Subway Crisis Meeting re. Jared Fogle
How to stop thinking about Jared Fogle

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Check out our new web series, 'Glennridge Secondary College' HERE: See us live: Sign up to our mailing list: SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL: Jared Scott Fogle (born August 23, 1977), also known as "the Subway Guy", is an American former spokesperson for Subway restaurants who was convicted of sexual offenses against minors. After his significant weight loss attributed to eating Subway sandwiches, Fogle was made a spokesperson for the company's advertising campaigns from 2000 to 2015. LISTEN TO OUR ALBUM: PATREON: BUY MERCH: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: SOUND CLOUD: AUNTY DONNA PODCAST : AUNTY DONNA is Tom Armstrong, Mark Samual Bonanno, Broden Kelly, Samuel Lingham, Max Miller and Zachary Ruane


DarkysLPs : This is so close to an actual PR meeting that it's scary

Erick Wright : Glad to see you guys are keeping up with very current events

Pickles : I thought it said ft. Jared and I was scared

Star Foxxy : Boys you worked magic with domino's but i dont think this is the one that is gonna get you that sweet, sweet subway sponsorship

luckyjinxer : This video touched me. When I was a kid.

Hugo Bidwill : tell me if this makes you think paedophile - _m e a t b a l l p a r m i g i a n a_

Saban Tander : I want to make a house in Mark's beard and move the wife and kids in

NotFang14 : That cookie should've been an Anzac Biscuit. You know, to commemorate all our boys who fought in Gallipoli. (Also, your guys' acting gets better every video. I love it.)

Just a Snake : ah yes the cookie, the ultimate distraction which one though, will it be; Naughty choccy ripple scotchy finger that's good for sharing or maybe the anzac bikky to commemorate all our bois in gallipol

Mitchell Hanna : Did Broden say “molesterer”? What is this, Hunt For The Wilderpeople?

MrFunxy : Can't believe Zac got through that sandwich puppet bit at all hahahaha

Zed : Thanks Mr. Sunday Movies, this was amazing!

Bella Froebel : Just me or is a cookie kind the most child luring of the foods ...

Alejandro Moreno : Honestly, the first time I ate a White Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut Cookie from Subway I forgot that they had a pedophile as their spokesperson. I would say the plan worked.

PanTack : Lads, boys. Ripper video if i do say so me self love a good sanger to forget me traumatic memories.

Regan DuPen : That's great! Cookies always remind me of what it was like when I to, was a child. Precious childhood memories of the simplicity of cookies :) wait no

Lurkitten : Oof the meatballs falling out if the sandwich omfg

christosmadrid : I need a full out take behind the scenes video

Emily Eggert : I’m eating this new double choco chunk cookie and for some reason, I could still see the sandwich telling me Subway paid 10 million dollars to a pedophile. Have you considered adding chips to the menu? A good chip can make me forget anything.

The Origami Guru : This was pretty damn funny, liked and subscribed for sure :D

RileysFilms : This is why Subway discontinued honey oat.

Elephants Are Cool : I never go to Subway but when I heard that Jarrod is a paedophile I had this sudden urge to buy an overpriced sandwich. Those guys at Subway are marketing geniuses.

CJ Welsh : This is the best skit since the wish crisp

I really didn't want to make an account : I'm sorry, boys, but the white chocolate chip cookie immediately reminded me that they had paid a sex offender money. It's best to go for the double chocolate chip for this one, boys.

Joshua Headey : Very clever editing to hide the fact that Zach couldn’t finish a line without breaking :P

stupidusername46 : Damn, up-to-the-minute social commentary as always, guys.

TeaDrinker3000 : Shoutout to the production crew on this, the lighting is perfect

Zimbabwe : Unfortunately, I hadn't thought about Jared Fogle for a long time until I watched this video. Now any time I hear "quatro fromaggio" I immediately think "pedophile".

Dr. Drej : I love how on a second viewing, after seeing the blooper reel, you can hear Zach struggling to control his laughter.

mrdinger : The sponsorship is in the bag lads

Giggs Sprogs : I can sense my stepfather's bulging member calling out to me with that phlegmatic noise it makes before it coughs

Micah Philson : Topical. Only 3 years after the conviction, it's like I'm there in the boardroom.

youhuardme youhuardme : This, is so goddamn brilliant.

cooper lunam : anyone else realise tuna sub spelt backwards says bus a nut... pick up the signs

PhaseW0lf : This is the best subway ad of all time.

Chexmate : The famous Broden-Holding-A-Cookie-To-His-Face is a move i only dream to be able to do.

Danny V : A watched Susan never Boyles

ThatTall WhiteGuy : Wait wtf? Frequent uploads? Is this Heaven??

ThinkBlue : Jontron AND aunty donna uploaded a video the same month. This month is blessed.

Loagzie Bro : Just bring back Sweet Chilli sauce, and we will be all good

Michael David : Happy Gilmore needs to be the new spokesperson for Subway.

scott thompson : Oh boys, this is beautiful comedy

Hoovehead : Consistently great and original content. These boys are pretty impressive.

EDZ1LLA : This sketch is great and all, but the real sand out performance is Zac's coat. What a stunner.

BucketCapacity : Subways, at least in the US, have actually started including a cookie with a combo.

Will Craton : This is amazing

Gooblyful : 3:50 WHEeeeEEEEeeZZZZZZE

Shane Nath : I lost is when Zachary Ruane was walking the sandwhich and its contents started falling out.

Toby Wood : Ah, hello. Can I get UHHHHHHHHHHHHHJJHHHH *F O O T* long Chicken PiZziola, cheese and toasted, and extra JALAPEÑOS and KETCHUP onnnnnnn Italian herbs and cheese bread ahhaha ahhhha ahhh thanks.