Subway Crisis Meeting re. Jared Fogle

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Lurkitten : Oof the meatballs falling out if the sandwich omfg

Nevron : 19 dislikes to 5K likes. You guys are killing it!

Steven Smith : And I was just thinking, I'm kinda hungry, what should I have for lunch? Haven't had subway for a while, maybe I'll have meatballs and baby spinach- oh no I'm thinking about the spokesperson for Subway diddling kids again aren't I

youhuardme youhuardme : This, is so goddamn brilliant.

stupidusername46 : Damn, up-to-the-minute social commentary as always, guys.

CJ Welsh : This is the best skit since the wish crisp

Neuroticmuffin : Jesus that was ruthless and hilarious

Larry Stevens : I'm a dead ringer for Fogle. Up until November, 2015 I had a fairly steady part time gig entertaining at kids' birthday parties. For a reasonable fee, I'd provide the entertainment (balloon animals) and the food (a Subway platter). Needless to say, my tax returns for the past couple of years have shown a fairly significant reduction in income. My last gig was just after Thanksgiving in 2015. The people who had booked me had paid a deposit in advance, so they went ahead and had me come out with my balloons and five foot cold cut. I ended up getting mauled by their German Shepherd who had been watching CNN a week or so earlier. Woe is me.

Danny V : A watched Susan never Boyles

scott thompson : Oh boys, this is beautiful comedy

Erick Wright : Glad to see you guys are keeping up with very current events

Tom Griffiths : great vid boys, back in form

OneUpdateataTime : Shamwow that was dark

Dr. Drej : I love how on a second viewing, after seeing the blooper reel, you can hear Zach struggling to control his laughter.

Jam man : I don't see why people on a diet bother with subway anyhow, especially when you could lose 2 metric tons on the boost juice diet

Just a Snake : ah yes the cookie, the ultimate distraction which one though, will it be; Naughty choccy ripple scotchy finger that's good for sharing or maybe the anzac bikky to commemorate all our bois in gallipol

Micah Philson : Topical. Only 3 years after the conviction, it's like I'm there in the boardroom.

Fraser Thorpe : I can see this becoming a big meme, but right when I typed the word ‘see’ I couldn’t help but think about how subway paid a pedophile ten million dollars

Alex Meyer : This is a brilliant and funny way to do comedy while bringing light to current events, well done

Andrew Aldridge : Sandwidge

Regan DuPen : That's great! Cookies always remind me of what it was like when I to, was a child. Precious childhood memories of the simplicity of cookies :) wait no

scorpiss9 : <3

Tyler Tinari : What are you boys doing in *comedy?* You should be in *marketing!*

MrFunxy : Can't believe Zac got through that sandwich puppet bit at all hahahaha

Will Craton : This is amazing

Star Foxxy : Boys you worked magic with domino's but i dont think this is the one that is gonna get you that sweet, sweet subway sponsorship

Larma Gaming : Tbf the only way I found out about this was through South park years ago and completely forgot until this vid

Euca Brooks : Okay now back to Boost juice. I love Boost juice.

ThePotatoKing : Broden's "that's okay" at 1:30 was world class acting. V funny boys

ConnorWaddell : The like-dislike ratio is actually incredible

Bread : I cannot believe this is how I find out that Jared was convicted of being a pedophile.....

madarichards : The cookies on the plate the whole time.... love it....

Luke Flavel : He was paid $10 million to molest kids?!?!?! Where do I sign up?

Shane Nath : I lost is when Zachary Ruane was walking the sandwhich and its contents started falling out.

deece : I like that you guys didn’t fallback onto your aunty donnaisms in this video - was very refreshing. Also is Marks jumper from Assembly Label? Looks fresh

CrackerMilk : I absolutely loved this video but there are a few issues I had with it. Mainly, my issue was that at about the 2:30 minute mark, I couldn't help but begin to think about the spokesperson of Subway being a known paedophile.

sah bear : Also Zacks face at the cookie idea hahaha

sah bear : I lost it when the meat ball fell out

victor archangel : Oh. Topical

MermanIShouldTurn2Be : Subway franchise guranteed.

Valentine Bester : I find heroine makes me forget the pedophilic transgressions of those whom I don't like to think about.

Sasch Halpin : My favourite video from you guys in so long 😂

TeaDrinker3000 : Shoutout to the production crew on this, the lighting is perfect

Zac Tortellini : Unfortunately, I hadn't thought about Jared Fogle for a long time until I watched this video. Now any time I hear "quatro fromaggio" I immediately think "pedophile".

SoulSukkur : fellow meatboys in the polls wadap

Mitchell Hanna : Did Broden say “molesterer”? What is this, Hunt For The Wilderpeople?

The Prime Tickler : Show me on this meatball sub where he touched you.

Brent Marttinen : Aunty donna humor is exactly my kind of humor

Jeremy Chase : Brilliant. But how about you boyzzzz just throw out that Subway idea and have some Chicken Tonight? I mean, I love chicken and I love tonig...oh geez, I just thought about Jared Fogle.

dankwrasslin : he's a pederast