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"Name an animal with three letters in its name." "Alligator." RIP Richard Dawson.

Comments from Youtube

DefectoAce : I can just imagine a reaction from Steve Harvey.

Alex tepe : And that alligator response probably followed bob for the rest of his life and beyond the grave.

IAmJosephPaul : "Name a pair of idiots with three letters in their name. You said 'Bob' our survey said 100!"

Erick Best : 2:17 "Name a animal with three letters in its name. You said ALLIGATOR!" My favorite part

Tsukuyomi27 : Think how bad the family that LOST to them must have felt?

Cameron Minor : "Name something that comes with a summer storm." "Snow." I friggin' died.

Brendan Dawson : "Are you using narcotics?" "No, but I will." My favorite line.

Son of Jesus : Something you find in a refrigerator. NAKED GRANDMA.

Bethany Stallings : In his defense... Alligator technically does have 3 letters in its name

Robbie Rotten : you don't want to duplicate his answers. *duplicates milk*

Queen : how bad was the family that lost

MegaFriendlyCreeper : Why the heck did they choose to send up the guy who earlier in the game said that Russia is mostly famous for Russians?

A M D B 6 : Name something you find in a refrigerator cupine

PS2Damon : ice is in the freezer not the refrigerator

Guy from space : The dumb family is the one actually that lost to them. lol

JerGer918 : The old man trying to leave and Dawson grabbing him back by the collar slays me every time :D

Mach68 : Name a three-letter animal: Me: Ass Survey says: 69

Mike G : 1. Hippopotamus 2. Frying pan 3. Nitrous Oxide 4. Fireballs 5. Hunger Games

Liz Blue : "Name something that comes with a summer storm" Bob: (Mind: guess snow) Snow.

Stewart Fullerton : This had me in stitches last night..... Alligator???? seriously???

sgtforge21 : I just love how he said alligator so fast and with so much confidence

maoribrotha53 : What's really funny is that he thought the question was name an animal with the same letter three times in it's name.... Alligator doesn't have the same letter 3 times...

Toni Narron : do you use narcotics? no but i will. LOL love it.

James0210 : If Steve heard those answers....

cm legend : I watch this once a year

ReakYTP : 1. Hippopotamus 2. House heater 3. Clear water 4. Meteors 5. Sonic 3 & Knuckles

James Edgar : How they got to fast money is the real shocker. The second Bob is the guy who during the regular game got the question, "Name something Russia is famous for" and he said "Russians."

xxhowdlyxx : Idk how Richard kept his composure after he said alligator. He couldn't even keep his composure after that one woman said September.

Errickfoxy : Man I love these. And it's always funny to me cause as a viewer you really don't realize just how much pressure the contestants are under, being in front of the cameras, under those studio lights with a studio audience watching. It's a lot harder that you might think to come up with reasonable answers under those conditions.

MichaelBrookham : Just before Richard asks old Bob if he uses narcotics, notice that someone says "Good Answer".

[TGR] Ὀδύσσεια : Name an animal with three letters in its name: Bull

Phins Blazers : Alligator lmao

Tony Ferrentino : "Alligator" actually does have 3 letters in it. Completely correct.

Victoria Ayers : How'd they even get that far to make it to the last round?

Rebel Outcome : Cat, dog, pig, cow... This dude thought of the longest animal name he could think of to say. "You said ALLIGATOR".  KMSL.

Lord Jadus : I'll bet that if this were under Steve Harvey, he would've walked away without doubt. LOL!

MetalSmasherGaming : My answers: 1. Dog 2. Beer 3. Chevron 4. Wind 5. Basketball

JL 44 : If you listen to 2:00, one of the audience members encouraged him to say "Ice!"

Tim S : They should have said: "Name an animal that ONLY has 3 letters in it's name." Technically these people were right. 

Son of Jesus : Wasn't the 2nd guy the same guy that said Russia is famous for Russians?

Amy Beth -Videos Are In Playlists- : 1:14 I love how the 2nd guy (jokingly) tried to walk away...hehehe! Both of these guys are complete idiots...makes me wonder if they're legit, can anyone really be THAT stupid?

modernwarfare : "You cannot and you DO NOT want to duplicate his answers!" Hahaha oh man Only Richard Dawson can make me laugh as hard with family feud next to Steve Harvey.

Xx[Beat It]xX : Name an animal with 2 letters in its name *Parastratiosphecomyia stratiosphecomyioides*

jage : How did they make it to the final round!?!

Jesus Saves : God bless richard Dawson. A kind soul, an amazing with and love in his heart for everyone. He is missed. God bless.

Potty The Parrot : You don't use narcotics do you Bob?

Jeff Boldrin Jr : Am I the only one that doesn't understand why ice is a correct answer for something you would find in the refrigerator

Jane Huskmann : At least he didn't say "one-eyed, one-horned, flying, purple people-eater".

The7legacy : Name a animal with 3 letters in it's name----Alligator.....0  Chimpanzee.....0  Hippopotamus.....0  Elephant.......0  Rihnoceros.....0