrumer!

jweber544 / Hanuman : I decalcified

The Game Brass : Truly mind-blowing -- insanely well done!

Süleyman Tekin Gürmen : Line Rider-themed music videos are becoming a trend, right?

Ladd Brown : No. I AM entertained.

Raoul H : Es tut mir leid das so viele nicht die Arbeit dahinter erkennen werden

GreaseTrapHousse : Holy shit that is insane. I can't imagine how long that took. The song alone gave me chills and visual representation of the music was next level. Thank you very much.

Yoshim1 [Line Rider] : Oh man Rabid and the other creators did a phenomenal job!

Detki Daniel : Geil! u guys did it again! :) greetings from Hungary

Lukas : bravo guys

x0tek : What the hell, this is insanity

Wj11jam : Holy crap, the track is amazing, and I'm grateful that linerider was able to intoduce me to this great song. also, 3:22 uses a sample that is also used in Jeh Jeh Rocket, which is just the icing on the cake.


Stein : ey das gibt mir line rider flashbacks. krasses teil.

dingsbums7 : Vorhin in der Fleischerei den Mathias gesehen. Habe mir gedacht dass ich mal wieder bisschen Super Flu hören muss. 2 Stunden später liefert ihr. Bravo. Starker Song.

FinetalPies : Y'all made an absolutely brilliant decision by commissioning a Line Rider artist for the official video. There's a lot of Line Rider videos that I've believed they're so good at displaying and amplifying the emotion of a song that they should be the official video. And this one is not only no exception, it's literally one of the best Line Rider tracks I've ever seen. If I had heard this song on its own, I would've enjoyed it, definitely. But seeing the song like this has really made it stand out to me and made me into an instant fan. I just want to give a great kudos to all the artists involved.

Memories of Urbex - RE : Wow, von vorne bis hinten einfach nur nice! Platte gleich vorbestellt. 😍 Die Animation ist auch echt geil, besonders auf der großen Glotze.

baronpavalla : Amazing tune, amazing video!

Jewish Music Toronto : This is amazing. Just. Wow!

Lieven Pauwels : move your mouse and right click on beats to get the end ......

NORMASHBASH : You are amazing with this man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Douglas Pantz : If you combined these epic decorations with DoodleChaos’s Thematic Layouts, you could make the best line rider in existence.

Sergey Mazurkin : вкусно-вкусно

607 : Woah, crazy visuals! And a bit crazy music, too. :P Interesting, though. :)

S H A F ! K : Respect

Aether Gaming : welp every single bone in my body just melted

Capuche Marron : so amazing guys <33333

dubsnz : Came here for the music, stayed for the video clip! Enjoyed both trips :)

Alibabah : Mother of God....

Jeffery Faulk : I am entertained.

Chris Haney : What a cool idea for a video!

Greeb : holy shit this was ALL created in a game btw!!!!

Kapuzal : Mega ❤️🥰

Micha Mumenthaler : watch this high

Kinopolis metro : crazy, nice job!

Сергей Невмержицкий : Perfect sound!

Pablo Manzoni : <3 awesome as always

Up2speed : This song could be in donkey kong country 2025

Flach Affe : nice track

Completely Different : Wtf am i high?

David Gjertsen : Ok now do it with happy wheels

Finniespin : Amazing content!

PlexusNervus : Killer!

xHeliqz : yee

gavinroo538 : First thing I said while watching it: "What am I watching?"

PlanetMan256 : Hoo,s dat I Dislyk?

이주원 : 👍