GoPro: Unusual View Of Amtrak Model Passenger Train

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Jim Zimmerlin : My latest video has a really cool overhead shot of two model trains racing through my house. To get the shot, I used a special video camera that has an integrated gimbal. Take a look at the video at and you'll see the tricky overhead camera shot at two minutes and 44 seconds in to the video.

Technophiliac : Thank you. Today I know how the ants feel!

Mr. Cloroxguy : Where did you get the train models

Jeffrey G. : Soo cool!!! Great GoPro! Cool voice too! Love the video!

Shane Lipe : Well done sir? Most wives would let their husbands do this too if they had a good Marriage. just shows you what people think about the sanctity of marriage. it's give and take. Great job to you and your spouse.

James M : That was cool and unique.

RubberDuck : Wish I could get away with something like that. How do you do it? Are you single or was the wife just out of town?

James Purcell : Cool vid Jim! Take the wife out to dinner, she is a saint to put up with your toys.

jean claude douaumont : i work the french national railways company since 1998 and i really appreciated ! Great Job !

Vishal Bagchi : Speed it up to 2x looks super cool !

Prescou : im on this side of youtube again...

maxrailroad : Awesome video and a very good idea. Im curious how you got the mount off the passenger car.

A Floyd : Didn't really need the train sound effects added in.

Aditya Band : The video and the view was definitely 👏 awesome. And on top of that, the speaker is the best I ever heard on YouTube. He speaks so gracefully and with highest etiquettes standard, with best and respectful way towards his listeners. So So So Much to learn from this Man here for billions of YouTube channel owners.

Ryan Giffel : Awesome idea, it's like I'm riding along. Amtrak's my favorite passenger train company:)

ev keeney : Very nice but if a train comes along without you knowing about it your camera might be wiped

Jonathan pleil : Did you do the voice overs for How it's Made? Lmao

Gdbvhv Cxb : at 0:55 it felt like I'm racing with the train on the parallel track. BTW it was a creative idea to use GoPro

Harpanosky. : follow the damn train cj!!!

STAR Man : I want a little train that goes through my house

Kevin Morden : I love the layout

Kolyan68Rnd : Нормальные игрушки у мальчика!

Richard Fukuda : Dude, this is so cool. I always wanted one of these in my house


Vietnam Vet : ..."this is actually very good, you almost get the sensation your riding on Amtrak!"...

Shawn Hellion : This is an LGB train set I'm guessing awesome layout

DaPanda : Great way to do a house tour!

that's my boi : Very good way to give house tour

Kevin Jose : Guy must have a super patient wife to deal with this

Udhayarajan Mahes : Are you in San Francisco

Steven Mazur : Awesome layout and view. Love the downhill portion.


ZEALOUS -G : Sheldon would love it 😂😂.

Hiden go seek Man Vlogs : And your train is cool to

Nick Usenko : This gives me GTA San Andreas vibes

Phillip Clift : Very cool

Al F : This would be a great idea for making a movie with a train scene.

Sammy sam : so much money nothing to do

Joshua Smith : Can I come over and play? 😁

LGWorm Gummy : wow

Ismail Zahnir AR. : Good

TOP TECH NEWS : very very good video

MUSIC BOY AAYU : What is the price of this train model

Poops! I Did It Again : Best house tour ever!

Delta 817 : This was awesome

Bob Johnson : Very cool idea 👍🏼👍🏼

Mateja Gamer : Im right now in train

Steven Jeter : This would be awesome if you were able to fit the Go Pro Camera inside the cabin.

Dan Dude : This guy sounds like the "Carousel of Progress"

Bence Nagyváti : Hát ez fail😂😂😂😂😂😂😂