Dan Price’s underground home, art & philosophy on $5,000/year

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When Dan Price returned to his home state of Oregon in 1990 he was determined to avoid mortgages or rent (he and his family had just finished caretaking a mansion with a heating bill of $500/month). He found an unused meadow in Joseph, Oregon and began renting it from his neighbors for $100/year (in exchange for cleaning downed trees and repairing fences). His first underground structure was actually built to shelter his home/office, namely his copy machine, essential for publishing his zine “Moonlight Chronicles” which he started in 1992 (it was sponsored by Simple Shoes for a decade). www.moonlightchronicles.com In his meadow paradise, Price now also has an underground "hobbit hole" style home, as well as, a composting toilet, a propane-powered shower (using river water) and a pine wood propane sauna. He’s not hooked up to city water (he discovered a spring on the property), but he’s hooked up to the grid and it’s been approved by the county and city. Original story: http://faircompanies.com/videos/view/dan-prices-underground-home-art-philosophy-on-5000year/

Comments from Youtube

D T : He doesn’t sound nuts to me, I think we’re the ones who are nuts living in this rat race!

Russell Garr : When childhood dies, the cadaver that remains is called an adult. -- Charles Dickens.

Jerry Smith : Where can I rent 2 acres in property that beautiful for 100 a yr!?!

HOBO ARTIST : I didnt build it to stand up in because i dont like furniture of any kind. Dust chatchers. Its very cool to kneel down in order to enter your home that protects you from the elements. To kneel down upon entering a sacred space makes me feel humble and very grateful that i have such a cozy, warm, or cool place to be in and call home. One that isnt sucking all my financial resources and my soul and creativity along with it. I will take LESS any day over more.

Trey TDG : I love this guy. He reminds me of Mr. Rogers . R.I.P. especially when he took his shoes off before he went in his house.

John Pharms : Ten years ago I got rid of my cable/television. I also got rid of my twitter/face book. I wondered why I had those things in the first place. I'm 66 years old and have done more reading since I was 22 years old living and teaching in Spain during the mid-seventies. I've gotten rid of lots of clothes and friends, family. Get a medical or financial problem and those people suddenly vanish! I have no bills except the basic and owe no man!!!! I want to do more!! Thank you for this film!!!!!! It makes me very sad to see people living up to the Jones idiots of the world. LIVE FREE!! BE FREE!!

king shit of fuck mountain : This is a intelligent man going his own way

Wendy S : I can almost hear his kids' friends saying, "Your dad is so COOL...."

95TurboSol : There are probably a lot of people that would like to do unique things like this but are too socially afraid to do it, kudos to this guy going for what makes him happy.

Mira Tay : My fat ass won’t fit into your tiny house with tiny doors, but I love it

Sniper Pigeon : I can smell big government trying to screw with him to take his land away, its a shame this lifestyle is so ridiculed nowadays

Diana Bozarth : I like this guy. Nice to see good people in the world

Your Problems Aren't Mine! : Evolution is a nice thing but judging this man for leaving the BS rat race of life behind is truly pathetic.. Don't call him stupid or crazy before you first walk all those miles that he has in those shoes.. Sure we need to evolve as a society but we shouldn't ever forget where we all came from or the skills that got us here.. And IF everything does fall apart having such skills would be valuable to you and others that you can barter stuff for. I really do commend him for living for himself and truly doing what makes him happy and all without the stresses of our modern world!. So trust me he is very rich!.

Grimpus1 : Bet hes got a tunnel behind that picture leading to an underground garage with 10 sports cars

goglo614 : This story made my heart sing as well as deeply inspire me. The best time of our lives is during our childhood, which I miss painfully. Like him, I am a natural hermit. Thank you, Mr. Price, for sharing your world.

SoggyDevil : At 32:13, "Security is a myth." Amazingly powerful statement.

wide awake : I hope those that stole from you have a very unhappy life. Stealing personal objects is a despicable and evil crime and those who do it deserve severe unhappiness.

Matty Oh Matty : I have alot of respect for this man!

Waveluth : We should all be so lucky to have what he has achieved for himself. He loves animals , life and the simplicity of just living life on his terms. I’m impressed and happy for him. God bless him and his life. He may be the richest man in town. Money is nice to have but your a slave in the pursuit of it. I used to be wealthy and thought having stuff meant true success. In 2008 the market crashed and I lost everything I owned. Now I live a simple life in a simple home and I’ve never been happier. All those years wasted worrying about money. Life can be great without stuff it really can. Good luck to you sir. You’ve made a friend today. Great time for sure. !! Peace✌🏻🇺🇸

Russ Fye : We should all be living like this man 👍

Behold The Truth : Such wonderful life he lives, I'd like to try it. Thank you for making this beautiful documentary. It was very very well done and also very relaxing to watch. I can't wait to see what else you have on your channel.

Jamaica Uitzetter : Makes me wanna demolish my home and start over like this good sir.

elektroqtus : My Side of the Mountain. I remember that. Good stuff.

Schyler LaBeef : Dude has a freaking handpan in the crib. Wtf im jealousssss haha

Noo Day : What a Smart Guy.

Any Body : Diatamaceous earth cures all insect problems. Make a 1/2" wide line around the perimeter. It works! $8 for a bag that lasts a decade.

SoulfulVeg : I like him. He's mastered what it takes to make him happy. My idea would be different but seeing him inspires me. I especially like what he says about living on the land for a while before building on it.

Andrew Frost : and here I am thinking that my 850 sq./foot apartment is not big enough...

Yard Sale Dale : The robbers are cursed.

Michael Lee : The first thing that came to mind was that this is the Hobbit!! When Dan Price mentioned he was inspired by the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings, I was like, ah ha! Amazing fruition of his dreams. Simply incredible!! That's correct, there is no such thing as security. Live and let live!! You go, Mr Dan Price! You are one amazing human being!

Velleitas : Mr. Rogers the Hobbit. Props to this guy for doing what he loved with his own purpose without caring for judgement.

Wasteland Gypsy : Why would anyone rob a man who already had so little? Some people need to be sterilized from reproductive ability.

bookmarkthis : Hobobit.

Michael Linner : This guy literally lives in a hole in the ground and he's proud of it!

Elder Mountain Dreaming : modern monk in his $8 dollar a month monastery along side nature.

Harold Smith : My knees are killing me just looking at it

Wasteland Gypsy : Im so glad the local Government hasnt messed with this guy. What he does is such a good thing.

Elon Moosk : Kirsten Dirksen Thank you for the video. This is a beautiful way to live.

Karen LeDuc : A man who's found what makes him happy and lives happily ever after.

Red Celt Stone Sculpture : Anyone want to start a village of small homes??? Full height but simple. Im a stone sculptor,stone mason and farmer:)

Smellycharly ROBLOX : i read my side of the mountain too. my favorite book.

peace tranquility : “In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit. Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole, filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell, nor yet a dry, bare, sandy hole with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat: it was a hobbit-hole, and that means comfort.”

lilly longtime : This man is inspirational.

Daniel : This is a dream house for pedobear.

Crash N Burn : Cheers to you Sir! I'd give anything to step into your shoes if only for a moment longer!

Nathan D : Nice pillbox. 25/10 would reside.

johny ubankta : Some may say ur crazy but I think u are a genius....and who the hell would rob ur house?!whoever did that to u are dirtbags....

dr. two : Wow he's pretty much living out the Lord of the Ring movie

Robert Caffrey : Fantastic man indeed. He had the wisdom to see that nature could nurture his well being.